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#7 Wicked Plants

Wicked Plants is not so much a narrative, but more a fascinating list of plants who chemistry are in general quite toxic to humans and animals.  I learned some new stuff and I promise from this point forward I will never eat a plant out in the wild that I am not 100% sure of.  Holy smokes, there are a lot of plants out there that can kill you in just a few hours.  Amy Stewart also lists those plants which may be used for their “medicinal purposes” (ie Mary Jane).  Neat list and a quick read.  Thank goodness as I was beginning to fall behind in the multiple books I have checked out from the library.  I need to just stop going in there and checking out books or putting holds on books online.  It’s not healthy.

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#6 Three Cups of Tea

I’m pretty sure I may have been the last person to read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.  I just finished it and it was way good.  If you haven’t read it, READ IT!  Greg Mortenson is coming to Bend to speak in a couple weeks.  Luckily, Tera, Eric, Bri, myself and a couple other friends were able to get tickets to the sold out event.  I got the ticket before I even read the book, but I figured if everyone I knew was raving about it, I’d be a fan as well.  Well, I need to eat dinner and Tera is trying to draw me into some Australian Open coverage, so I best be on my way.  So many more books to read!  It’s been really enjoyable so far to spend so much time reading and learning.  Everyone should do this!  Peace friends.

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Interview: Jonathan Meares, trees and conservation manager, Hampstead Heath and Highgate Wood | Horticulture Week

Interview: Jonathan Meares, trees and conservation manager, Hampstead Heath and Highgate Wood | Horticulture Week.

Jonathan Meares may just have my dream job and this article proves it.  I thought I would share with you, you cast of thousands, on what you can do in the field of urban forestry (if you are so inclined).  For those of you who don’t know, Hampstead Heath is one of my favorite spots in the entire world.  The Heath is a huge park in the Northern part of London and is a cool mix of traditional park and forest preserve.  It is stunning.  I wish I could explain the feeling I get in my heart when I think of it, but it would be an honor to go work there everyday.  Take a look!

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#5 Bonk

Phew.   I just made it through Mary Roach’s Bonk here tonight while wearing my snuggie.  Tera was on the other couch knitting with her snuggie on.  Yeah, we know how to bring the party, people.  Let me know if we can come over later for some Wheel of Fortune and 9 o’clock news, but we’ll have to go home shortly afterwards to get a good night’s rest and I don’t like driving at night.

Any ways, Bonk was pretty good.  It got a bit dense with science talk, but was funny and interesting none the less.  I learned a lot about the science of sex and how everything really works down below.  I read Roach’s other book Stiff a couple years ago and I remember it being slightly more light hearted.  She is none the less witty and sharp in Bonk, especially in her footnotes.  Next up is a New York Times bestseller by an author who we will be see speaking in a couple weeks here in Bend.

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New Years Resolutions con’t.

Alright, I think I’ve finished my list of resolutions for the year.  Some of them concrete others a little more conceptual….  Let’s review the whole list and mark that first one done.

1.  Think of 10 resolutions by Jan 15.

2.  Travel somewhere new.

3.  Go to all the bars/pubs/taverns in Bend with Eric and have a pint by March 1st.

4.  Volunteer my time for something good.

5.  Read 50 books.

6.  Play a round of disc golf.

7.  Finish the AFI list of Top 100 movies both 1997 and 2007 list.

8. Run a half marathon.

9.  Pray more.

10.  Love more.

11. Camp in 10 different occasions.

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# 4 Eat Pray Love

I hope my blog doesn’t just become me updating my reading list.  It will probably stop real soon, but I’m completely engrossed in reading and that’s all I do outside of going out and drinking beer.  So Eat Pray Love was really good.  The thing is, sometimes it’s tempting not to read best sellers as they sometimes are meant for the mainstream and aren’t touching.  This wasn’t the case with Eat Pray Love.  As a lover of travel narratives, this one really is a wonderful example of a true travel narrative.  Funny, biting, sometimes embarrassing and always revealing about the person in the moments of travel (good and bad).  I’d recommend it to men and women alike.

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#3 Farm City

Novella Carpenter’s book Farm City: the Education of an Urban Farmer is number 3 for the year.  It was great.  Hearing the adventures of raising animals and growing veggies in the city of Oakland were inspiring.  I really want to get a little garden going here at the Volcano this next spring, even if I don’t get to reap the full benefits of the garden because of moving.  May as well give it a go.  Novella has a nice blog about her farm if you want to learn more about it.  Cheers kids.

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#2 In Defense of Food

Just finished up Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food.  Although I have been reading and watching a lot about the subject of food in America the book provided me with a new way to look at the issue.  I’m really happy I chose it.  It made it abundantly clear how we can make small changes in our choice of food and how we eat it can lead to a healthier, happier life.  Sounds good to me.   I’m now off to pick up my next book at the library.  Cheers Library!

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#1 Outliers

Well, I am off to a blazing start for my reading goal this year.  I finished my first full book of the year in just 5 or 6 hours.  I finished my other book this morning during breakfast.  Woot.  It was Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers.  Pretty good.  The book made it obvious that success is a lot of hard work and a bit of being in the right place at the right time.  It’s worth a read for sure, friends.
Next up, the newest from Michael Pollan….49 to go!

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New Years Resolutions

Well, I’ve been attempting to think up some good resolutions for 2010.  It has been a challenge to just THINK of them.  So my first resolution will be to come up with at least 10 New Years Resolutions by January 15th.  That’s 13 more days.  Let’s review what I’ve already decided on….

1.  Think of 10 resolutions by Jan 15 (good job, Colleen).

2.  Travel somewhere new.  I’m not sure what all that entails, but I think I will know when I get there.

3.  Go to all the bars/pubs/taverns in Bend with Eric and have a pint by March 1st.

4.  Volunteer my time for something good.

5.  Read 50 books this year.  This is a tall order, but accomplishable.  Look forward to tracking my progress right here on this blog.  In the 363 days to follow.

6.  Play a round of disc golf.  It’s a lot harder than it sounds.  It will be both a physical and mental challenge.

7.  Finish the AFI list of Top 100 movies both 1997 and 2007 list.  I’ve got one more movie left from 1997 (The Wild Bunch) and around 5 left from the 2007 list.

Only 3 more to add.  If you have any suggestions, let me know.  Cheers.

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