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Life in the present

Basically life is so flipping busy, I can’t keep up with documenting it. That’s a good thing. I like being busy. But I also like documenting life. So not as good. What this is good for is living in the moment. There’s not much down time to think about the future. For me, that’s probably for the best as I tend to over analyze that which has yet to take place.

So this morning I set out 5 writing tasks to complete by the end of the day. This is #4 and I don’t see the 5th getting done. It’s just too much. I’ve had enough today. I don’t know what I’m doing to myself except seeing how much pain I can put myself through. Like everything feels like it has to be pushing the limit right now. Why!? Stop it, Colleen! Am I that bored? Surely not. Surely you can find something wasteful to do with your time.

This limit pushing is going every which way (Also I want to already apologize for this crap of a post. Unfortunately it’s what’s needed): exercise, learning, work, home and fun. The stress of it all is showing itself lots of different ways. Like when I was randomly overly sensitive to noise for a 24 hour period. What is that about?  And you know you may have pushed the fun limit too far when you wake up the next day, look at the photos from your vomit coated camera and find this:



I looked at that and thought, why did I take a photo of a dead person in a skip? And then realized I didn’t take the photo. And that’s not a dead person: that’s me. Class. Luckily I was not alone and got home (mostly) unscathed. But I can’t take it easy with anything right now. That’s why when I thought about having a small whisky tonight I realized I don’t know how to pour a small whisky. A small is a 1/3 of a pint. So it would be in my best interest for me to pass on that and actually show up for work tomorrow. I know my boss would be appreciative.

Oh but also I am being super awesome with fitness:



I did my first pull ups ever this week. Two of them. See, I’m not completely ruining myself with alcohol. Somehow I’m stronger than ever despite everything. Running is held up do to a twinge of pain in my left foot. Hopefully by next weekend I’ll be back to being a running fool. This is where I do some working out during the work week. I’m too poor for a gym membership and really, I don’t need anything else besides what’s available at this outdoor gym.

In school news, I’m not failing my class. That’s alright then. Hopefully that continues until May.

Spring is on. Like no doubt. Magnolias are out. They’re out a full month earlier than last year. Not good really. I’d show you a photo of them, but all I have is a photo of some crocus and daffs from earlier this week in Kilburn.



Some of the cherries have popped, but only the early blooming ones. With a crazy wet winter and a very early spring, it’ll be a tough year for the plants I reckon. A bad year for pests in the UK. A good year for pests (meaning no pests) in the US! All these crazy shifts in weather are pretty unnerving to me. I feel like I can physically feel climate change. Any one else feel that?

So I will be off traveling to a few places in the next few months. I’m very much looking forward to my time away from London (I love you London, don’t give me that look) to see new places. I promise to make posts about those places more interesting than this one.

Ok, I am off to bed. I woke up at 5:45 this morning I really need to sort my  life out and become a lazy bum again. TTYL friends!

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