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I’m feeling a bit ornery today.  At bit on edge and agitating easily.  Perhaps the proceedings of the last couple days have been bothering me?  Perhaps.  It will pass.  This TED speech I watched earlier this week tells me it won’t seem as bad as I thought.

Any ways, no need to worry about getting stuck anywhere in my ZX2 any time soon due to dead battery.  I got a new one today after the last one finally died this afternoon when I tried to go for a run.  Perhaps God was trying to stop me from going running and then playing disc golf.  Yeah, so look at how shiny it is.  They also gave me some new connector thing cause the other one was yucky and cracked.  This came at a good time as I will be logging many long miles in the next month.  Getting stuck in random town, usa trying to get a new battery is no fun.

So I’ll be hanging out here tonight, watching some of the last bit of the Olympics and probably getting some reading done.  Now with hardly any social engagements to worry about, I hope to fly through the next few books.

Soon to be veg garden

I wanted to post a couple pictures from my yard too.  These are areas where I’ll be putting in flowers, herbs and veggies in the next month and a half.  Every time I have projects like this I seem to forget to take before and after pictures.  The place where there’s all that riff raff in the foreground will be cleared and tilled under.  It’s a mix of grass and roses.  We got the OK today to dig some of it up for the garden.  Tera and I are quite chuffed about it.  I’m looking into getting my work truck this week possibly to get started and put some hershey down.  Seeds should be purchased in the next week and a half with some seeds getting a start early inside.  I’m excited as I haven’t had a veg garden since I was a kid.  It will be fun to harvest and work on all summer.

Flower garden

The other area will be a flower garden.  I’m contemplating this week what kind of flowers I want to put in there.  It is on the East side of our house and does not get much sun at all.  There is not a lot of room in there, but I think we can make it look nice . At the least cover up the ugliness that is that cable cord attached to the side of the house.  The juniper there is ANCIENT.  I did a little pruning on it today as it was growing into the siding and way over the sidewalk too.  So we’ll see what develops.  The possibilities are very exciting!  I’m such a plant nerd!

Man, after writing and taking a second to relax, I feel a lot better here.  Writing is my release for sure.  I think I’ll crack a brew and kick back for the night.  Church tomorrow!  Have a wonderful night my friends.

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#14 The Lives of the Trees

It feels like every other book I’m reading is a plant book.  Although I find it important to shove as much plant knowledge into my head as possible, I might be getting a little burned out and fiction or lighter reading will hopefully be in my future.  Any ways, Lives of the Trees by Diana Wells was a good read.  I like hearing the reasons we call trees what we do and how they’ve become such a big part of our lives.  Well, they’ve always been a big part of our lives, but why certain ones seem to take precedent.  This was a good one.  I’d like to have it just to have, but I imagine I can go to the library and read it if I wish.  Next up, more non-fiction.

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Verbal Mind

This is a great talk on how minds work differently from one another.

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Last week I was coming back from work and sat there listening to NPR news realizing I was an adult.  Kids don’t want to listen to news.  They want to listen to music.  And now I just put the nail in the coffin by streaming the bi-partisan health care meeting.  Not only that, but I’m really enjoying watching it. Yikes.  And all of this has been going on for years.  When did this happen?

Luckily I’m still up on the latest pop music, I like dancing while I walk around the house and dressing up in costume.  Hopefully this balances my news obsession out.

I’ll stick with my favorite quote that I used to say all the time in high school:  You can only be young once, but you can be immature forever.

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#13 The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Oh.  I didn’t realize until the end of the book and read a bit of the forward that I was reading the 2nd half of the Sherlock Holmes stories.  The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes contains the first 12 stories and this book contains the last 12.  Oh well.  It was still good.  I guess eventually I should read the first half, but perhaps it will wait until I move to the city in which they take place (whenever that may be).  Any ways, they were great mystery stories.  The writing was very easy to read, very modern,  something I wasn’t quite expecting but appreciated none the less.  Classic literature is classic for a reason.  It’s worth a read out there kids.

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Offensive pruning

These pictures were taken at the forest service office here in Bend.  As you can see someone has been hacking this European Ash quite harshly and inappropriately.  I would say the tree is about 25-30 feet tall and at least 1/3 if not more of the branches were removed from the crown.  This is a really sad sight as the pruned branches provided a nice shade coverage for the sidewalk which runs next to the tree.  I’m assuming there must have been some reason for the hack job, although I am unsure.  This would be hard to stomach normally for me, but even more painful is that this tree has been my responsibility for the last 2 seasons.  Apparently the property has been taken over by another landscaping company.  It’s heartbreaking to spend a lot of time working to try and prune a tree responsibly and thoughtfully in order to give the tree its best life and then to see someone come along and do this to a tree.  I think quite a bit about all of the trees which I maintain and obviously this one was no longer thought of that deeply.  This was not the only tree which was hacked, but this one was the worst.  

If there is ever a question about whether to prune or not to prune a limb on a tree, don’t hesitate to leave it and come back to it later.  Of course you would want to remove any dead, diseased or dying branches, but others, if they are strictly for aesthetics, be more fruitful about the pruning.  Arbitrarily taking off limbs unprofessionally hurts the tree, the value of the tree, the value of the property, and your own work value.  Try to be as thoughtful as possible and don’t let disasters like this happen.

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I really hope my shoulder stays in good shape because it feels amazing to be active and participating in sport/running once again!   I’m not training for any particular race (yet) but I’d like to do a half marathon this year.  Today I did 1/4 of a marathon.  6.25 miles.  Not bad for one of the first days of training.  I hope to be up to 10 miles before work starts.  Should be no problem.  Up until a few years ago, 4 or 5 miles seemed like an awful lot for me.  Then one day it all went away and I get disappointed when I do less than 5.   That day I happened to run 8 miles or so.  I was beat but it felt really good. Mental strength is quite amazing.

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#12 The Lost Art of Walking

I’m a bit of a walker these days, really abhorring to get behind the wheel of my car and drive any where.  More so am I a bike rider, but walking is second best.  So when I saw The Lost Art of Walking by Geoff Nicholson on the library shelf last week I had to pick it up.  Walking seems to be more and more a neglected form of transport these days.  It’s only done when on vacation (or not at all) and isn’t really much incorporated into our daily lives unless you live in NYC, London or some other walking city.  It was a good read and makes me want to walk more.  What a wonderful thing!

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[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=olympics&iid=7990821″ src=”c/b/f/4/Snowboard_Mens_Halfpipe_6f2b.jpg?adImageId=10438111&imageId=7990821″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]  Awesome night of sport.  We just got done watching the Americans win 3 gold medals a silver and 2 bronze in the Olympics in Vancouver.  Seeing other Americans be so successful makes me want to go swifter, higher and stronger in my own life.  2010 is going to be a big year of pushing the boundaries of Colleen.

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Ash Wednesday

Mess fest

Last night I tried to motivate to put away my laundry by dumping my laundry basket full of clothes onto my bed.  Inevitably I ended up putting all the clothes back into my basket, tossing it on the floor and getting into bed.  No motivation.  Feeling bla.

But this morning was a new day.  Today was Ash Wednesday, the start of the Lenten season.  I got up this morning and even before I had breakfast (I know, I’m not supposed to really be eating today, but so far that’s all I’ve eaten) I put away my laundry, dusted, swept and tidied my room (a pretty deep clean I must say).  If felt pretty good to do so.  It was kind of setting a clean slate for the next 40 days so I can be more focused and calm.  When your house is a mess and unruly (ok my desk is still in bad shape), it’s difficult to find the peace that’s needed to stay sane these days.

After the cleaning I got out my Daily Meditations booklet for Lent and read the first meditation for the season.  Then I went to Mass.  This Lent, I’m going to Church every week and every holy day in order to get back in tune with my religion and spirituality.  I won’t be giving up anything besides my time to give to God and Jesus.  Today was a good start.  Piccadilly is also happy as most of my cleaning focused on her cat area of my bedroom.  It had gotten out of control.  

Everything is clean and I’m ready to enjoy walking into my room again and not wishing I had a magic wand to clean it all.

What is everyone out there giving up for lent?  Any thing exciting?

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