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Wild times

This is vacation.  Sorry, holiday?  I’m supposed to be relaxed?  Not so much.  I’m completely knackered.  It’s been non stop since I arrived here in London.  Limited sleep.  There’s no way I’m complaining but it’s just an insane pace we’re keeping up.  Chelsea Flower Show was epic.  I’ve never seen so many beautiful flowers at all.  Congrats to human ingenuity and putting that show on. Really spectacular.  I’d go if I were you.

Anyways,  I’ve walked all over the city.  Today Neal and I tore up the streets.  Went to the top of Westminster Cathedral, drank at pubs and watched Leinster (Irish Rugby) beat Leicester.  Such a good match.

Tomorrow we have the Fulham match.  Should be grand.  I’m totally exhausted.  Think I’ll head to bed….  I’ll probably get a good update in here after Neal goes home as I’ll be on my own here for a few days.  Ok bye kids.

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Eve of travel

Got my bag all packed, my papers sorted and my money in the bank.  London here I come.  I’m happy the lead up to the trip has come.  Very smooth and no real hiccups at all (cept I forgot my wallet today).  This will be one heck of a trip, filled with new faces, old faces and probably some really interesting faces as well.  There’s a real magic about going to a new place and being there all alone.  You can be anyone you want to be.  You have no baggage, no history.  You’re a clean slate to people.  It’s rather exciting.  If you can, you can toss your inhibitions to the wind.  That’s what I want to do on this trip.  I’ve spent so long holding on for dear life and now I realize I can let go.  This trip has got to be that.  So here I am at 8:45 PM, packed.  I say it’s time to crack a bomber of Red Chair and toast to letting go.  Cheers guys!

I hope to check back in real soon, but I fear my interest in the city of London my sway me away from the computer.  Also, I will be blogging on my London page if I do get a chance to put a few words up.  Only makes sense to blog on the London blog while in London.

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Well there’s no place like London

Just a couple days from London.  I’ve begun gathering my things together.  I should be set by Tuesday night.  Woot.  Tera is watching Sweeny Todd right now, which is a terrific London based movie.  I was planning on watching it while I got ready for London on Wednesday morning (it’s on HBO then), but right now is good as well.

But more importantly than packing and getting ready for London, we had a folf filled weekend with a wonderful bit of icing on the cake tonight.  I threw my best 18 so far (+18) at Sisters, picked up a couple new discs and tonight Ben and I (mostly Ben) took to constructing our very own basket here at our house.  Testing it out

You can see Ben trying it out in the twighlight of a Sunday evening.  I’d like to thank Home Depot for the supplies.  It’s going to work out wonderfully.  I think eventually we may change out the top and bottom (saucers for pots) but it’ll do quite nicely until then.  We’ve got it hanging from the tree.  I’d say it’s a little bit higher and a little bit smaller than a standard basket, which I can only believe will lead us to make better shots out on the course.  It’s going to be fun to come home and jack around with throwing in the backyard.  

Well, it’s been another whirlwind weekend and I’m tired.  I thought weekends were supposed to be restful?  Guess not here.

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Calm between storms?

I was dubbing this week between trips as the calm between storms.  I don’t think it’s been any more calm than the craziness that has ensued or I am about to ensue.  Work has been a blur all week.  Grinding and grinding along (It was fertilizing AND edging week!  I like to pack it all into one week).  And here we are at Friday already.  It seems like sleep time comes upon me before I know it.  This disc golf and curbsy craze I’ve been going through has filled up my evenings.  I’m not complaining but I feel like I need a moment to catch my breath.  Apparently that will be in London as I see no rest in site before then.  

For the most part I try not show how incredibly obsessed I am with all things London.  As my customers have asked where I am going and what I’m doing, I tell them London and it’s just a fun trip.  But it’s so much more than that.  My mental state would have been shambles had I not been going to London in a couple days.  You just have no idea.  So yeah, I brush off my trip as a nice little getaway, but it’s imperative to my whole life.  I wish it weren’t so.  I wish I could be in Bend happily, but it is not so.  Today I told my co-worker that I was actually in love with the city and it was all I thought about me.  I may as well have said I was in love with magnets.  Cricket city.  Oh well.  What’s a girl to do?  Just keep hoping and praying that she can make her dreams come to life before she gets swept to the afterlife.

There are 4 days till I leave.  Guess I should get to packin.   Hope to get a good update in this weekend with some pictures.  Stay tuned my friends.  Peace love and Pineapples.

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So close

My trip to Londonland is just around the corner now.  A week from today I will be waking up after my first night’s rest back in LDN.  I can not wait for it to arrive.  My schedule is pretty packed.  Games, pubs, gardens, parks, shows and who knows what else.  Honestly it feels like I’m taking a trip home.  My whole soul feels different.  It’s so ready to experience so much life and love.  

The more I think about my feelings towards London the more I feel like I am truly special to have felt such a thing in my life.  A lot of people go their whole entire lives never able to know what it feels like to feel the passion for something running through their whole life being.  Today I got my hair cut and I was talking to another patron.  He was mentioning how when he when to Leeds Castle he thought it felt like home.  He said when he got home he did some homework and found out some people in his family had actually lived in Leeds and worked at the castle.  Amazing.  So I wonder myself if I have some deep family connection with London that I don’t even know about.   I wish I knew and could connect with that.  I guess I’m already trying to connect with it.  

Yeah, so my brain can hardly handle being able to go to London.  It makes me want to shed a tear.  Alright, well I need to push off to bed.  The alarm comes so fast.  I’m alright with it though.  It means I’m that many hours closer to Londontown.

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whack job

I’m so far out of my routine of life I am fairly certain my body is about to take me out in the alley and kick my ass.  Yeah, no sleep, no dinner and lots of running about (mega calorie burn).  I’m surprised I have been able to get out of bed in the morning and have been productive at work.  Enough of the griping.

I’m going to climb into bed in a few minutes and pass out.  I hope no one is offended by my early bedtime.  Sorry kids.  Tomorrow I will be back alive.  Cheers.

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long weekend

such a fun weekend!  and quick with lots of driving.  the sounders/galaxy game was awesome, but bummed it ended in a tie.  i had never seen so many yellow cards handed out in my life.  crazy.  and one red card.

the weather was cool.  the people were excellent.  coach’s family was really nice and fun to hang out with.  they made me a great dinner with cedar plank cooked steelhead being the featured dish.  yum.  we went out on the town to elysian brewery.  i’d had their beer a couple times and really liked it and was happy to post up in their brewery for a couple hours.

i have to go.  piccadilly won’t stop meowing at me to go to bed.  i don’t blame her.  it’s 11:13 PM and i need to be up at 5.  weeeee.  ok i’m out!

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too much

I’ve got too much on my plate at the moment for much chatting on my blog.  I’m in the midst of packing for seattle and putting away the rest of my very clean clothes.  Sorry I’ve been MIA the last week or so.  I haven’t had much time to sit down and process anything that’s happened!  This will probably keep up until June.  I’m hoping next week is a little less hectic.

On a side note, I won an epic curbsy match tonight vs. Ben.  6-5!  10-3 I think in the last match.  I was up 5 games to 2 and he came back to make it a thriller.  There wasn’t a disappointed fan (Tera, Bella and Rickey) in the house. 

Ok, I’ve got to get a bit of sleep tonight!  Must be off.  Cheers!

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I just returned from a two pint night at Deschutes.  Both the Red Chair and Bachelor are outstanding.  Get on that if you have the means.  I will mention the 1 pint night at Silver in passing.  It was a good night out with Rickey.  Good convo as usual.  Too bad that guy is not smart or funny enough for me or else we could still be together.  Sad for him, because I am a great catch!

Well I’ve got about 15 days until I leave for London.  A mere 15 days which means I am way behind on my planning for the last few days of my trip, which I haven’t procured sleeping or any other social arrangements for.  Great job, me.  I think tomorrow I will definitely get on that crap and procuring a couch to surf.  

Another great day of work today.  It was fun and easy.  I’m sad my partner is leaving me, but I think he will be back with me before I know it.  Both of us want to work with each other, but extenuating circumstances are prohibiting that at the moment.  My buddy Scottie will be with me in the end I do believe.  Or else I’m punching Team in the face and letting them know I mean business.  🙂

Ok, well I need sleep.  It’s already passed my bedtime.  Goodnight my friend.

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A long 30 hours

Just got in from the valley a few minutes ago and I am soooo wiped!  Rickey and I had a great time.  We were able to play at 3 different disc golf courses over the weekend.  It’s way different in the valley as you have to contend with thick brush, namely very pokey blackberry bushes everywhere.  My disc had a magnet in it to find the nearest blackberry plant and lodge itself deeply in its thorny bowels.  Great fun.  

The baseball game was cool.  ASU got BLOWN OUT in the 6th inning.  It was one of the slowest games ever as it seemed they had to have a conference or switch pitchers after every pitch.  We had fun though.  I even got a picture with Benny the Beaver.  
Ok, I am totally exhausted for realsies.  Not much sleep + 2394872 activities = Colleen le tired.  Night friends.

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