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Auf Weidersehen

Tschuss to Bend. I’ll frickin miss you. Deep in me, I have no desire to leave. I love it here. It’s fun and everything is as it should. But it won’t be next week and it won’t be fun anymore. So I have to go. Dyer will probably be lame. I’ll have fun with Kelly and everyone else that will be in the area when I”m there. But I’m over it. Done.
So farewell Bend (you know originally Bend was called Farewell Bend, but the post office decided just to make it Bend cause it would be easier). I’ll see you on the flipside, Lord willing, at the end of February. Perhaps I’ll write on the road and post some pics. Stay tuned.

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Turkey Day

I love that it’s become Turkey Day rather than Thanksgiving Day. It’s like turning Christmas into Xmas, but worse. It’s a day to remember those things in your life which you mostly take for granted. Like your family, indoor heating, warm clothes, food, water and all other basic necessities that we usually forget about here in the US. Yes, so let’s give a hip hip horray for water pipes, supermarkets and people who love us! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m heading over to my friend’s house to get some good food right now. Cheers.

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Clogged drains

I almost threw up tonight at the stench coming from our clogged shower drain. But what was pushing me over the edge was what I was pulling out of the drain: THE BIGGEST HAIR BALLS ON THE PLANET. Thanks to Jill having 3 foot hair for most of the time living here, our shower drain was overloaded. Ew. Just ew. I knew it was happening. I could see the hairs building up on two little bars just below the top of the drain. The lazy, uninterested in cleaning the drain part of me thought I could make it till I moved out. But after trying to clear it up last night, I knew it wasn’t an option. It’s all good now. The drain even made a kind of sigh when I finally got the biggest hairball of them all out of the pipe. Everyone and everything is thankful. And we’re thankful just in time for Thanksgiving.

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Where’s my ham?

Ahhhh. Another week under the belt. Another weekend closer to Londinium. Umm I just realized that I had a mistake in my links section, so I fixed it and added a link to pinkisthenewblog! Check it.
Oh and this unemployment thing is a bigger pain than originally realized. I hope it will get better. I’m sure it will. I’m just getting over excited about driving.

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Party time

Jill and I are going out partying! WOoooooO! I think much fun will be had. And I’m dunzo with work. I’ve mentioned that about 20 times now. But it’s weird. I still feel like I’ll be going to work on Monday. I guess when I start driving back to Indiana it will really kick in. I think next Sunday will be the push off date depending on weather. What I’m looking forward to most is the drive through Colorado and Utah. They’re two of my favorite states to drive around. It’s funny that I am kind of taking all the routes I took from Arizona. Yeah. Not really funny.
Did you know that I’ve only lived in states and countries whose names began in a vowel? And did you further know my name contains all 5 vowels? That’s right folks. I spend my days thinking about these things.

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New Hat

I got the best hat ever today for the winter time. I love it and it goes with my new jacket. And not to toot my own horn, but I look pretty damn cute in it. The Scottish, English and Welsh are going to be totally jealous. You can’t really tell that well, but it’s actually brown. And the little stringy guy at the top moves. You can pull it in or let it hang out like it is in the picture. FANCY. How many hats do you know of with movable parts?

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I was just sitting here, wondering what to write. And then I look around on this open window and there’s ads for Internet Dating, Sexy Dating Service Online and the like. Is this some hint to me that I should be looking? Hmm.

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Rain rain go away

Gosh, it’s been super rainy the last couple weeks. Today it rained pretty much all day, but we managed to work through it. Got all of our accounts done today for Monday and Tuesday except for one. Not that we didn’t have time. It was just a lot of work, it was raining, our truck was full, and we were both tired of working. But Thursday it’s supposed to snow. Our first snow of the season. It’s exciting. Oh, I just remembered that I have to go into work an hour early tomorrow to wash the trucks. Crap. I’m going to bed. HOLLER

Oh and although it’s raining, it’s not flooding in Bend. It’s flooding in Western Oregon. Not Central. Thanks.

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