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Growth potential

It’s a great time of year. Spring has only just ticked over on the calendar. A few bulbs have come out along with some magnolias, hazels, Ribes and, ok, a load of other plants too. But there is still much to go in the growing year here in Britain. And I will give it to England. It has the most spectacular Spring out of any places I’ve lived. The rest of the seasons leaving me wanting, but Spring is great.

This year we have spread out a ridiculous amount of compost and left over apple pulp across our tiny garden. I’m surprised it was able to take all this on board to begin with a few weeks ago and further impressed at how much it has broken down since. On top of the compost I have spread wildflower seeds on top of the existing seed stock from last years annuals and perennials. I am the first one to admit the garden was pretty stinky for a day after spreading the compost and pulp. But the next day the rains came and I haven’t smelled anything since. The decomposers are hard at work across the compost, making our leftover food stuff available for plants once again. And in some cases the discarded food has sprung to life itself.


Cabbage trying to be a cabbage again

I’m always amazed when people talk about what they are growing in their garden and I create an illusion of a big, bountiful, sprawling patch in my head where they toil over the land. Then I get to see it in real life and think, “is that it?” But then I walk around and begin to notice the individual plants for what they are and what they can produce and yeah, it is pretty magical. Our garden is much the same. Yes, it does look like a heap of shit to most (including myself at points). But you have to look at the potential and know there are many things in the works, ready to come out over the next seven months to delight. Especially me.


Hops beginning to emerge amongst the eggshells, oyster shells, and apparently a bit of plastic.


Cascade hops and wildflowers begin their journey once again


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