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More Granada

Ok, so I am writing again today. I had to get more internet time to look up an address, so I may as well make the most of the hour I have on the computers here at the Hostel. So Granada is pretty amazeballs. If I could post some of my pictures to this post, I would. If you haven´t been here, try to make your way. It will be well worth it. I´m in one of the nicest hostels I´ve ever stayed at and it´s right at the foot of Alhambra. The hostel has a courtyard in the middle, which is nice to hang out in and drink wine. If you go to the 3rd floor you can look at the Alhambra. I was supposed to be in a deluxe room while here which had views of the Alhambra but for some reason they aren´t available at the moment. I think I will survive but it would have been badass.

I´ve spent the past two days walking around the Alhambra,  wandering the streets of the city and reading quite a lot.  I had a near breakdown the night I arrived. I bought a ticket to see the Alhambra at night. I made my way up early, ready to take some great night shots of the building and courtyards etc. As I sat there trying to work on the right exposure for my pictures, my battery light for my camera started blinking that it was dead. Cue me having a freakout as my extra battery was back at the hostel. What a school girl error! So I sat there waiting to go in, jealous of everyone around me snapping pictures, fiddling with their camera settings, thinking that I may have a shot or two left on my battery before it died. I got in and started taking pictures, being a bit conservative on what I shot. And slowly realized my camera gave me a false alarm. It had quite a lot of charge left in it and I was able to take pictures of everything I wanted. In fact, the battery lasted all of the next day as well. Disaster averted. I always carry an extra battery with me and this was the one time I didn´t and it was almost bad. So, kids, remember always always carry an extra battery. Especially when you´re visiting a place you´ve wanted to visit for the last 12 years.

After recovering from that episode I bought Washington Irving´s book about the Alhambra and started reading it yesterday. Cause it´s always a special thing when you can be in the place where a book is set. It makes it easier to picture where things are happening and why they are happening. It gives you a greater sense of the place you are. It has been very relaxing and enjoyable.  I would like to have someone else here with me to share some of the things I´ve seen and done. Mostly though, it´s been good to be here on my own. I have a lot to contemplate at the moment.

The nights in Granada are brisk as it´s in the Sierra Nevadas. I have missed the cool evenings that mountain life offer. I have been out late one of the nights drinking beer, eating tapas. As it´s my last night here, I think I´ll go out for a jolly night cap later on. But seeing as it was a bit colder today than it was the other two days, I may be able to break out my jeans and jacket. Cray cray, I know. Oh and if I can get a picture of the dripping pig´s legs hanging from the bars here I will. I believe the meat has been cured and is just sweating? I´m not really sure, but I´m glad they´ve taken the precaution to have little drip cups on the legs as I wouldn´t want whatever it is dripping on my head while I drink cervezas.

Tomorrow I go to see some mountainy stuff, that´s if I can find it. I was supposed to have a GPS with my car, but they informed me when I went to rent my car that they didn´t have any GPS working. I asked for a map at least and they had nothing to give me. I told them I was going to Granada but I had other places to go as well, but they didn´t seem to care in the slightest. In the end, I got a map from a gas station along the way to Granada. Unfortunately it´s not very detailed as it´s a map of Spain and Portugal. I think it´ll be ok though as I managed to get to Granada and find my hostel having no idea where I was going or where I could park the car. Getting out of Granada tomorrow may be a trickier task.

Also, good news, I can check my email after thinking it would be inaccessible sans ipod, ipad or iphone. So if you need to email me, I will be able to get it in the next couple days. I will be back in Londontown on Friday barring any major disasters here in Spain.

I don´t really know what else to report here. I´m a bit stuck in my head, thinking away to report what´s going on around me. Apologies, but do look forward to some pictures soon on the blog. I need to get some postcards out today. If you´re lucky and I have your address, you may just get one in the mail. That´s it folks. I hope you´re all well and happy. Ta ta.

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Not only are granadas my favorite fruit, but Granada is now one of my favorite cities. I´d like it a hell of a lot more too if I spoke Spanish. It´s really annoying not to speak the language!

I have one minute of internet time left. This is how I´m spending it.  Please be happy for my random thought above. Maybe I´ll write again today, but maybe I will wait until Seville. Miss you all.

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coleccion privada

I’m drinking wine from a private collection from a spanish vineyard. I bought it at the supermarket down the street from my hostel for four euro. It was one of the pricey wines. I’m totally living the highlife here on Malaga. I’m typing this on a very small tablet mounted to a wall at my hostel. I already wrote one lengthy post only for it not to save. So I’m thrilled to be writing this agaibn. II’m njoying Malaga. It’s better than I thought it would be. I’ve walked around most of the old city between yesterday and today. I quit early this afternoon as I have a bad could the and it defeated me. So i’m hoping wine and Jules Verne will heal me for tomorrow. Best get back to .

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A good suspension of regular service

The seaside

This is my 600th post. WordPress told me it was. A momentous post happening just days after my 2nd anniversary here in the UK. I celebrated on Sunday with working all day. Huzzah. But today I celebrated with some Redchurch Brewery Pale ale and By the Horns Stiff Upper Lip Pale Ale. They went down a treat. Thank goodness for all the new breweries popping up here in London and across the UK. They are producing really good, tasty, hoppy, well rounded beers just like I was used to back in Oregon. I feel that buzz here in London around beer that I felt in Oregon a couple years ago. And I can only see it gaining momentum in the years to come. Very exciting stuff.

But I have to admit, the more exciting thing for me at the moment is that I’m off to Spain in the morning. It will be nice. And it can not happen at a more opportune time. I’m feeling a bit tumult inside right now. Not bad, but just thinking a lot about what I want right now. So to step back and get out of my day to day routine will give me some perspective. Cause when you’re in it, living it everyday, it’s hard to get the blinders off and take a look at what’s really going on. I know this is all very vague, but I don’t want to start talking as if things were set in stone. Really, I don’t know what I want right now, but let’s say I’m not letting opportunities pass me by for the sake of thinking today may not be the right day. You won’t know what will happen in life unless you put yourself out there!

Ok enough vague blogging. I need to go to bed. I won’t have my computer while in Spain, so pictures and posts will likely be on hold until I get back.
But I will leave you with a beautiful image that will undoubtably let the boys know that my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. And it will be all done with the proper PPE.  The get up I was wearing was so I could go rake the algae out of the pond at work. It may have been a bit extreme PPE, but my colleagues had a good laugh. Thanks all. Talk to you soon.

Safety first kids.

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Not a bad way to spend a Saturday

The sun shone brightly on me and my friends

The sun was shining, there was a street party and a reasonable amount of booze available to drink. I can’t think of any better place to be than sitting outside in a bouffant wig and dress enjoying the sights and sounds of a Southwest London street party for a whole day.  It was super duper fun. And I managed not to be too hung over the next morning. That allowed me to play a few hours of tennis on Sunday at the club. A fast and fantastic weekend.

My bike rack doubles as a drinks holder.

Me and Stu swapping wigs. I think he pulls off the bouffant nicely for a Scot. The curly ginger doesn’t work for me though. Thoughts?

Yeah the street party was being held on the street my local is on. There were two different bands which played. One was a rocky/punk band who weren’t half bad. They were followed by a more traditional Irish band who brought the house down. People here love a good Irish song singalong. Me too except I don’t know any of the words.  Oh and that amazing bouffant wig and dress I was sporting in my last post made an appearance. I was the only one dressed up as such in the whole of the street party. I think I made a bit of a scene, but I didn’t care. It was really fun. And by the end of the night, one of my friends had gone home to bring out a few wigs and a bit of a costume as well. The dressing up was a bit of a bet to see if I would do it. Never challenge me to a dressing up contest because I will always come through.

Any ways, that’s what kind of shenanigans are happening here. I like it. Hopefully they continue well into the Autumn along with the nice weather. Doesn’t look promising on the weather front though.

So yep just a quick hi and spreading some pictures for your delight.  Have a nice week everyone.

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A night out

A night out

I think I’m ready for a night out. Piccadilly, however, is ready for a night in apparently.

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End of the summer

Remember your sunblock this summer

Wow, what a summer it’s been here in the UK. Beautiful and sunny and warm.  As you can see by this picture. And to think: we’ve a least 2 more weeks of this! Lucky us in Britain.  But no, it’s really been alright. It’s nice to garden in 60-70 degrees and slightly overcast. I smell much better after work than I did a few summers ago.

I’ve been a little quiet on here. Work has been hectic. My weekends have been busy with

Totes loving life. Obvi.

visitors, sports, trips and out with my cohorts. Basically, out living life with little desire to sit in front of my computer typing away nonsense. I have had such a great time recently though. I’m owing the improvement in life to giving up facebook and giving up trying to convince someone to live a life they don’t want to lead. No more am I living partially in the US and partially in the UK, at least mentally. And what a difference it has made in quality in life. It only took 2 years to get settled here, but it’s been worth living for this moment.

Pretty nice at Tower Bridge

So yes, I’ve seen the end of the Olympics. Amazing times. I think my favorite was attending Men’s Volleyball at Earl’s Court. The crowd was really into it and it was packed with many Russian and Brazilian fans. But the whole experience of being in the host city was unforgettable in itself. The whole city just had a different, more positive vibe to it. And for a long time I will be fearing the voice of Boris Johnson coming over the loud speaker at London Bridge telling me “This is the big one” once again.


I’m going to try and play some more tennis now that the Olympics are coming to an end (paralympics still happening).  I played doubles for about 30 minutes tonight and my partner and I battled back from 1-3 to 5-3 before we called it quits on the grass courts due to lack of light. My serving was looking good.  A bit low on mph’s but good. I hope to play more regularly now and improve my game to where I would like to be.

Besides that I’m off to Spain in a couple weeks for a little holiday. I have my hostels booked but not a lot planned for where I’m visiting. The only thing I have booked in is a two part visit to Alhambra, during the day and then again at night. I’ve been wanting to visit there for many many years, so I plan on making the most of it. Really, I just want to relax and see where the days take me. Hopefully I will meet some good people and buddy up with them to drink sangria late into the nights. I wouldn’t mind drinking sangria with a nice boy either.  So I’ll work on making that happen. It will just be nice to get away from home for a full week and explore somewhere new.

Speaking of, I went to Seaford/Sussex coast a couple weeks ago. I’d never been and it was only over an hour via train to get there. Just that little trip livened me up. It was the first time I’d been by the sea in a while. The chalk cliffs were stunning and stinging. The wind was blowing so hard that day bits of chalk were breaking off and pegging me in the legs as I

Yum, Harvey’s

walked on the top of the cliffs. Although the weather was rough when I arrived, it turned out to be a beautiful day in Sussex. And to cap it off, I managed to sneak in a couple beers in Lewes.

Yes, so all good in SW16. I see it’s quarter past nine, which is bed time for me. I hope you’re all doing well. Will try to write before I head off to Spain. Adios my friends.


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