Smells of the past

Yeah today I had a really weird smell memory. I got out of the shower and remembered the smell of after shower at soccer camp at IU. It didn’t actually smell like it, I just knew what it smelled like and what it felt like. I guess it’s not that out of the ordinary as I was thinking a bit about soccer camp earlier in the day. It took me back 11 years to a super hot and humid week filled with lots of soccer. Probably not even eating enough calories in the day to keep up with the amount we were all burning off during 8 hours of training. Hmm. Funny.

Any who, right now I’m enjoying the sounds of Coldplay, recorded earlier today at Brixton Academy in London. If I were you, I’d listen. It’s quite a treat. The concert starts at about 1:40:00 into the show. My evening has been filled with learning about first aid and safety and turf maintenance. And apparently I’ve been mowing pretty much totally right all these years. So redeeming. If any of you are interested in proper mowing technique please email me and I’d be more than happy to share with you my skillz.

Well, not that I’m that tired after chugging two cups of caffinated tea, but I believe I’ll head off to bed here and participate in some heavy duty reading. Good night folks

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