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The Big D

I’m in Dallas. Jduts and I have been out having a good time on the town. I have not yet been to Dallas proper but that may occur today.
We went to a midlake concert on Saturday night which was great. There was an opening band, well it was a one person band, called St. Vincent who we really enjoyed. And Midlake was of course excellent. The only problem with the concert was we had to show up at 7:30 to get tickets. The first band went on at 9:15 and Midlake finished up around 12:30. That translates to 5 hours of standing. Ugh. In the end it was worth it though. I got Jen to love Midlake too. If you haven’t checked them out, do it. I would describe them as having an old classic rock sound like the Eagles and Fleetwoodmac, but with an emo airyness. A hint of Badly Drawn Boy and Shins. It’s a good time. They have a really developed sound.
Yesterday we took a trip to Whole Foods because Jduts had never been! That poor soul. But now she’s in love of course. Although she wasn’t in love with how much it costs for a trip to Whole Foods. I always think it’s worth it. You just need to shop smart.
Today I am going to stay over at Matt’s tonight. Tomorrow I’m planning on taking off and heading to Phoenix. Should take two days. I’m enjoying my driving.

Ok, I don’t feel like writing anymore because it’s 8:43 AM and I’m hungry. Peace out.

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I hope Meredith Dies

As I recently learned I think Grey’s has Jumped the Shark (look it up). And it’s only the 3rd season! No really, I hope Meredith Dies. Cause she’s already been dead for about an hour. That is all.

I’m excited to get out of Dyer tomorrow!!!!! Stay tuned for lots of pictures and frivolity.

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I’m leaving Thursday. Yesssssssssssss.

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Fuck Valentime’s. I don’t need anything more to remind me that I’m single. Seriously. Turn the knife some more why don’t you?

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The age of Colleen

I realized how really cool it’d be to have an age named after oneself. Like the Victorian Age. The Georgian Age. I’d like to officially dub this the Colleenian age, although it doesn’t have quite the same ring as Victorian. None the less, it shall be named. Welcome.

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Errr change

I think I’m nixing London school. Maybe. I don’t know. I shouldn’t have to convince myself to do something life changing like that. It should be obvious. Life shouldn’t be forced. I think God has other plans for me and I’m trying to implement my own. But still forever and always London love. That won’t change.

Any ways, I put a link up to some London pictures! I got a couple pages done. There maybe some more added tonight, but that has yet to be determined. And there might be some Colts Super Bowl Rally pics added as well. Good times.

Yeah, so that’s it. Just a major shift of life. Not much. Peace.

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Back to Oregon

No, I haven’t left for Oregon yet. Tis only a matter of time. I will know all of the sudden when it’s time to go. And it hasn’t happened yet.

Umm. As much as I love GP, I’ve decided to put my resume out to other places. I think there could be some better opportunities out there. Actually, I know ther are. It may require me to move to other parts of Oregon. We’ll see. GP may not even start me until April. That does not work for me my friends. I’m about to die financially. So yes. That’s what’s happening right now. We’ll keep you updated on how things pan out.

On another note. COLTS WIN!!! COLTS WIN!!! Yup. I went down to Indianapolis and watched the game with many a Colts fan. It was so much fun. I actually sat next to a guy who was from OR and who’s family lives in Bend. Small world. Any ways, the energy in the town was great. People were going nuts at the circle. Beating things, standing on the roofs of moving cars. Anarchy in the city. It was about 2 degrees out when they won. I can’t believe anyone was out. Never heard the report on how many people got frost bite during drunken debauchery celebration. My neice and nephew and I went to the Super Bowl rally. How many times do you get a chance to attend a Super Bowl rally? Not many, my friends. It was epic. 35,000-50,000 people in the RCA dome, woooing their asses off as the team paraded around the dome on floats. And then the team gets to thank the fans for being the bestest fans ever. It’s real fun. So I suggest having your football (or gridiron) team win the Super Bowl. You’ll never forget it.

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Writing good.

It’s rather bright outside. Lots of sun. Just a few clouds. Quite inviting. But step outside and you’ll get the real story. It’s 12 degrees. Stand out there long enough without a jacket and you will get frostbite. Death eventually.

So I’ll stay in here. It’s dark, quiet and dead. But it’s warm.

Sometimes you have to choose the dark in order to survive.

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