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oh hey

Just checking in and shouting a friendly hello.  I had another day off of work today.  This shit eating weather will never end!  Maybe by the time I leave for London it will finally start getting nice.  After looking at the forecast for the next week, nothing looks promising here.  

Despite the weather, I was able to get Rickey and I all the way up to Madras for some Mad town folf action.  It was the first time for both of us playing on the course.  It was way nice and the first time huge Ponderosas weren’t blocking my attempts to throw the disc to the basket.  No no, it was just hundreds of juniper trees.  That’s all.  Slightly lower in stature but much more girth.  I didn’t do very well, but it was fun none the less.  It might be a pitstop to make everytime I drive up to Portland from now on.  

I’m on my way out right now.  We’re going to catch Gran Torino at McMennie’s.  Everyone said I have to see it.  It better be worth me sacrificing precious sleep to see it!  I’m outtie.  Peace!

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Quick work

Got an easy day of work today as I just had the CPR/First Aid training to get done.  It was informative and brief.  I was even able to fit in 18 holes of folf with the boys tonight.  That was good.  Quickly folf is becoming my most favorite sport.   It’s environmentally friendly (take that golf), easy for anyone to play and involves walking around in trees with a beer in your hand.  So yeah, so far a good day.  And there was that part to the day where I watched about 5 episodes of UK The Office, which I haven’t watched in a while.  So all in all, a cake day.  May end up being a fine evening as well . 

Getting really pumped for this trip to London.   My schedule is awesome and I can not wait to step off the plane and be in my heart’s home city once again, loving life. 23 days left and they can’t come soon enough.  

This weekend Rickey and I are headed over to the Valley to see the Sun Devils take on the Beavers in some PAC-10 baseball action.  My brain has been itching to get out of Bend for a while and it’s finally going on this weekend.  It should be a nice little trip.  I hope we can squeeze in some valley folf (Please Rickey?).  Then next weekend we’ll be up in Seattle.  Looks like May is going to fly by as usual with all of my planned trips.  I’m not complaining!  So yup.  

Well, I’ve got to run and get some dinner in me.  My metabolism has finally caught up to my work schedule.  Seems like I can never eat enough!  Peace out my friends.

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Good news everyone:  I’m no longer suffering from food poisoning!  Yey!  I got a good rest last night and felt good today.  There were bits after eating where I felt like my stomach was turning a bit today, but it was nothing major.  We had a really successful day of sports.  Multiple games of curbsy (you’ll have to come here and see it played) and a full 18 holes of folf in Sisters.  I’m enjoying our new found sports.  We’re hoping to get a cornhole set pretty soon and then I will be officially walled up at my house for the remainder of the summer.  That’s going to be great.  

Back to the grind tomorrow kind of.  I’ve got First Aid training all day, so no landscaping for me.  Should be interesting and enjoy a good  bout of social anxiety with the CPR training.  I don’t do CPR training well.  

Ok, I’m out.  Got to watch the end of Birth of a Nation.  Peace!

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What brought you to this lowly state?No, I don’t think it was soap poisoning Ralphie.  I think in my case it was food poisoning.  There’s a reasonable chance that this is my first serious bought with food poisoning. Not a bad string for a 26 year old.  It came on this afternoon and it comes in waves.  Right now I feel OK, but I am going to head to bed.  I’m hoping the worst is now behind me.  There were only two toilet visits but that is enough for me.  

Sorry this is short! Night y’all.

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Poker? I barely know her!

I’ve decided poker makes me really uncomfortable.  I don’t like the unknown.  I don’t like trying to figure out if people are lying.  I like assuming people are being straightforward.  There’s too much deception.  And sometimes I can let the game go on for a while, unnoticed building up capital.  But for the most part I just blow it on silly hands.  Honestly I don’t really know why I want to play.  There’s just too much nervousness on my part.  The social anxiety sneaks in.   Yeah.

Well, another week of work is over.  It’s good to have the weekend here for a while.  But soon enough it’ll be Monday and I’ll be back to the grind.  The work week has been interesting.  Today was good.  BT is always good.  Certain customers make me happy.  That’s why I save them for Friday.  Then I’ll go into the weekend with a happy attitude.  

I got my membership stuff for the Royal Hort Society today.  I quickly ordered my ticket to the Flower Show which Team will be sponsoring (thanks Bill!).  It’s going to be a super day for sure.  I’ll be completely exhausted coming in that morning and heading straight for the show, but it’ll be so memorable.  Everyday I seem to think of something else fun I can do while I’m back in London town.  Today I heard a great piece about some pub in London where you can barter for beer.  I’m definitely going there.  There’s also been the smells washing over me.  Smells of being in the shops.  Smells of the tube.  Smells of Springtime in London.  Any city smell takes me immediately back.  I can’t believe the only real love I’ve felt in my life is what a city has given me.  Really I never thought it would be like this, but I’ll take it.  It’s way easier to neglect a city for a while than a real person.  Then go back to the city and spend some memorable days…….

Ok, even though this poker shit is hard on my body I’m going back to poker……

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I need to book a hostel tonight.  How do I call a Irish guy in the middle of the night?  I guess I don’t. There’s adsc00328_11 poker game going on right now, but I decided to get myself out early in the race.  I like to go big on a bluff and lose it all.  It’s fun like that.  Sometimes I feel like that’s how life it is and it’s awesome.  But usually people believe my bluff.  Not so much is that the case in poker (complete rubbish).

Oh boy.  One day until the weekend.  I’m happy to report to my bank account (not sure if it reads my blog) that I will be working almost a full 40 hours this week.  We are in the process of figuring out how I’m going to blow the little money I have right now this weekend.  There could be a camping trip to Hood River.  There could be some staying in Bend or there could be a trip over the mountains.  It’s Thursday night and we still haven’t decided.  That’s not a real good sign for plans to happen.  

Also, I’m blogging about complete nonsense tonight and am halfway still listening to what is happening in the poker game.  I’ve got to go see what’s shaking on the table…….night y’all!

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new telly time

Yey, we got a new television!telly  And it’s pretty big and AWESOME.  It was given to me by one of my clients and I think it’s going to work out quite nicely for us.  We had to do a total new set up to make it work in our living room, but I’m liking it.  Currently we’re testing out the playability of High School Musical 3 on the big screen.  Bella says she doesn’t like it.  She was holding out for HD and is disappointed she can’t watch Puppy Bowl in its true glory.  

Weather here was still nice today, a bit windy though.  The rest of the week is supposed to be much chillier.  

Oh! I almost forgot the big news of the day.  K Webb popped out a baby today after a long labor.  Well really any labor is long to me.  I haven’t yet spoken to her on the phone but I will give her a ring in the next day.  She was probably pretty tired.  This morning I woke up at 4:36 AM like straight out of the blue and got the text about a half hour that Kel had a baby girl.  I’m wondering if 4:36 (PST) was when she had the baby cause that would be weird.  

Yeah, well I’ve got to keep watching this sweet movie.  Wouldn’t want to miss a second of Troy and Gabriella singing.  Way too good.

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Dusty Day

Spent a good portion of my day with a blower on my back.  It left me completely covered head to toe in dirt.  I’m glad to have it off and glad the day is done.  It was a bit tedious as I was working by myself all day.  Working alone was nice (I know everything will be done right) but wears me down pretty fast.  I survived the full 8 hours though.  This was one of the few times this year where I have worked a full 8 hours.  I almost cut my day short, but then I thought of all the extra pints I could have in London if I pushed through till 4:30.  Good choice by me.  

Any ways, not much else happening.  Just working and enjoying the nice 80 degree weather here.  It’s crazy to lay in bed and not get cold trying to read a book.  I think I could get used to this.  Bring on Summer!  Woot.  
Yeah.  So it’s 10:20 here and I promised myself I was going to bed early.  So much for that.  I guess I’ll attempt to halfway salvage it.  Peace, friends!

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Lookin good.After 4 or 5 pints of water, I’m still thirsty from our 18 hole folf adventure in Sisters.  It was a way cool course and I will for sure be going back this summer.  Oh and now I can folf in confidence as I bought my own discs today.  Finally!  Tera’s disc tyranny is over.  So the folfing was great.  It was me, Tera, Ben and Rickey.  The weather was fantastic and I manage to offset everyone’s game by showing off my hot white thighs by jacking my shorts up as far as possible.  I think I ended up looking like a roller derby girl sans skates.  I was comfortable with it.  

I ended at +28, which is horrible.  Half way thru I realized I was going to seriously injure my left shoulder (it kept hurting more and more after each throw) if I kept side arm throwing the disc so I was forced to start throwing it right handed.  I totally lost it at that point, not that I really had it going on, but it was something.  After the folf we went to Three Creeks for  some lunch/dinner and some pool.  It was a super nice day all in all.  

Now were watching some Star Wars A New Hope:  the new version.  So best pay attention.  I don’t think these copies are going to skip and I’m very happy about it.  Night children.

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Friday rash

Epic.  If there is anything I could ask for going into the weekend, it’s a sweet rash on my body from touching plants.  Note to self:  don’t mess around in the juices of lydia broom.  rash tastic.Yeah, that picture is sideways.  Sorry I forgot to rotate and I’m on a time crunch right now.  So anyways, Bam hooked me up with some Aussie wonder ointment and it seems to be dulling my skin from burning.  My question is how did it take 5 hours for this to flair up?  Weird.  
So yeah, I’m on my way downtown.  I guess we’re going to see Gran Turino. Should be good.  There could be some ladderball and hookah as well if I get my butt in gear to Rickey’s.  
Ok, well I hope you all enjoy my rash picture.  It’s cool I know.  Have a good night!

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