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Lincoln Park

I’ve been getting word this morning that it is snowing in Bend.  I’m guessing my poor little garden (at least the tomatoes) is toast from the cold weather a week ago and…ummm…snow today.  Tell me there’s no global climate change happening.  Two months of summer in Bend and 10 months of crap.  I thought it was supposed to be nice and sunny there all the time?  Guess it doesn’t matter anymore since it’s no longer my home.

Me on the other hand.  I’m in steamy Lincoln Park in Chicago sitting at a cupcake place called Molly’s.  I had the Minty Mash Up cup cake and a killer cup of coffee.  Awesome.  Now I’m ready to walk around for another couple hours exploring the streets of Chicago looking to what kind of trouble I can get into.  Suggestions anyone?  Might wander into a pub for a frosty brew this afternoon since I have little else to do these days.  And I’ve got this great head cold leaving me a snotty mess.  Someone once told me beer cures all aliments.  Well, at least helps my immune system.

As the hours tick by, it seems more likely that I’ll be changing my flight on Wednesday in order to wait for my passport to arrive back to me.  It’s kind of a big deal, but then again not.  At this point in the process I shouldn’t have expected anything different since just about everything has had a wrench thrown into it.  Nothing has gone off without a hitch.  I’ve got about 4 hours to hear from the Embassy on whether they have sent my passport back before I start canceling reservations and appointments.

I leave you with this picture of me hugging Sleepy Time Bear at the Celestial Seasonings Factory in Boulder.  That should brighten your day.

I love bears

PS – I would like to thank the Starbucks cater corner from Molly’s for providing free wi-fi today and also thanking for Apple for making a computer that can actually pick up a wi-fi signal from 30 yards away in another building.  Killer.

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Just a quick note on my progress across the country. I’m in Boulder, CO for another night. Tomorrow I start my journey to Indiana, which I’m not looking forward to doing. The drive from here to Dyer is a bit less scenic than what I’ve already done.

Tera and I had a great last hurrah from Bend to Missoula. Lots of laughs and a whole lot of adventure packed into 36 hours of traveling. We went through the Wallowas and up through Idaho. Idaho blows by the way. I hate that state and its roads. Route 12 especially. I received my first crack in my windshield thanks to their super shitty “chipping” of the road. Why they need to chip a really nice paved road is beyond my understanding. I was quite fussed.

I drove through Yellowstone and Grand Tetons Saturday evening, which was great. I wish I had more time to spend in the parks, but I did at least get a taste for what they had to offer. Hopefully, if I can get a bunch of time off next year for Tera’s wedding I can do some major exploration of that area, more of Montana and back to the Wallaowas.

Jill and I will surely have a great time tonight as usual. We cracked a bottle of Mirror Mirror last night and it was totally fantastic. I had been saving it for the last year in the cellar of our basement. I have one more bottle which I will attempt to bring to England if I have some room in my suitcase.

Piccadilly is traveling pretty well. She’s been able to get out and sleep in a couple different places so far, but is managing. This is probably good for her really. She’s been great in the car too. Some meowing every once in a while, but mostly she’s been sleeping in her bed or sitting in my lap. She’s met some kitty friends including her longtime boyfriend Oscar. They kissed when they first met but they’ve been stand offish ever since. It’s young love. Of course it’s a bit fickle.

Ok, I’m going to drink a beer and get ready for shenanigans with Jill. TTYL

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#30 The Forever War

Lucky number 30.  Well, it’s a number.  I don’t actually think it’s lucky.  But it does mean I’m 60% of the way done with my goal to read 50 books in a year.  Not too bad.  Reading has slowed to a trickle as I attempt to pack up/sell/give away my belongings and deal with international relocation.  Any ways, lucky number 30: The Forever War.  It was an interesting read.  Not really something I would normally read but it won book of the year in 2008 as voted by the NY Times.  I figured the NY Times probably knows what it’s talking about.  It was a great eye witness account into the wars in Afganistan and Iraq as told by an American.  Wow.  You hear about the wars on the news and it’s talked about in broad sweeping strokes.  Then you read a book like Forever War and realize how personal it is.  I tried to imagine what it would be like to have a war in my country, in my city in my backyard while I read the book.  It’s tough to visualize.  And then to think that these people have been living it for the past 7 years (and beyond).  A whole lifetime of war.  How awful.  Any ways, I’d read it.  If any one wants my copy, it’s up for grabs!


Now back to my normal state of moving stress……….

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Gorillaz in Damascus

Gorillaz are tearing up the concert scene this year.  This show is from Syria.  Thank you NPR for streaming this!  Brings back some excellent memories from the Roundhouse show in London.  I’ve been dancing around the kitchen this evening to the concert.  Please have a listen!!!!

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