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Blogging from the pub: new low or new high?

london boroughs like you've never seen before at Fenton

The internet at my house has been down since Saturday when I got back from Fenton House in Hampstead.  It’s a sad story as I didn’t fully realize how much I need to have the internet available to me at home.  This may have been a little bit more imperative this past week when I’ve needed to work on projects exclusively on the internet and accordingly be able to send emails regarding said topic.  So I’m a bit miffed about the situation and have received no further word on when the internet will be fixed.  I hope by the weekend at the latest as my bank account can’t take me spending every night at the pub drinking and facebooking.

I have been thinking about writing a lot lately.  So much thinking about it that I haven’t actually done any writing much to your chagrin I imagine.  Sorry.  But let’s see if I can’t turn that around soon, yeah?

I’ve got a trip to Scotland coming up with Mr. Arndt, which should be quite nice.  Although I have a bit of hesitancy about it as there has been wide spread flooding and really bad gales this weekn in Scotland.  Subsequently there have been road closures and delayed or suspended ferry crossings.  All of this would impact our ability to get around the country quite substantially. I will hope for the best.  At the least, Eric and I can buy a bottle of scotch and find ourselves a nice fire to sit in front of for the evening. Honestly that sounds fine to me. I am looking forward to a proper holiday as I haven’t had one in ages.  A holiday where I don’t have a dissertation looming over my head or any other major commitments.  I think it’s been about 14 months.  So yes, to say the least I can’t wait to go somewhere and not have to think about anything else but being on holiday and enjoying the journey.

This past week I’ve had a visit from Kelly and Jerry from Chi-town.  They came in for the day to see my pretty face. We completed a whirlwind tour of London.  Managed to sneak in a trip to Harrods and visit a couple pubs.  I think it was a successful trip.  But the kids were pretty jet lagged and had an early start the next morning, so we had an early night.  Hopefully I can convince them to visit again sometime remotely soon as I miss them dearly.  As much as you can talk to people on the phone or skype, it’s just not the same as being there in person with someone.

As earlier mentioned, I went to Fenton House on Saturday.  It was an absolutely fantastic Fall day on Saturday with warm temperatures and not a cloud in the sky. Jess and I and company went to see a map exhibit by Steven Walter there.  I saw the full map at an exhibit at the British Library last year, but this one broke the map up by boroughs which I found made it more approachable.  The intricacy of the maps is truly remarkable. You can see the map here and really see how ridiculously awesome it is.

After Fenton we wandered around Hampstead a bit and spotted a small food vendor that was keeping a steady line of

Two of us are happy with our crepes. The other two are tres boring.

people lined up for it on the High Street.  It ended up being a crepes trailer and I couldn’t say no to it, even though I don’t really have much of a sweet tooth.  I got a hazelnut chocolate crunch crepe (something like that)  and it was packed with chocolate and deliciousness.  There were loads of French people lined up to get a crepe and the crepes were being made by people who were French, so you know it was legit.  I’m looking forward to a repeat visit to thecrepe trailer in the near future.

Besides all this I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not writing or walking enough in my life.  These things I hope to address quickly.  I’ll be finishing my current job next Wednesday looking for greener pastures.  Really just pastures that interest me more than anything. My heart is not into my current occupation and I have no desire to continue in a field where I am not feeling satisfied. So I say ttyl, landscaping.  And I will crack on with the arboricultural field here in London.

Ok, I should finish my beer before it gets any warmer.  Let’s all hope for an update before I go to Scotland.  Unsure yet whether the laptop will be coming up to Scotland or not.  If it is, I will update from there as well.  Cheers all.

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