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Summertime in the city

tera and i (and crew) had a GREAT bend day today. the weather was scheduled to be super hot and it did not disappoint. i woke up early, ate breakfast on the front porch, read the paper. then mowed the lawn (the lawn mower is no longer suffering from water in the engine after my air filter washing debacle), because it was in reseeding mode and it was embarrassing to work for a landscaping company and come home. deschutes is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this weekend so we headed down to the brewery and went on a free beer rampage with our friends bryan and matt. it was super fun. moon mountain ramblers were in the house jamming away so we were forced to get our jiggy dance on to them. we decided it was too hot out and that we needed to jump in the river after all the dancing and free food and beer consumption. it was the first time to jump off columbia street foot bridge for me. i was mega nervous as i’m not one for jumping, but i did it. fully clothed. off the bridge. yey. came home for a change of clothes and a beer, then went down to some kpov celebration which involved square dancing and face/body painting and hoola hooping (which i didn’t get to do. le sad). so fun. then we just had some people over with fireworks and we’ll be sleeping outside tonight under the stars and heat lightning. i can’t imagine tomorrow being much better, but we’ll try.

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Miss you guys too

Have you all been wondering where I’ve been? Well, I’ve been extremely BUSY as per us. So this whole website deal has been put on the back burner. I did actually miss a day of writing due to some unforseen circumstances, but I’m back now. And all better. I wish there was something really cool to say. Like something cool happened. But I just worked and hung out with friends this week. Today is Deschutes Brewery’s 20th anniversary and it was a-rockin down there, but too a-rockin for me as I left with Christopher. We went to the greener pastures of Pizza Mondo.

Tera and I are watching Brokeback mountain right now and I’m totally distracted. Maybe tomorrow when it’s a billion degrees here in Bend I will go find a nice shady, cool spot to do some writing. And you all might be the beneficiaries of said day. Peace outey.

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jumping out of my skin

i’m pretty much going nuts in my brain right now. i want to go do something really cool, but instead i’m looking at pictures of plants and drinking tea. and i imagine i’ll probably just ride my bike home really soon and go to bed. oh. i just realized that i may be wired because i had like 30 oz of caffeinated tea. shite. i hope i can go to bed tonight.

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I don’t have gas

Nope, I just have pedal power. I was just talking to Matt about gas pricesand thinking about this picture that I took while on my West coast adventure in 2005. I can’t remember why gas prices went up so much, but they definitely spiked for some reason (here’s an article from back then). The article says a barrel may reach $55! Any who, gas was $2. Oh how cheap you were, gas. I wonder how much that trip would cost us now…….or if we would have even gone. There was one gas station in Big Sur, CA where we had to get a bit of gas just to make it to the next big town and they were charging $3.59 at the time. And I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t fathom paying that much all the time. I saw a month or two ago that the same gas station was charging $5. Now it’s probably $6. Wicked.

I think gas here is $4.35 or so. Last I checked. I haven’t filled up in a month so I’m a bit out of the loop.

Any who, I need to get a bit of studying in tonight and maybe consume some dinner here as well. Has any one drastically changed their transportation methods due to gas prices? Let me know! It might be a fun topic to discuss. I know I was already planning on riding my bike this year to work before the gas prices went crazy, but now I have even more motivation not to drive. Peace out kids.

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Yearning for a bit of patience

I’ve been so frustrated with writing the last week or so. No patience to sit down and get anything written that makes some semblance. I’ve been a weird sort of anxious this week I guess. Just never settled really. There’s kind of a lot of things going on within the next month or so and with work going late every night, I don’t feel as though there’s much free time in my life to get anything done. There’s all these friends who want to hang out all the time too! How dare they want to do things with me!

So any ways, my writing suffers. A supreme lack of focus. The ideas are piling up nicely though, so that’s refreshing. I know there are stories I’d like to get done.

Has everyone gotten the new Coldplay album? It’s amazing. Get Viva la Vida if you haven’t done so. I can’t get it out of my head for the life of me.

Well, it’s late. Sleep beckons. Work tomorrow will most certainly prove to run slightly longer than usual. Next week though will be better! A 4 day week! 🙂

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Villa Savoye

this is some epic work with Legos I can fully appreciate:

click here

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Cat convention

Tera, Whitney and I just got back from a trip to the mailbox and got caught in the middle of a cat convention. 5 kitties meeting at the cross streets of 16th and Davenport. Bob and Piccadilly’s gf were there. The whole gang.

it was a great cruising day here in bend.

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Smells of the past

Yeah today I had a really weird smell memory. I got out of the shower and remembered the smell of after shower at soccer camp at IU. It didn’t actually smell like it, I just knew what it smelled like and what it felt like. I guess it’s not that out of the ordinary as I was thinking a bit about soccer camp earlier in the day. It took me back 11 years to a super hot and humid week filled with lots of soccer. Probably not even eating enough calories in the day to keep up with the amount we were all burning off during 8 hours of training. Hmm. Funny.

Any who, right now I’m enjoying the sounds of Coldplay, recorded earlier today at Brixton Academy in London. If I were you, I’d listen. It’s quite a treat. The concert starts at about 1:40:00 into the show. My evening has been filled with learning about first aid and safety and turf maintenance. And apparently I’ve been mowing pretty much totally right all these years. So redeeming. If any of you are interested in proper mowing technique please email me and I’d be more than happy to share with you my skillz.

Well, not that I’m that tired after chugging two cups of caffinated tea, but I believe I’ll head off to bed here and participate in some heavy duty reading. Good night folks

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I love yesterday’s post

Shortly there after the post I put up, I realized I needed to eat food or else I was going to be in trouble. Somehow, I failed at that goal and have been paying for it today. Very unfortunate for me really. Luckily I had nothing planned for today and was able to catch up on all the TV I have missed on Bravo! for the last few weeks. Boy oh boy.

Besides today it was a great weekend. I had a wonderful time hanging out with friends. The weather was perfect. I look forward to enjoying the rest of the summer with good weather. Really it appears that we’re over the weather hump. I hope I hope.

Well, I’m off to bed. It’s fertilizing week at work which means I need all the beauty rest I can get.

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Saturday the 14th

Why doesn’t Saturday the 14th have the stigma Friday the 13th has? Interesting really. I’m just waiting to go over to my friend’s house for a bit. Today was a timid day. I learned a bit about noxious weeds. Like hairy vetch. Which actually isn’t a noxious weed. Jusr an aggressive weed. That’s all. So I have to go. peace

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