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Getting paid and then spending it all in 48 hours

Ok, so I didn’t spend my whole paycheck. Just the money I planned on getting food with. And to live and stuff. It’s ok. I’ll make it. I do have money. Just not as much. But I really needed this cute jacket. (I’m not telling you the price) And here’s why I’m justifying it:
1. I wanted a new jacket for my UK adventure cause it’s cold there in the winter. 2. I don’t have a warm jacket. Well, I have a zip up, but this one is much more classy and less obscene.
3. Jill and Robin told me yes.
4. They said on what not to wear that you shouldn’t look at the price, that you should think at how much you’ll wear it. And I’ll wear it everyday for the next 5 years.
5. When do I ever buy clothing? (Except for those shirts in the last month, but when before that? Like a year?)
6. It’s super cute.

The picture isn’t it exactly. I couldn’t find the color exactly. But mine is brownie/ambrosia (turquoise). Maybe I’ll take a picture of me wearing it sometime soon. With my new shirts. And those new shoes I bought last week. It may seem like I’m going on a spending spree, but really I’m not. I’m buying things because my wardrobe is none existant. You probably know that.
I worked 4 hours today and it was fun. Too bad it wasn’t over time. 😦

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Another Friday night

Just hanging out with pootie. As per usual. Except I wouldn’t really say that I’m hanging out with him in that sense. Cause it’s really dark in my house right now and I can’t see pootie. But I hear his collar bell jingle from across the room. I figure eventually one of us will make the move to visit the other. Cause we’re all we’ve got. We’re all we’ve got.

I’m working tomorrow. I volunteered for hedging duty at the commons. I don’t know where the commons are. But I hear there’s about 239829347 arctic willows to be hedged. I’ve got nothing better to do. May as well make some money. Not extra money either cause I missed Tuesday. My head was spinning and it was not alcohol related.

I’m excited for London. 4 months. 2 days.

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This works, so yup. Let’s keep this party going. It’s about the 10th anniversary of having this website, so I may as well update it for times. Blogging is everything. It has become the world’s obsession. Everyone is writing these days and I think it’s a welcome thing. Writing is such a wonderful thing. It’s one of my passions for sure. It’s a release. I notice if I go a while without writing, I start getting crazed and agitated.
Any ways, I’d love to hear from someone out there. I got an email a few weeks ago from an ex-Dyerian, Jill. That was a pleasure. Anyone else out there who wants to make there presence known? Have a good week, kids.

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Trying something new

Ok, so it was a pain in the ass to try to edit my html everytime I wanted to update. So I’m trying something new. I put a blog inside my web page. Pretty sneaky. So that’s it. We’ll try this and if it doesn’t work, we’ll go back to old style.


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