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This morning I woke up to a half an inch of snow on the ground outside. Let me say, I’m very happy I did not get called out for snow removal last night. Really, if I’m going out to plow snow, it better be worth rousing me from my sweet slumber. I ended up getting up early anyways because of a Team Springtime meeting this morning. It was actually one of the more productive meetings we’ve had. The meeting was an hour long but more people got involved in the meeting than usual and we actually talked about things that we need to fix. It was great. I shall digress now because you don’t want to hear about work meetings. No one does.

So today I’ve got some big plans. Reading East of Eden, writing some things (including this), eating, petting Bella and Piccadilly, cuddling with Katie. SOOOO much going on really. I’ll try not to overwhelm myself.

On a completely different note, has any one updated their Macs lately? They’ve made some noticeable changes to Safari. Now, if I write anything in my internet browser, it does a word check. Like a little red line appears under those words which the computer does not recognize. It’s really a great feature and will surely improve my spelling of words on this blog. I’m wondering if Windows has anything as innovative as that……hmmm….I bet not. Oh, and if you control+click the word it gives you possible words you may have meant to spell. Terrific. I do have one complaint and I don’t know how to go about fixing it, but the font I had on my website no longer comes up. I get Times New Roman now, which makes me mad as a hornet. Safari must have changed the way it picks up fonts in HTML because prior to this, the font had always appeared on any mac I’ve used. It very much changes the way the page looks and I don’t really like that. Maybe in another update Mac will address that issue.

Well, I think I’ve rambled enough for today. I want to read my book now. Have a good one kids.

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layoff city

I’M LAID OFF FOR THE WINTER!!!! MONOTONY HERE I COME!!! Yes. It’s only been two days officially but I’m already pretty bored. It’s alright though. My roommates have been around a lot the last few days since Thanksgiving Day so we’ve been wooping it up. And I did a new writing tonight too!!!!!!!!!! So look in the writing section for that. It’s been a while since I got one of those up.

So yup. Here I am. Waiting for snow and waiting for March to hit so I will be working again. Actually I’ve been really gearing up for Hawaii. Tera is now booked on our flight. So the three of us will be hitting Hawaii hard. We’ve been trying to figure out where we’re going exactly and I think we’ll be heading to Kauai for the majority of our time there. The rest of the time we’ll be in Oahu since we’re flying out of Honolulu. Oh, I got a new sleeping bag that is much smaller than my other one for the trip. And it’s a kid’s one which I’ve been getting made fun of since it’s purchase. I don’t care. I love lafuma. I got a waterproof sack to put over my backpack because it rains about a billion inches there. The only things I need to get now are hiking shoes and a new babin suit!

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Booked and ready

Well, my work year is pretty much over now. I worked about 20 hours last week and will probably work 10 this week (outside of possible snow plowing tonight). I’ve already gone into vacation mode and it’s pretty nice. Speaking of, I booked my ticket to Hawaii. And even better than that, so did roommate Katie Marie Z. So I’ve got one travel companion during the trip! And Tera should be booking in the next couple days. Should be wayyyyyyy fun in HI.

And in related news. We looked for tickets to Munich tonight out of Portland. $444 round trip for February!! I’m sooooo tempted. Really. Who knows……we may be sneaking over there for a bit. Dunno. It’s a lot more than the flight price you know. It’s everything. Hawaii is going to be way cheap since most nights I bet we’ll be sleeping at people’s houses or sleeping on the beach or in hostels. We’re going to be doing it very cheaply and I can’t wait. State 50 here I come.

So I got my tat on Friday! I love it. I’m trying to decide when Mother will find out about it. It may sneak out through other family members, but maybe they will keep mum. It’s just a little bit bigger than I was planning, but it came out really nice and I’m happy to have gotten it. It’s unique but recognizable and will keep me committed to my dreams to moving to LDN. And if the dream never happens it will be a rememberance to those people who lost their lives on the tube from the London bombings cause it still makes me sad. And on a happier note, it will represent the best time of my life and where I grew the most as a person. So yeah, I have no reason to regret it. Pictures soon…….

Well, everyone is having reading hour too. I feel like I should be reading East of Eden. Ok, peace out my friends.

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The end is near

The end is near kids. Another season of landscaping is coming to a close very quickly. My partner roped my boss into giving us at least one more day of work next week. After that, I could possibly be collecting unemployment although my finances tell me that’s not that great of an idea. Oh well. Such is life. I shall be on unemployment and I could even get food stamps. That sounds like a really good time. But I think it will come that pretty soon. Hahahahah. Nothing like living on the westside of Bend (a pretty prosperous part of land in this world) and living on food stamps. We’ll see. I think it would be in everyone’s best interest to start praying for snow for Bend. And not a little bit of snow, but a shit ton so I get to work all winter on some weird and fucked up schedule. But it’ll be money in my pocket. If not, I hope unemployment will cover me for what I’m doing with my life. I think unemployment should be higher than it was last year. And this year I’m not going out of the country to screw myself over that way.

Any who, I’m excited for the winter to hit because it means cold and I won’t have to be working as hard. And traveling. That’s the most important part. I am trying really hard to get myself down to Arizona. But that one thing that is a go is Hawaii. I STILL haven’t booked my ticket. Still waiting on Tera, but I’m thinking I’m going to book anyways. It’s cheap (for Hawaii) right now. And I want to get a tat there. But it might wait till I get back. For sure though I will be getting my first tattoo next Friday night before a major growler hour. It will be fun. Chris and I have been waiting for the last few months to get our tats. And it’s finally set in stone. Yey. I’m stoked. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before what I’m getting, but I will be posting pictures next weekend of what I get. It’ll be a suprise if you don’t know. This is a big year for me. I think 25 has been really epic and life changing for me. I’m so much more myself than I have ever been before. And I think within the next few months I’ll be feeling even more confident. Getting over some major things emotionally and mentally. Ready to take on the rest of my life with full force. Any who, I hope you all have a good weekend. I know I will. Take care.

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