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10 years later

10 years ago tonight, I got on an airplane headed to London for a semester abroad. I didn’t realize back then how much those 4 months would come to shape my next 10 years, but I’m glad it did. Tonight I got to walk along the Thames and take it all in. Tomorrow I’m going on a special expedition to commemorate the anniversary. You W8 5PNers out there are certain to like it!

The city

The city

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2013: A year in Review

Back in January 2013, I wrongfully assumed that my London adventure would be coming to a close in January 2014. Instead, everything has pretty much remained the same from then. Well, there were a lot of ups and downs between now and then but I’m still living at the same place, with the same job and with still the same cat keeping me entertained in the evenings.

lazy cat

lazy cat

I thought I’d done one of these re-caps the last few years, but I can’t seem to find one from last year. My memory is certainly suffering these days. The numerous pints of beer must be catching up with me. Any ways, let’s get this going as I’d like to go bed sometime tonight.

Best Trip: Scotland It was only 5 days at Fyne Fest, Inveraray and the Isle of Mull, but it is the trip I’m still talking and thinking about 7 months on. I hadn’t taken a holiday in the 9 months before then and I was feeling  like shit. But the week I went to Scotland was the week I finally went permanent at my job. The stress and strain of life drained out of me that weekend. The trip ushered in an excellent 2nd half of the year and now flows into 2014. I won’t go on too long as you’ve heard enough. The weather was pretty good. Even warm. And best of all: no midges. Looking forward to the 2014 edition of Scotland.

getting blown off the top of  Dun na Cuaiche above Inveraray

getting blown off the top of Dun na Cuaiche above Inveraray

Tobermory, Isle of Mull

Tobermory, Isle of Mull

Honorable mention best trip: America I can’t choose between my two trips to America. They were both good in different ways. I only really went to Scotland and America for an extended time this past year, so these win by default. It was good for my soul to spend some quality time with my family and some of my bestest friends in the world. Made me feel grounded again.

a pile of family

a pile of family

Best new food: Brussels Sprouts There’s a bumper crop of sprouts in the UK this year. Maybe that’s why I first noticed them. A few months ago I bought my first bag of them to try out. I loved them. Now I buy them nearly every week. I never imagined being a brussels sprouts person, but here I am, a devotee. And they are only a £1 a bag at the co-op. Bargain!

Honorable mention best new food: Grünkohl For those of you who don’t speak German, that’s kale. I got Grünkohl at one of the Christmas markets. It had to be over a pound of cooked down kale with various seasonings  in a wooden bowl and a few brats and potatoes thrown in the mix. I think it costs €6, but a €6 I’d happily spend again. In fact I’ll be sure to get it again next year when I go back to Köln for the Christmas markets again. (Yes, I’m holidaying in the same places again this year. They are excellent, how could I not?) But I’ve thrown kale into a few of my dishes for the first time this year and it’s nice.

Best song: Chris Malinchak – So Good to Me A tough race in 2013. I spent a lot of hours listening to BBC Radio 1 while working, so I was exposed to more new music than I had been over the last few years. So many new bands and singers are now on my iTunes. I love it. But this song, which I heard first in February last year, got me through some cold working days. It was such a summer tune and made me happy. It still does. 

Honorable mention best song: Laura Mvula – She The first time in a long time I’ve heard a voice and instantly fell in love. Laura Mvula’s Sing to the Moon album is ASTOUNDING. I’ve mentioned it here before. Have a listen.

Best bike ride: To and from work. 193 times 4091.6 miles of commuting by bike in 2013. Yes, I counted. And I’m counting again this year. None of those trips were in vain. Not once the whole year did I say in the morning “I don’t feel like cycling today. I’ll take the train to work.” It wasn’t always pleasant. Sometimes I faced 50mph wind and cold rain in my face. Sometimes people would do idiot things on the road and sendBut I would rather be out in the elements or deal with asshole motorists/cyclists/pedestrians than face the battle of the train any day. All that cycling got me in very good physical condition too. I lost 3″ around my *waist (thanks sIRK). Dropped a couple pant sizes. And not one incident to report. Safe cycling all year. Long may it continue into the future. And heck, it’s only when I cycle to work that I get to see stuff like this:

Fog monster eating the Houses of Parliament

Fog monster eating the Houses of Parliament

Honorable mention best bike ride: Spin up in a brewery Brighton to Dark Star Brewery. My co-worker Rob and I did a ride from Brighton to the Dark Star Brewery last May. 20 miles over the South Downs. Luckily for me and my 45 lb Pashley, only about 5 of it was uphill. The rest was on flat ground or racing down hill. It was a beautiful weather day as well. I drank good beer all day and ate some amazing bbq’d food as well. It was a win of a day. And if my Roland Garros watching doesn’t interfere, I’ll be doing it again this year. Below is a few seconds of the uphill bit of the journey. I will figure out a better way to record on my bike this year!

Best pub: the random one I went into on Buttermarkt in Köln I had a few mulled wines by this point. I wasn’t much paying attention to the name of the pub we went to. But I had a few Kölsch in there and they were good. It was great as it was a real German experience. I think I was the only non-German in the place. I immediately took to drinking Kölsch and  I like how it is served. The small glasses keep the beer fresh and cold. And it’s easy to lose track of how many one has had. I highly recommend going to Köln and losing track of your beers in the evening.

Honorable mention best pub: Queen’s Head in King’s Cross. The Queen’s Head is our failsafe pub for a good night of drinking after work. It’s always packed, but the beer is very dependable, if sometimes way over priced. It’s a great traditional type of pub if you’re looking for a place to go in Central London. Filled with locals and workers in the area. I had drinks there a few times in 2013. Always happy to settle down there for a session. It’ll be one of those places I miss if/when I go back stateside for sure.

Best meal: Kedgeree and a pint of Oldham Citra at Fyne Fest. Please let this be around at Fyne Fest 2014.

I could eat and drink this every day.

I could eat and drink this every day.

Honorable mention best meal: Lobster roll and a pint of Newport Storm IPA Hell yes! It’s good eating local, especially in New England with all their fine seafood.

Lobstery. And I don't really care for lobster that much.

Lobstery. And I don’t really care for lobster that much.

Best tree happening: removing the path from around this Holm Oak I don’t often get to make a situation better for a tree. But for this old, bad ass Holm Oak, I got to make things slightly easier. It probably won’t seem like a big deal to most of you, but I got the path removed from under one half of this tree in the hope of prolonging its life. Not that it’s even close to falling over, but I hope the remedial efforts we’ve done will make it stand for an extra generation of people visiting this park. I’m glad I suggested it and it became a reality. There is hope for trees in London after all!

The before

The before

The after.

The after.

Alright everyone. I think I’ll stop boring you and end this post. Best thing as I am planning another post tomorrow. 2013: pretty good. 2014: gonna be a whole lot of awesome. And there better be many more visitors this year people! Get over to London already. Looking forward to recapping 2014 in January 2015, likely sitting in the same place but ok with it. Happy 2014 everyone.

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After a glutinous 2 1/2 weeks….no no….come to think of it a glutinous 3 months, I’m ready to purge and be a health and exercise nut for at least the next month.

God, just look at me. It’s gross. NSFW (almost)


And holding a beer no less. The traveling, eating and drinking what I like feels like it’s catching up with me (despite what you all may say). I feel gross. Get ready for Fatty McFatterson to become Hottie McHotterson. Running, eating reasonably well and no alcohol coupled with my normal 2 hours a week day cycle regimen should get me closer to fighting weight by the middle of February. Then only 3 more months of ultra training until the rat race happens. Just running a couple days over into the new year is ok before starting resolutions, right?

If not, screw you. That’s the way it has to be. I’m on vacation still!


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2014: Pushing forward

Happy New Year to you all. I hope the celebrations of the past 8 days has not left you in a deteriorated state today. Me, I woke up feeling hot. Super hot. At 12:30AM as my childhood bedroom was literally like a furnace. It makes it nearly impossible for me to sleep. Eventually I got a few hours of shut eye. I have to say, I’m much happier to have woken up in a much different situation than I did last year. Plus I wasn’t hung over. All my new years plans went to shit (not happy about it) and I ended up falling asleep in my bed watching Skyfall at about 10PM. I suppose that is life at 31.

So I’ve just re-read my new year’s resolutions for 2013 to see if I did any of them. I set 3. Amount accomplished: 0. Pretty good going. I did try on all of them. The final tallies on the side of the page aren’t quite right. I ran 17 times. I played tennis 24 times. And I read 3 Russian novels, including Crime and Punishment! So although I didn’t complete resolutions, I gave it a good try (except maybe the running bit).

My main intent in 2013 of overcoming some social anxiety did happen actually. I got some help and things are a wee bit better in life after a pretty rough April, May and June. Now that I’ve got some permanency with work and life I can settle in a bit and breathe. Hopefully things will continue to be bright in 2014.

As for new year’s resolutions for 2014. I’ve been toying with a few and they are below.

1. One evening  weekday every week with no electronics. (kitchen electronics and lights excluded) No phone, no computer, no music. Most likely I’ll cook or go to the pub. It is entirely possible  though some of those nights I could read or write or exercise. Imagine! What will happen to the world when I unplug? Will it continue?????

2. Read 30 books. I’ve officially declared this on goodreads, so it must be true. It will either be easier as I’ll be back in school or just about impossible to squeeze in extra reading. Time will tell!

3. Run 50 times. I’m giving this one another go. As I’m doing this stupid race in May, I’ll have to seriously get to running when I get back to England. I’d run now, but I’m having a bit of pain in my foot which I don’t like. So I’ll rest it for a few more days. It is starting to feel better (likely due to wearing Karlie’s boot  for 3 hours).

4. Write more! Write more! Write more! I always feel better after it. Pen and paper are the greatest inventions ever. Need to get back into the groove.

Overall I want a simpler existence. Living in London, life is fast and technologically obsessed. Does it make it better? Not really. So I will concentrate on having better, richer experiences. Enjoying life again with friends and family alike when I can. And I don’t want to spin my wheels working on relationships that aren’t ever going to grow. Life is too short and I want to make sure I’m living it. I don’t want to be dwelling on the negative or things I have no control over.

So I think that’s it. I need to do a best of 2013 post still. I have a nice list, but no time at present to do it. I have three more days here in the US and then I’m back in London. And of course I’ve left most things until the last minute to do before I leave.

It’s time to get ready for this new year’s party with the step family. And by get ready, I mean have a beer. It’s basically noon any ways. Take care all and happy 2014!

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