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Ok, I don’t know if you guys click or check the links for pictures, but I just linked all the pictures in my photos page. I just posted some new ones last night. It was a really good roll.

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Totem Poles

I don’t know if this is some weird thing that only children from LC know or not. I was having a discussion with my roommate yesterday about what I knew about the Northwest before coming here. I told her all I knew what that there was totem poles and dams on the rivers that fish couldn’t get through. Jill looked at me like I had earwigs crawling out of my eyes. “Totem poles? The only totem pole I’ve ever seen was in Alaska.” Well, good for you Jill. But that’s just what I remember learning about as a kid. Jill’s a native Oregonian and went to college in WA. I trust her when she says that she’s never seen one here. I haven’t seen one in the last year either. But maybe I’ll start looking now…..

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Pootie the stinky kitty

I’m pretty sure that Pootie is ripping ass tonight. And it smells pretty gross. We let him outside today for a few hours. I bet he ate something out there that’s got his little tummy all upset. I’m waiting for him to rip ass by Jill now. Stand by.

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Sickened with myself

The last few weeks I’ve been thinking about going to Africa next offseason and volunteering. No plans have been made regarding what I will do exactly. All I know is that I want to go and do something to make a difference. It’s slowly been weighing heavier on my heart. This is what I want to do.

Tonight I watched Oprah “Moms around the World” and they showed this mother in DR Congo who was raising her own children as well as her brothers. 10 children in all. From 17 to 2. And to make a living, she’s a porter. She carries things for people up and down the hill she lives on. A couple miles up and down on extremely rough roads carrying packages which may be small or may weigh 100 lbs plus. Most days she’ll make probably 25 cents. Astounding to think about here in America. It seems impossible to even walk out of your own home without spending $.25. And this woman is raising 10 children. The story was filmed a few years ago and they did an update on the woman. She has since put 4 of her 10 children through primary school. How!? She’s obviously a tremendously strong woman in mind, spirit and body. And to do anything but what she does is probably unfathomable to her. It’s the only way she knows how to provide. The only way she can survive.

I wonder if I have the same strength as she. The ability to cope with such dire circumstances. To somehow persevere through each day and knowing that the next day will be the same challenge. I don’t know the answer to that.

So more than ever, I want to go to Africa and help. I’m sick of America. No, sickened. Sickened with the lifestyle that we’re supposed to live. I don’t want to own a billion things. I don’t want to drink a coffee from Starbucks everyday and drive my suv. I want to help and live a simple life. I want to ride my bike to work and drink the tea I made at my house. Yes, I’m ranting.

Any one want to join me in Africa? I need all the help I can get.

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It’s raining men!

Ok, not raining men. Just raining regular type. It’s weird. Hasen’t really rained this much in a couple months. I shouldn’t really say it like it rained a lot. It rained hard for about 25 seconds and spit a few other times. But it was rained and it ruined me and Jill’s trip to Tam MacArthur Rim. Of course now it’s all cleared up to the North.

Any ways, I’m taking in some Legally Blonde. It’s so funny. I saw 3 great films this weekend at Bend Film Fest. The first one was Puppy, a crazy “psychological thriller” from Australia. I don’t even know how to explain the psycosis of it. Really. Saturday we saw 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama and Walking to Werner. Both really good movies for the soul. If there’s a film festival nearby and they are in it, I suggest going. It was a super experience and I am going to try to be here for it next year. Well…..if I’m in Oregon. We’ll see.

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Just so you know, myspace is pretty much lame. Facebook is soooo much better but it’s like you have to be on it just because everyone else is. So dumb. But you should look at this website the most, because it’s the prettiest.
I think I’ll be watching the rest of Return of the King tonight. Only 76 days till London town kiddies. Are you all keeping score at home?? Well, you should be.

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I like Jesus.

Just so you know, I like Jesus a lot. Not only that, I love him. He works for me and so does Catholicism. Well, to the extent I want it to.
So believe in what you want. I’ve got my beliefs. Thank you.

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Doing something bigger than myself.

I have been seriously contemplating a career in non profit work in some place in the world. Yeah, so I’ve looked into the whole MA in Global Studies thing at ASU. Definitely interested but I’m almost 2 years off from the program starting. So I’ll be looking to get a joarb in that field and see if it’s really what I want to do for the rest of my life. I think it is. I want to help people. There’s all these people suffering in third world countries that I think I can help. So yeah. That’s my plan. That is all.

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