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A late night

Don’t know why I’m still up and at it. Tera and I got sucked into some back episodes of Ugly Betty kind of late. So now I’m making dinner at 10:30 PM and writing this blog because I procrastinated on that as well. I’m excited to note that this is my last post of April and I successfully wrote every day of April. I somehow missed a couple days in February and March, much to my dismay. Some of those days were due to extreme travel conditions or family obligations (that trip to NYC really did a number on me). I hope that May is a little less hectic so I am able to write more……no no. Maybe not less hectic. Perhaps I can be more focused….yes that sounds better. And with more focus comes more writing instead of these puny little paragraphs I am sometimes known to write and call good.
I believe I still owe you guys a story. Actually, it’s the story I wrote before the other one I posted about Karaoke. For whatever reason that first one just hasn’t made it up here yet. It’s a bit sappy and over the top, but I thought it’d be a good idea to try that road out. I’m in the process of contemplating a new little ditty as well, but in the mean time……….here’s that writing. Cheers.

Well, I am going to eat my chicken strips from Trader Joe’s and call it a night.

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Out of control

As most of you know, I have been a life long sufferer of onychophagia. Within the last year it has gotten much worse and within the 3 months it’s gotten even worse worse. And I’m at a bit of a crossroads where I feel something must be done to stop any more damage being done to myself.
I know it is an OCD thing and I may even need to be medicated to fully overcome my disease. I don’t think I am willing to do that, but perhaps cut back enough to the point where I am not COMPLETELY ashamed of myself. So any hints or ideas of what I can do that doesn’t cost money and won’t drive me to the crazy house? Cheers friends.

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Fun in the yard

Tera and I participated in a crap load of yard work fun today! There was raking, mowing, planting, weeding and even some really neat cruiser washing. I kept looking out the window this evening and not recognizing our own yard because it was so clean. Isn’t that weird when that happens? Kind of like when that first snowfall that sticks happens. You no longer recognize the place you look out on everyday. So yes, it was a very successful house day. Piccadilly got in on the fun by spending the afternoon out in the yard. She actually just came in about 15 minutes ago. I think she appreciated the fact that she got to go out, but she always seems happy to back in the house. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be nice again and I imagine we’ll spend the day enjoying the weather. No more yard work to do. Maybe I’ll be inspired enough to continue my notecards for the CLT test. The CLT (Certified Landscape Technician) is a pretty big landscaping deal. It means I am good at my job and will be able to get a decent job in the field anywhere in the US if I wanted to move. I’m taking the test in July and I am going to try really hard to pass it on the first try. No one I know was able to pass it on the first try, but I’ll give it my best. Just have to figure out how to pay for it right now……..

Well, I think I might head off to bed here in a bit. We just finished watching No Country for Old Men and it was not very uplifting. It was good and violent that’s for sure. I’d rather watch Enchanted.

Ok, kids. Have a good weekend.

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Things I don’t really like

1. I don’t like getting a new property that’s billed at a 4.4 hour clean up when it’s really going to take 12 hours. Or longer. And the guy says “the beds are in pretty good shape.” Maybe he’s talking about his mattresses in the bedrooms of his house, because he certainly wasn’t talking about his flower beds.
2. We’re still in winter here in Central Oregon. There was snow on the ground again this morning, but we went ahead with work anyways. It ended up melting off pretty quickly. It warmed up alright, but the wind was ridiculous. Can it be Spring already? Or are we skipping it completely and going straight to summer?
3. Bella just coughed up something really gross and it went whizzing by my face and landed on the coffee table. I’m not cleaning it up. It looks like a onion peel but who knows with Bella.
4. I need a job where it’s ok to take time off in the summer and go do something cool. It’s not fun being locked into hard core work for 7 months a year and then the other times be guilted because you take a week off.
5. America needs to get over itself.
6. I’m done.

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In honor of Earth Day…..

We’ve called a snow day thanks to global warming changing our weather patterns here in Bend! Now we get a whole month (maybe more) of extra winter now. It’s exactly what we wanted especially after the winter we had here. No, it really is quite fitting that today be a snow day. I hope that this week is the last of it and we start getting into more April like weather next week…..just in time for May to arrive.
I am kind of happy to have a day to recoop from the weekend. It was a mega jam packed weekend in Portland. I can’t believe all the stuff we did in just 48 hours. Everyone had a good time. Maybe I can get some pictures up this week if I get inspired. My top fun was Powell’s (of course), Japanese Garden, and eating Papa Haydn NY Cheesecake. We stayed in the NW Hostel and it was really really nice. Very friendly. It’s the 2nd US hostel I’ve stayed in this year (and ever) and I thought both of them were pretty good. My perspective of US hostels was always thinking they were a little more sketch and less hospitable, but the Seaside Hostel in Hawaii and NW Hostel have proved me wrong. Further travels will definitely include staying in hostels more often than staying in my car.

So tonight Tera and I are going to see King Corn at Tower Theatre. This is one of the movies I REALLY wanted to see at Bend Film Fest last year, but for whatever reasons, the scheduling didn’t work out for us. I was so happy to see they were planning on showing it again here for Earth Day. On top of that, one of the writer/filmmaker guys is going to be there. Woot!

Well, I may have mentioned this before but then I decided to keep it kind of under wraps, but I don’t know how well I did with that. Any who, you know how I am talking about Everywhere magazine fairly regularly on here. I am pleased to announce that an article/photo essay Matt and I co-wrote on London’s Green Spaces is set to be published in Issue 3 of Everywhere. It’s scheduled to hit news stands in the next few weeks. I’m soooo thrilled to have something published in a national publication. It has been one of my goals to get some of my work published and I think this is only a small step for me to move onto something even bigger. Look for more stuff to be published for the rest of my life…… As soon as I get a copy of it, I’ll let you know and make you all go out and get a copy for yourself. Autographed copies will be available for a small fee.

Alright my friends, I hope all is well with all of you. I’m going to enjoy watching the snow fall from the sky and pile up in my yard. Happy Earth Day, all!!

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He was a sk8er boi, she said see ya later boi

He wasn’t good enough for her…….. I’m listening to David Tennant on the Colin Murray show on BBC Radio 1, and David Tennant requested to play Avril. So I’ll have this in my head for the next 5 days for sure. David Tennant for those of you who are unaware is the star of Dr. Who, which is a wonderful show that I watch regularly. It’s from the UK and you should try to check it out. It’s airing on the Sci-fi Network.

Any who, I’m running out the door to Portland! WOOT! Should be a very nice weekend. I imagine I’ll just have one or two beers this weekend. That’s all. Diet Coke the rest of the time. So yea, I should get going. Have a good weekend. The weather will be crappy everywhere in Oregon. Yey for rain and snow. PEACEY!

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TTYL Rob and Big

TA and I are watching the last Ep of Rob and Big. EVER. I truly hope it’s not true. They’re about to burn a wooden, demon possessed cat statue. Because it’s bringing rats into their house. Pretty crazy. Tera and I made some kitty friends today at the mailbox. We named them Murphy and Shasta. They are besties and now we’re besties with them. It was a good kitty day.

Any who, I’m kind of over being awake. We had a long day of dethatching and mowing today. I’m pretty worn out for suresies. Ok, ttyl.

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Another day anotha dolla

Just wrapping up my conscious time for today here. Off to bed in a few minutes. Not much to report here. The weather is nicht so gut. We even got some snow flakes at the end of our work day. Just lost in thought about traveling during work hours, wondering why I’m raking beds and putting toxic chemicals down. Wondering if I’ll ever do something really neat in life. Haha. Yeah.

The picture: some of the brambles we had to walk through on Saturday to make it to a geocache. Oh, it wasn’t the route we were supposed to take to get there. It was the one Chris decided we should take. It wasn’t very fun with shorts. My legs are nicely torn up from the branches. Like noticeably. As in it looks like a wolverine went after my calves. Luckily, it’s cold this week so I won’t be showing off these legs to anyone but Bella, Tera, and Piccadilly.

Alright, I’m going to bed. Got to finish A Walk in the Woods one of these nights! Cheers.

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Shevlin Epic

Oh man. My body is very unhappy with me. And it’s all to be blamed on Chris. What I thought would be a nice happy stroll through Shevlin Park turned into a rock scrambling, bouldering, traipsing through manzanitas, walking way far out of the the way after dark epic hike. And now, my feet are aching and my left hip flexor is flared up like crazy. It’s a good feeling. Tomorrow I imagine I’ll be taking it way easy. I might pass out in the middle of this post so please forgive me. It’s been a long day. And might cat is here waiting for me to go to bed, so I may just do that.

The weather today was very nice. I did spend a couple hours relaxing in the sun watching Jill play Ultimate. That was nice. Perhaps I’ll head out there tomorrow to watch some more. But now, I think I’ll concentrate on rehydrating myself after that 7 hr hike. good night.

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Good news

After a good day out in the field, I logged onto the ODA website at work and found out I passed my pesticide test. So I can officially spray insects and fungus with dangerous chemicals all I want on non-public land in Oregon. I’m pretty stoked about it. Remember how worried I was that I didn’t pass? Yeah, I actually did better on this test (82%) than I did on the other two tests. And those ones I was absolutely sure I passed. Doesn’t it always seem to go that way? Even though I was feeling a little bit tired after work, the bike ride home was very enjoyable and I was rather happy go lucky. It’s amazing how excited one gets over a $.50/hr raise.

This weekend should be pretty fun. The weather in Bend is supposed to be pretty much perfect for the weekend. Mid 70s and sunny. Jill is coming into town tomorrow for a ultimate tournament. Maybe Christopher will be nice enough to ask me to join him for some geocaching. We went to a geocaching event last night and we talked to some people about a cache being around some old growth Juniper trees. I’ve been wanting to go on the trail that leads to them for a while, so this may be the perfect excuse to do so.

Other than that, not much to report. If I don’t get a chance to post on here tomorrow, I hope everyone is going to have as nice weather as here this weekend and you can get out and play. Cheers.

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