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I know this weekend is the end of summer, but does it have to be 60 already? Dag! It’s chilly here in Bend and I’d much appreciate the low 80s to return to us asap. Thanks

Kelly is here! She made it to Bend late last night. Despite going to bed at midnight, we were up and at it around 6:30 this morning, even at the Vic eating by 7:30. Incredible really. We’ve been going ever since, touring the downtown, cycling through Old Mill. A very nice day, even though it’s a bit cold. We’re about to head out to La Rosa for some dinner and margaritas. It’s kind of an old tradition with us to take in some mexican food and drink.

Tomorrow there are no definitive plans. We were interested in going up on the ski lift at Bachelor, but it’s only supposed to reach the lower 60s for highs here in town. That means 40s up on the mountain and that is not worth the $15 lift ticket for 30 minutes of sight seeing. I’ll attempt to make different arrangements for that.

Monday Kelly heads back to Chicago and STP roll into town for a concert. I imagine I’ll be listening in from the Deschutes greens, enjoying the night with friends. I’m so grateful that it is a 3 day weekend. Work has been a little grating lately, filled with monotony and awkwardness. It’s that time of year where everyone’s just waiting for the season to end. So Labor day is a welcome reprieve.

Alright, it looks like Kelly is ready to hit the road. I shall get ready now! Cheers. Happy Labor day everyone!

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Pretty kitty and Tennis

I’m fairly certain I have yet to post the above picture. Piccadilly is so adorable with her glowing green eyes and her slightly open mouth. She’s the most photogenic cat I’ve ever had. We’ll all be hoping for more classic moments like this in the next 15 years or so. Maybe when she’s old she’ll let me pick her up and pet her, but the way things are going, probably not.

Any who, the Olympics have finished. They were fun. We still haven’t watched the closing ceremonies. I figure we’ll get to those next week. Because this week is filled with more sport. This time exclusively tennis. Tennis in NYC. Yey, the US Open has arrived! Already, I’ve seen a few good matches and it’s only Tuesday. My eyes will be glued to the television for the next week and a half for sure. Good news: Lindsay Davenport is playing and she already won her first round match. We’re hoping she’ll make it pretty far in the tournament. She’s 32 now, but still playing some great tennis. Last night we watched the James Blake and Donald Young match, which was an unbelievable first rounder. Went to 5 sets with Blake finally coming out on top, but Young was really exciting to watch. He’s only 19 and looks like he’ll be having quite a career in the future. Yeah, so if you like tennis, don’t forget to turn on USA for some entertainment. I’m really happy to say that it’s only 9:30 as I write this, so I may actually get to bed at a decent hour tonight instead of my usual 10:45-11:30 range. It will be weird to wake up not extremely sleepy.

Well, I hope you all have a good week. Be back on here soon.

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sweet concert night

We’ve just returned not long ago from the Beck concert. It was really fun. He played quite a few radio hits, so the crowd was really into it. Many of the arrangements for the songs were different from what you would hear on the CD, so that was pretty nice. The best part is when the musicians all left their formal instruments and came up to the front of the stage and played some crazy hand held music/beat machine/casio keyboards and just wooped it up with Beck over top of them rapping. The whole crowd was getting down. Just a real fun concert. When we were biking out, Beck’s band members were showering the passers by with various pieces of food. I was lucky enough to snag a clif bar and an orange. Some other people only got a Zucchini and a bell pepper. Kind of weird.

It was another fun weekend. We went to Deschutes last night to listen to WIlco play. We were blessed again with the Summer of Magical Beer. Really sweet. It was the first time a bunch of us got to hang out together in quite a while. We’re all just coming to the realization that it’s been a long time since we did anything all together. So I imagine now that we’re getting into the Fall we’ll have more get togethers. Something about it being cold and drinking beer just seems to go together here. That’s about it.

Time to get to bed. Another week of work awaits……

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No luck

Yup sorry. Once again I have failed to get a post up directly after work. It really just seems so unappealing. I don’t want to think. I want to sit on the couch and watch the Olympics. So, that’s what I do. No writing. Unlucky for you really. But I’m looking around searching for some inspiration. Maybe I should just pack it up and go to my journal and do some writing. It’s interesting how I differentiate between the various writing locations. In my journal (not a diary) I fill the pages with details of the day. Specifics. Things you, my loyal reader, may not be interested in. So I keep it to myself. I’m much more likely to go back to my journal and reread entries more than I am here. Screw it. I’m making this journal style:

Thursday August 21st 2008 10:20 PM Living room

Another day here. It was a Thursday, so of course it was a long, ridiculous day. The part holding us up today was Craig’s hedging. We got stuck there for 3 hours. Bill came and helped hedged, but did he get me the 3rd person I asked for? No, of course not. So it took us forever to rake up all the clippings of the 20 mega huge shrubs we cut back. Oh well. OT I guess. The rest of the day was pretty uninteresting. I managed a 10 1/2 hour work day. More money for the winter. More money for trips. (it’s really hard to think of what I would write next as I am typing much quicker obviously than I would be able to write) Tomorrow is the Springtime softball game vs. KSM and I’m going to give my softball skills a go. I don’t know if it will work out in Springtime’s favor, but I’ll try. We lose just about any year any ways, so I can’t be much worse than we already are. Alright, well Piccadilly is signaling that it is time for me to head to bed, so I should be off. Cheers. Colleen

Yeah, so they go something like that. Really fascinating I know. Try to control yourselves. Don’t flood my inbox with emails saying how amazed you are with my daily life. I already know it’s great.

Alright, for reals this time. I’m peacing out. Peace out.

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A revelation

I’m thinking I should start writing on my blog maybe earlier than 10 PM. A time when I’m not falling asleep on the couch while I type away. So tomorrow if I end up writing here, I’ll be shooting to do the writing right after work. Wouldn’t that just make everyone happy? Me included.

Oh man! I totally went folfing today. And although the course was technically closed, we persevered and had some fun throwing frisbees at sticks. Eric and Troy were good people to go out with as well. We made some sweet plans for college football this fall. It sounds like I’ll be going to games Oct 25, Nov 1 and Nov 15. I wish they were spread out more, but it’ll be fun to go regardless. The company will be outstanding. So yeah. Time to start getting some tickets.

Well I know I should be writing more, but I’ve got a mega headache setting in and I’d like to be in bed before it gets any worse. So peace out players! Catch you on the flip side.

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Synchronized swimming

i’m locked into watching some serious synchronized swimming right now and wow! i can’t believe this crap. if you haven’t seen any lately, i’d go ahead and youtube some immediately because you will for sure want to see this. their doing the most wicked moves ever. like upside down splits. spiraling your legs up into the air. this is obviously something i need to work on myself, because i’m no where close to even be able to flip myself upside down underwater.

it was a really nice day today. i scored the new Everywhere mag from Ray’s so I got to see myself in print yet again. It’s so exciting. I want to show it to everyone but I’m trying really hard to control myself. so if you’re out, try and pick up a copy of Everywhere and see my sweet redwoods picture in magazine form. woot.

so, off to bed. cheers.

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The beat goes on

Back to the grind today. This time, in the rain and lightning. I didn’t mind the rain as it was quite sporadic and a welcomed break from the 100ish degrees we’ve had over the last few days. This week we’re headed to the 70s and 80s for highs, which is much more mineable for work .

I was just thinking I should start studying for the next section of the CLT as the test is a month away. I made the mistake of mentioning my failing of the chainsaw part of the CLT test to my boss who has now gone overboard, bombarding poor little old me with too much information on chainsaws. All I need to do to pass is put the safety break thing on and I’m golden. Sooo this over the top training is going to get real effing annoying. Nevermind. It already is.

Oh. Tera and I decided to make inspiration boards, so we can be…errr…inspired. Tera hasn’t yet gotten her cork board but I purchased mine yesterday. I’ve got three pieces up already and I’m basically ready to take on the world. Everyone will have to come over and check it out.

Well, I want to go to bed. Last night was REALLY late and I need to catch up on some much needed beauty rest. Peace.

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I feel fat watching the Olympics

Bascially I’ve been watching the Olympics non stop for the last 11 hours with Tera. And we’ve run the gamut of events. We started off today watching Women’s Football, moved on to rowing, trampoline, badminton, men’s volleyball, swimming, diving. You get the idea. It’s been awesome. But at the same time I had an eating party all day long and it’s been fun. The only major thing I did besides sit on the couch was get the lawn mowed. Oh and it’s 90 something degrees out. We were planning on visiting the Bend Brew Fest again today, but I think we were kind of brew fested out after last nights festivities. And it’s not really that much fun to stand around in almost 100 degrees dehydrating yourself with beer. It’s better to stay inside and see people compete for shiny round pieces of metal.

So I’ll continue to sit here till I get tired. Watching the Olympics. With Tera. Come over if you’d like.

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You know how people have a case of the Mondays. I don’t get that. I get a case of the Thursdays. Thursday, a much more dangerous and menacing day of the week filled with tragedy, agony, tears, mourning, frustration, and an overall loss of production. The Thursday curse goes back a few years (it may go back further but I only began tracking it a couple years ago) when the only day equipment would break or people would be sick would be Thursday, directly effing up my day and making me work way too long of hours and making morale drop to very low levels. This pattern has continued quite regularly to the present day.

So by now you may have noticed tomorrow is Thursday. This being a fact, it is also factual to say tomorrow will suck for me. I knew at 7:30 AM today that Thursday will for sure suck. Supremely suck. And now the moral dilemma. Knowing that tomorrow will be miserable, do I perform a Houdini act and disappear? Or do I get over myself and go to work. Hmm.

I’ve been reading some old writings I did from back in college and again they make me question my life and motives and desires. What am I doing? How do I go ahead with where I want to be? Am I getting in that mind rut again or is this something different?

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Good times in Central Oregon

Well I got some good news regarding my CLT test today. I passed everything but the effing chainsaw portion! Not too bad, but the chainsaw thing is kind of random. Oh well. And to celebrate I drank some beers! Just two.
I’m feeling pretty good about passing the next portion of my CLT test in September, but now I need to start studying again. Bla. This will be way easier though. This I know is all very very boring to you, so I’ll stop.

On a much more exciting topic, Piccadilly is VERY interested in getting outside. She’s currently staring out the back patio screen, wishing she was on the other side. I’m on the couch watching the Olympics, as per us. But unfortunately for you and me both, chores call and I must get into bed at a reasonable hour, so I will leave this lop sided convo to tomorrow. Cheers.

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