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New Year and the Resolutions

2018 is weird. I was contemplating in the shower, thinking about this post, and realized how weird 2018 is. It’s the first winter where I’ve had very little going on in about 5 years. No grad school. No engagements. No weddings to plan. No major holiday. Nothing. The lack of stuff going on is not a normal feeling.  And, truly,  it feels so good.

I’ve set a few resolutions for 2018, but the overriding theme was to take the stress, the rushing around out of my life. Sort of taking the wind out of my sail, so I can stop and and take a good look around to see how good things are. Luckily the circumstances of life have come along to assist with slowing things down. It’s worked. I feel a lot better. Except for that one time a couple weeks ago when I lost my cool and yelled “YOU’RE A DICK FACE!!” into some guy’s car who refused to get off his mobile while driving. Yeah, besides that, I’m pretty darn chilled out.

Resolutions this year:

1. Read 12 books – In the past I’ve set this goal as high as 50 (and done it) but this year, in order to chill, I set it really low. It also means if I want to read a really long novel I can without feeling the pressure.

2. Walk the Capital Ring with Jimbo – The cat bought Jimbo the Capital Ring OS book and told us to walk it in 2 years. We decided to do it in one. So far, we’ve completed 3 segments totalling 20 of the 78 miles. And as a bonus, a few of our friends want to do it with us. The walk always ends at a pub as a reward. The walk is a continuation of the monthly cultural event we did last year and so is the reward pub. We’re looking forward to the rest of the walk.


When we finished the first segment: Woolwich to Falconwood.

3. 6 weeks of 6 pints – I realize there are more than 6 weeks in the year, but this was to kickstart my year. As you may know, I like going to the pub and having a drink. It’s one of the bestest things in the world (and I’ll be heading there tonight in fact). We also have all of the cider we could ever want to drink in our garden. Unfortunately, it became clear that I was suffering from too many pints, despite a good diet and good exercising. So I decided to only have six pints a week for the first six weeks of the year to see how I feel. To some that is still a lot, but not to me. Did I stick to six pints? No, except the once. It was more like seven or eight a week. It has helped me feel a lot better physically. Six pints meant I could still go to the pub and have a nice time, but it was limited to only a day or two a week instead of three or four. I’m going to continue this for as long as I can. The cap is lifted on holidays.

4. Run once a week, strength train once a week – This was part of the six week plan too. It was done to prepare myself for my skiing holiday next week. Yes, I did say skiing holiday. That’s not a typo. When I set it, I thought I would see if I could keep it up and I did surprisingly. I haven’t run this regularly in a few years and I am happy to have running back in my life. Coupled with less drinking, I’ve lost a couple pounds, which will  definitely pick up once my walking at work picks up next month. Though I have been working out more, I have found solace in Doritos at work. As soon as I’m mostly out of the office, this  Doritos addiction will need to stop!

5. Stop the stress – If you are a reader of this blog in the past, you’ll know I sometimes struggle with depression and anxiety. Last year I had both going on, taking a toll on my ability to work. To help we that, me and the other half started making up relaxing tea mixes in the evenings. Valerian, hemp leaf, catnip, tulsi, mistletoe and a few others. I couldn’t say it is just the teas that have made a difference, because other things changed at the same time to help me. All I know is I haven’t suffered from debilitating anxiety or depression since we began having the tea. We are definitely going to continue taking it. If you are interested in the blends we make let me know. We source all our teas from Indigo Herbs. So besides the tea,  running, exercise and less alcohol are aiding my less stress. Being conscious of when things are starting pile up and knowing when to step back is another way of coping. Walking the capital ring, talking with friends is another way. Petting fluffy cats is pretty good too.

I think that’s it. At least that’s all I can remember at the moment. Anyone have any interesting resolutions or goals for 2018? Let me know. Hope you’re all happy and healthy out there! Cheers.


Penis art on a tree


Wassailing! I finally got to use my cowbell.

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