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This brain deal is weird.  It makes you think different things all the time.  And mine, well mine gives me new ideas all the time.  Makes me change my life everyday.  Can I make a commitment to anything?  Mmm not so much.  I’m talking garbage, I know.  But I’m just confused in my brain.  

Oh, and I am thinking about going to Ireland with the family in May?  I super duperly want to go, but I don’t know if I can get the time off of work.  That will be the biggest sticking point really.  And really, I will probably just stay if I do go.  I’m not coming back.  I can’t deal with it any more.  Work is too easy.  Almost joke like.  No challenge.  I need to get that throw up feeling going on.  And I should do it by the way of being totally screwed monetarily.  That would be the best, right?  Can I earn my keep working at someone’s house mowing the lawn?  That would be terrific.  

So yeah, that’s what I feel like right now.  Just jumping ship and leaving this mess behind.  I don’t know why I’m feeling this right now, but I am.  Perhaps I should just go with it.  What does everyone think?

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I blame Bella.

It would be foolish not to blame her.  She’s the one who caused it all.  If she didn’t act like a butthead, I wouldn’t have had to throw the pillow at her.  I wouldn’t have effed up my shoulder.  AGAIN.  Yeah, I’m super stoked.  I think my shoulder injury is pretty bad.  Luckily, I had plenty of vodka last night so I didn’t have to feel anythingThere should have been a trip to the doctor today, but I just couldn’t deal with them not telling me anything worthwhile and giving me a prescription for advil.  Tomorrow should be interesting for work.  I’m not sure of my ability to work and that’s not going to go over well.  A trip to the doctor might be imperative.  

Any who, it was a crazy weekend.  I stayed here in an attempt to get better from my sickness.  I was still a wreck as of Friday night, but by Saturday I was feeling much better.  My nose is a little stuffed, but not bad.  We had a raucous night last night.  Crazy.  Today was very quiet.  Tera ordered Papa John’s.  We watched the ASU women’s bball team beat Texas A & M.  They are in the Elite 8 baby!  Go Sun Devils.   

So I will keep you updated on the state of my future and my shoulder.  We’re watching a documentary on Darfur right now.  I’d like to learn something more about the sitch there, so I will pay attention now.  TTYL!

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something in the way she knows.   she moves.  the way she what ever.  didn’t understand.  that anything can happen.  i never believe in that i couldn’t see.  

haha.  That’s fun to mix the verses of both George Harrison and Troy and Gabriella.  Really.

It’s Saturday night and I’ve had a c0uple of vodka drinks.  The local vodka, Crater Lake vodka, is fricking amazing.  Really, if you get a chance, I’d try out Crater Lake.  It’s the best vodka I’ve ever had.  You should try it. 

Now I’m listening to this amazing song between Common and Lily Allen.  Drivin Me Wild.

This morning I tried to write with my right hand.  And it was so hard.  It almost feels like trying to live life without London there is like writing with my right hand.  I’m like forcing it like I’ve never forced my life before.  Yeah, I can deal with not being in London.  Yeah I can deal with living in Oz.  But it hurts.  It’s f0rced.  I feel  it in my bones.  I hate it.  I wish it were easier.  So so much.  I can’t help it.  It’s my life’s destiny and I keep putting it off regarding my unconscious.  Nothing feels more right than living in the beautiful city of London.  London.  London.   There it is.  Over and over and over in my life.  What do I do to get there?  What the fuck do I do to get there?  5 years on.  5 years on………………………………………………………………..

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Top Pubs in London

The Times London just came out with a list of the 10 best pubs in London.  While I’m a little fussed that Churchill Arms didn’t make the list, it seems as though this might be a respectable list.  Although, how do I know?  I’ve never been to any of these pubs.  

Yes, I know not all pubs are created equal in Londontown.  Some have shit beers on tap and anmmmm pints atmosphere that not even a library would admire (did that make sense?).  But in the end it’s still a pub.  And for me, it’s still a pub in London.  That’s all I need really.  

But I’d like to visit all the pubs on the list and judge for myself which one is the best.  It looks like most of them have a great tap listings, which is of utmost importance to me.  Having lived in the Pacific Northwest for the past 3 years, I have come to expect great beers on tap where ever I go.  Even in the dinginess of bars here you can usually find at least one micro on tap to which to enjoy.  So next time I’m in London, whenever that may be, we should meet up for a pint.  Or two.  Cheers.

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‘Nutha day at da rim

cutI am EXHAUSTED!!!!!!  Being sick and putting in a long day of work don’t go well together.  It’s 9 and I see my head hitting my pillow pretty soon.  My back is quite sore from being bent over cutting many a grass today. Carrying the bad boy to left around for a couple hours….yeah.  

Any who, tomorrow I am off to Hood River with friends Troy and Burl.  At least I think I am.  I’ve driven through the HR but didn’t stop and smell the roses.  We’re staying at a hostel across the way in WA.  

I’m completely unprepared to leave and probably won’t pack until I get home.  Also, I’m supposed to have food ready.  Not so much.  My cold feels like it just kicked back into gear for some strange reason too.  

Ok, I know I owe you all some good material, but it’ll have to wait until maybe Sunday.  Perhaps you’ll get some pictures too?  Aight, good night!

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Another sick day

Yeah, I’m still sick.  My day of work consisted of a half hour meeting and then being sent home by people at work.  Tomorrow may finally be the glorious day where I get to work again.  Won’t that be neat?  Yeah, I worked hard today to get some rest.  My eyes didn’t ever close long enough for me to get sleep, but it was a lazy day again.  I watched “Enron:  The Smartest Guys in the Room” and it was quite good.  It really pissed me off how the execs were able to make off with all of their employee’s pensions.  They had nothing.  So that’s neat.  

Oh and then I attempted to watch Empire Strike back, but that lasted until the movie started skipping and I was missing half the movie.  Thanks for giving me busted DVDs Buddha.  

Yeah, so I’m getting back on the reading train now.  TTYL.

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sick day

I did attempt to work today.  I got up, made my lunch, ate breakfast.  Even went as far to put my uniform on and drive to work.  But upon arrival, I realized I would be quite useless today.  So I came home and have been laying on the couch since.  My cold is still only affecting the right side of my head, which is a weird experience. My head is feeling a bit lopsided at the moment.  I can only hope over night the other side gets the memo and I can be fully blown in sickness!  YEY!  Not, really, but that’s what will probably end up happening. 

The movie I watched today (besides finishing The Holiday)was about the TED conference.  If you haven’t yet heard of the TED conference, I recommend clicking the above link to see some video.  It’s an amazing group of thinkers, designers, scientists, entreprenuers who get together every year to discuss Ideas.  Big Ideas that will change people’s lives.  And these are people with the clout and money to make things happen.  Watch a few presenters and I promise you will not be disappointed.  So yeah, the documentary was about the 2006 conference which apparently was a really big year.  I got a lot of new names from the movie on people who are interesting and who also wrote books (which are now on my list of books to read).  Chief among them are Anthony Robbins and Sir Ken Robinson.  They look like they are good thinkers and may help me on my life path.  But those books will be a few weeks out as now I have Audacity of Hope and Blink to read.  So much reading!  So little time!

And speaking of, I’m going to get back to reading here now.  Good night, world.

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This is what I just finished writing for work

These tips here are quite helpful wherever you live, not just central Oregon-centric…..

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me and I will be more than willing to help you with your concerns.  Also, this was a cheap excuse for a post today.  After writing this, I didn’t feel like writing anything else.

Spring has sprung here in Central Oregon so it’s time to get your landscape ready for another beautiful High Desert summer.  Here are a few quick tips on how to prepare your landscape for success:
De-thatch and aerate your turf

       aerating increases your turf’s ability to uptake oxygen, nutrients, water and fertilizer

       de-thatching turf with more than 1/2” of thatch is recommended as a thick thatch layer can prevent moisture and nutrients from penetrating effectively into the soil and create an environment which fosters disease

Pruning plant material

       to minimize stress and risk of pest problems on deciduous trees and shrubs, it is best to do pruning while the plants are still dormant, prior to leaf emergence

Prepare beds

       organic mulch can control weeds, regulate soil temperature and moisture

       Mulch thickness should be between 2” and 3”

–    Remove branches, fallen leaves, pine needles and other debris from beds

       Raking through beds monthly reduces compaction and fungal growth and increases water penetration

       Lastly, a pre-emergent herbicide should be put down in beds early in spring to get a jump start on weeds before they have a chance to germinate

Remove Dead Perennials and grasses

       any perennials and grasses which did not get cut back in the Fall should be cut prior to new growth emerging


       plant material should be fertilized early before buds break on branches

               –  turf should be fertilized beginning in early May

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Keep it down…

I’m watching There Will Be Blood right now with Tera and Rickey.  Although I am finding the movie amusing I have to get my writing in for the day.   Right now I’m a little lost for words.  That’s been the case for the last few days.  Nothing to report really.  Oh I started that book by Barack Obama, I’m not sure if you all have heard of him.  The book so far is interesting.  I heard he wrote another book before this one.  If I end up enjoying the current selection I imagine I’ll try and pick his other one up.  He seems to have quite a future in writing.

Any who, the break from my semi-obsession with man’s history with agriculture (in so many words) will be nice.  I’ll try it out for a few weeks, but I believe I’ll be back on the obsession.  It’s this whole sustainability thing.  Permaculture.  Love for the Earth.  Love for others.  It feels so good to be a part of the movement.  I’m not saying I’m all the way there yet (I did have a box of Velveeta shells and cheese today) but I’ll get there one day.  As long as I can keep spreading the message and maybe convince a few people to join me, it’ll be worth it on my end.  All of you who are facebookers have probably noticed the excessive amount of articles I have been posting in relation to sustainability.  Well, if you get a chance, read some.  Also read some Michael Pollan.  

I guess right now I feel like there is more to learn in reading right now than there is in my writing ability.  Apologies if these posts are a little lame.  Must get back to the movie…..

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Is it Spring time yet?

I’m looking up at the sky right now and seeing some menacing clouds rolling in to town.  I thought it was Spring.  Is it not?  There’s a possibility of a couple inches of snow here tonight which I don’t really approve of whatsoever.  It will just be cutting into my work schedule this coming week.  If the weather is crappy they won’t send us out.  Trust me, I don’t want to be working in crap weather, but I would really like to work.  Mama’s got bills to pay and they won’t pay themselves.  

We’ve had a super busy day here today.  I emptied the dishwasher.  30 pages of my book were read, I got Audacity of Hope by Mr. President at the library, and we watched some basketball.  Oh and we went grocery shopping.  I hope to make it through the week for food because I don’t want to spend any more money ever.  With my work schedule looking a little shaky for the next 5 weeks, I don’t have a penny to waste with Oz on the horizon.  It’s not too bad eating at home and packing a lunch really.  I like it.  I’m being responsible, right?  

Ok, I don’t know what I’m talking about or saying.  I’ve got to get changed for a dinner party deal I’m going to tonight.  Weee.  Any one doing anything fun this weekend?  Let me know.  TTYL

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