Long time blogger and showing no signs of slowing up. I’ve had a web page since September of 1996, when me and my friends decided we needed to make ourselves known on the internet. I had America On-Line with a new 28.8k modem and posted animated gifs and the odd comment on my very exciting life on geocities (Times Square neighborhood!). I was 14. This was back in the day when you had to code everything yourself. I taught myself as much HTML as I could and slowly over the years my website improved. Now I leave the coding to wordpress, but I’m happy I had that basis to start from.

As the years have worn on, I’ve gotten more into writing/journaling on a regular basis as it is a major stress reliever for myself. And since I am not always such an eloquent speaker and have trouble getting my thoughts out with my voice, this is my most effective way for me to communicate with my friends, family and the odd stranger who may stumble across my blog. In 2008 I made the new year’s resolution to write everyday. The premise was straightforward and I did quite well in keeping up with it, ending up missing maybe 7 days total. My writing, although most of it incredibly unglamorous, improved and was a real source of pride for me for that year. A couple years ago I moved to wordpress and hope to be docked here for a long time.

From this on going writing exercise I hope to learn more about myself by not only writing but by being able to look back at what I have done and what I need to learn about past experiences. If you have any questions or comments, please do so as I am quite pleased to see comments in my mail inbox after I post. Thank you.

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