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I searched my name last night and this webpage came up. I find this to be dangerous and also exciting at the same time. What will random strangers learn about me now? Not that I’m overly self involved, but when you have a webpage you always are looking to generate some traffic on your website so inevitably you end up searching for yourself. So I have over the years googled my name and before nothing came up. Maybe you should do it too.

Oh this is a fun game. Google “Your name is.” You need the quotation marks. When I google “Colleen is” I get back the following just in the top hits:

Colleen is a gift.
Colleen is in my extended network.
Colleen is a finalist in the 2005 Sundance Filmmaker’s Lab
Born in the 1940s, Colleen is the town’s source of gossip.
Fresh from baby boot camp, Colleen is such a happy baby.
Colleen is a better friend than Kevin.

See. Entertaining.

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Man o man

It’s been a hectic month of debouchary for everyone here at Davenport. I haven’t had a chance to do much updating on here. It’s been a fun month though. Can’t say I’ve been this happy with life in quite a while. And things look to be getting better. I’m trying to get my winter trips booked (all two of them). Yeah. I don’t even know where to start. I guess Growler Hours. Everyone should come to one. They are a blast. If we can get more people to attend and dress up we could really rip up the neighborhood. I had a few trips up to Portland. Went to the coast and down to Crater Lake. Super awesome times. The next week I’ll be studying for my pesticide exam and then hopefully passing the test. In two weeks I’m going to the ASU v. WSU game. GO SUN DEVILS!

I’ve got about 2 months of full time work left and then I’m off for the winter. My budget for the winter is extremely low and I think I may end up eating Top Ramen for 3 months. Fun fun fun. But I’ve got the trips. I’m hoping people will be willing to buy me food while on vaycay.

My sports teams are all kicking ass. ASU is 4-0, the Colts are 2-0 and the Cubbies are a week away from getting to the play offs. I couldn’t be more excited.

Ok I just remembered I need to go grocery shopping. So I’m off. Godspeed to you all.

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