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A long time coming

So as I go through my things, deciding what to sell, what to throw out and what cherish, I believe I found something to cherish (and then recycle!).  I found this on the bottom of one of my travel bags and proves I wanted to move abroad before I spent a semester abroad in London.

Bear Lake, UT

August 24th 2003: I would have just gotten down to Arizona for my final semester at ASU.   I looked roughly something like this:

7 years doesn’t really change too much for me apparently.  I still have that shirt.

Any ways, it’s cool to find things like that.  I’ve found earlier scribblings by myself that want me to move abroad ASAP.   I will be fulfilling that dream here in 5 weeks.  Makes me think I haven’t recently become crazy.  I’ve always been crazy.

I leave you with a quote:  “I like things to happen; and if they don’t happen, I like to make them happen.”  – Winston Churchill.

Off to continue my adventure through my belongings.  Ta ta for now.

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Life changing.

Just read this article by Pico Iyer on Gadling and his love affair with Thailand.  Reminded me of how London is for myself….

“Romantic it sounds now, in the recollection. But it wasn’t a romance, because I went back to check on it six months later, and then returned again five months after that, and then took a six-month leave of absence to get thoroughly lost in Asia. I should have known, as I disappeared into Eighth Street, in search of Thai food, the pictures of the pagodas and jungles I’d seen enlarged and set on my office wall, that this was not mere flirtation. I hadn’t come back at all, and never would. The trips that change our lives are the ones where nothing specific happens, and one can remember, 27 years later, every day from September 23rd to October 23rd, 1983.”

It makes me want to keep on traveling this big blue planet a lot more once I get done with school to see what other treasured places I can find.

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#29 Outlander

Thanks Kris (my sister) for sending me this book.  I survived it, just barely.  Our book tastes don’t seem to correspond very well outside of JK Rowling and Kathy Griffin.  I enjoy boring, scientific, non-fiction.  She likes melodramatic, predictable fiction.

Outlander was alright.  I found it difficult to get into it as things seemed rushed, problems solved to quickly and easily, and predictable.  It’s a bit shocking for me to say that a 626 page book was rushed.  But yeah.  Meh.  Back to my non-fiction den for now……

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More balls

That’s right.  I said it.  More balls.  I want more balls.  Because right now I don’t have enough balls up in the air to juggle at the moment.   Actually I want the balls I do have up to be split up into tinier balls and I’ll juggle those.  That’s what I’m dealing with right now with moving to England.  I get new details or things I need to check into every second I swear.  And steps that were supposed to be easy, now require more things than I could ever imagine.  A lot of it is Piccadilly’s fault.  Thanks Piccadilly.  All I get from her is attitude.  No appreciation for what I have to do to keep her happy and with me.  It’s humbling.  Any ways, I’m just frazzled.  I’ve never thought I’d call British Airways so much in my life, but it’s happening.  I’m actually on hold right now with BA.  They play the same song on repeat over and over and over on a minute 30 second loop.  It’s the same song on BA Cargo too if you were curious.  I don’t think I can take much more of it.  BA, can’t you at least spring for like 4 or 5 crappy songs instead of the same one over and over?  If all goes to plan, I should be a plane ticket holder in the next 20 minutes or so.

That’s all.  I have a Twilight to keep me company.  It’ll get me through these rough times.  It has in the past and never failed me.  Cheers friends.

Trouble? Who me?

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Pea fest

I know you all have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for a garden update.  It’s been a few weeks

Snap peas

since you last heard about the garden it was the end of June.  The garden has kicked into high gear with all the nice weather.  Things are putting on leaves, growing higher and producing vegetables!  Our biggest producers have been the peas (which we’ve only picked 1 of so far) and our lettuce.  Both the pea and the lettuce are super good.  The lettuce made it onto our 4th of July hamburgers and one of my lunch sandwiches.  The pea was split into pieces and enjoyed by both Tera and I.

The radishes….well.  I have picked a couple of them and they have been little.  And not that great.  I’m super disappointed in the radishes.  Do I need to leave them in longer or shorter?  Anyone know?

The tomatoes are starting to recovery after all basically taking a dump after being put in the ground.  They’re starting to put some green leaves on their little stems finally.  I’d be SHOCKED if we got one tomato flower.  I’m expecting no tomatoes.  Sad story.

Big ole broccoli leaves

The best story is the triumphant return of the broccoli plants.  I thought they were all dunzo, but about 6 of the plants have made it back and look like they may flower in the next week or so.  I want some broccoli before I leave!

Onions are getting bigger, but I’ll never see an onion before I leave.  The peppers look like they are frozen in time.  Carrots?  Yeah, maybe.  Who knows.  No chance of me seeing cucumbers or a summer squash either.  So sad I have to leave my garden behind for greener pastures, but I hope someone will keep it watered and enjoy what comes of it. That’s all for now.  I will update when we get some more produce!

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#28 Linchpin

I figured out pretty quickly while reading Linchpin that I, myself, am in fact a linchpin.  I do my art.  I change the way things are done.  I keep trying new things and making my life, my work, my job that much better.

Don’t be a cog.  Be a human.

Linchpin is a good read.  If you’re looking for a spark, a reason to change your outlook on your job, read it.

I can’t believe I’m on book 28 for 2010.  That’s something I’m proud of although I still have 22 books to go in the next 5 1/2 months.  For all you kids out there:  reading is good for the soul!  I feel much more enlightened and changed this year.  I’m going to say it’s from reading my butt off.

Miss Munley, thanks for the good review of the book and motivating me to read it.  Cheers.

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