Just a quick note on my progress across the country. I’m in Boulder, CO for another night. Tomorrow I start my journey to Indiana, which I’m not looking forward to doing. The drive from here to Dyer is a bit less scenic than what I’ve already done.

Tera and I had a great last hurrah from Bend to Missoula. Lots of laughs and a whole lot of adventure packed into 36 hours of traveling. We went through the Wallowas and up through Idaho. Idaho blows by the way. I hate that state and its roads. Route 12 especially. I received my first crack in my windshield thanks to their super shitty “chipping” of the road. Why they need to chip a really nice paved road is beyond my understanding. I was quite fussed.

I drove through Yellowstone and Grand Tetons Saturday evening, which was great. I wish I had more time to spend in the parks, but I did at least get a taste for what they had to offer. Hopefully, if I can get a bunch of time off next year for Tera’s wedding I can do some major exploration of that area, more of Montana and back to the Wallaowas.

Jill and I will surely have a great time tonight as usual. We cracked a bottle of Mirror Mirror last night and it was totally fantastic. I had been saving it for the last year in the cellar of our basement. I have one more bottle which I will attempt to bring to England if I have some room in my suitcase.

Piccadilly is traveling pretty well. She’s been able to get out and sleep in a couple different places so far, but is managing. This is probably good for her really. She’s been great in the car too. Some meowing every once in a while, but mostly she’s been sleeping in her bed or sitting in my lap. She’s met some kitty friends including her longtime boyfriend Oscar. They kissed when they first met but they’ve been stand offish ever since. It’s young love. Of course it’s a bit fickle.

Ok, I’m going to drink a beer and get ready for shenanigans with Jill. TTYL

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