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Day of Sabbath

Ummm I am foregoing the day of rest today in order to work. This will be day 7 of work days. I am ok with it because I’ll be off for a beautiful 5 days and I get to drive excessively long distances. That is all.

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I forgot

Yeah, I updated the writings I guess. A little bit. Check it, bitches!
GO ASU! 2 week till Jill and I travel to the old alma mater!

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Do you remember mexican jumping beans? I just did. They were funny. Apparently they aren’t really beans. Just moth eggs and it’s the larva trying to eat it’s way out of the egg/shell deally. And when they move inside, the “bean” moves. Seems like a pretty creepy thing really. Why did people think “we should stick these in a little plastic container and sell them?” And they’re still selling them here.

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Can hardly move.

I’d like to say that I can’t hardly move because I just worked out really hard. But no that is not the case. I can’t move because I have a black kitty curled up sleeping on my lap. Along with my laptop. It’s a rather precarious situation.
Umm. One more day of work and then the weekend! I think we’re going to do some hiking this weekend, but who knows. Shoot. I’d like to go to Smith Rock or somewhere else cool.

Yeah, this is too difficult to type. And I’m watching this 20/20 on high school girls being mega bitches on IM, myspace and texts. It’s great.

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Oh I just put up a link to some “new” pictures. New to you because I just posted them. Old to me cause they’re from July. I don’t know why there was a delay. I have a roll of film waiting to be developed so look to see new ones up later this week as well. Pootie and I are busy relaxing on my bed tonight. We’re listening to BBC World Service. Matt made me tune in. I love it.

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So I finally finished the monumental task that was Nicholas Nickleby. I had no idea when I bought it in January that I would be reading it into September. But I persevered. I thought it was just going to be a series of stories regarding the main character Nicholas. But it ended up wrapping up nice and neatly. Fantabulous. There have been many books that I buy where I look at them and think “this book will be good for me to read.” A book which will educate and enlighten me. And then I end up not reading them. They’ve sat there on my bookshelves for years. Other books get chosen first. Any ways, I brought those unread, educational books here to Bend. And now finally I’m getting around to them. Maybe. haha Yeah, now that I’m looking into being in grad school next year I want to start reading my books that I want to pursue a career in. So my new read is “The city of To-morrow and it’s Planning” by Le Corbusier. It will prove to be fun. I’ve read “Towards A New Architecture” a few times and I love it. Any ways, that’s it. Thanks for the comments kids. I enjoy them.

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What a day

Oh work. It’s so work like. Another glorious week is almost over. And work is the least of my worries. Instead I’m stressing about grad school. Where to go, what to major in. That crap. And last night I got a genius idea to check out London School of Economics. They have an awesome program (of course) that I would be interested in pursuing. And maybe I’ll apply just to see if I can get in. It can’t hurt. I don’t know. I’m still waiting to hear from U of Wmin. And on top of that, I’m not sure if I already mentioned it, that I’m flirting with an idea of going to grad school at my alma mater. they’ve got a new degree that i’m interested in. So I’ll be down there in a few weeks. I’ll talk to some people about the degree then.

But I finished the day on a good note. I made a real dinner for myself. Steak, potatoes, corn and a salad. It was delicious and I’m still pretty full from it. Good times.

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Saturday night! Let’s get crunk

No, let’s not get crunk. I did that last weekend, much to my body’s dismay. We won’t be pulling any of those shenanigans any time soon. But I might go out for a drink. And by go out for a drink, I mean I’ll go out and not have a drink.

But on another note, I’ll be in AZ in 4 weeks for a football game. Anyone else want to come down? It’s gonna be super fun. I haven’t seen the Sun Devils play in person since 03, so it will prove to be a great time. And I am happy that I’ll get to see my friends when I’m down there too. Oh and I have this thing in the back of my mind that I kind of want to go to grad school there if my U of Westminster thing falls through. MA in Global Studies. Think of the fun job with an NGO I could get…… maybe Oxfam or something else lovely that would let me go to London permanently or travel there often. Yeah, this is new as of about 2 or 3 weeks ago. We’ll see. I’m going to try to meet with an old professor while down there so I can find out more about the program. Would that be terrible for me to be back down in the AZ? I know I hate AZ, but I always said that I would go back to school there.

So I got these super sweet shirts at and I pretty much believe everyone else should as well. If you haven’t ever been to threadless, you should check it out. All of the shirt designs have been submited by independent designers and then they are voted on by people. And the best of the best make it to print. There’s some super funny ones on there. I have a pirate one and one that says “Shakespear hates your emo poems.” So basically they’re all genius. Tonnes of epic designs. Go there now.
Ask Me How I Became A Pirate - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Shakespeare Hates Your Emo Poems - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

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