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Just got bound to Londontown

Oh boy. My plans have yet to be confirmed yet nor triple confirmed, but I do have some pretty exciting news. It involves me moving to London in 2010 and going to school. After a few days of thinking about of going back to school and completing a couple applications, I stumbled upon a program that certainly did not exist 2 years ago. But now that I’ve found it, I think I’ll be pursuing it. It’s a masters in London Studies, not to be confused with London Architecture. The kicker of it all is that it’s run as a 1 year full time program. This is through the U of Westminster again. If you remember, I was unable to attend uni before because my program was a part time program and I couldn’t get a student via that way. Seeing as I have already been accepted as a student there, I shouldn’t have a problem getting in again. The other options for grad school were in Urban Planning at either schools here in the states or in LDN. Urban Planning would have been fun. but this degree is exactly what I want and will open the door to be being able to procure a work visa come 2011. Tomorrow (err today) I will shoot and email to the uni and find out more about the sitch. I don’t want to put all my eggs into one basket but this actually totally perfect set up for me and I’m going to go full steam ahead on it. Actually I will end sending out at least one or two applications in case this doesn’t happen.

So that’s it kids. It’s 12:45 AM and I need to get up in 5 hours so I should be sleeping. Hope to write again soon. Nighty night.

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Back in BND

Phew. After a super long day of traveling, I am happy to be back in Bend. My 6 AM flight nearly killed both Brendan (he was driving) and I. Luckily we rallied in the early morning hours and got me to the airport no problem. I was able to switch flights and get in a little bit earlier than planned, but we ended up having to wait around for my luggage as it still went on my earlier flight plan. Half of my day was spent at SEATAC. They’re lucky I like that airport and didn’t mind it too much. I was able to get a lot of quality reading in. Oh well. I’m glad to be back at my computer, able to check up on everything I’ve missed out on the last couple days.

My brain has been reeling, thinking about the future and what my plans are going to be. Going down to ASU seems to do that. I can’t remember if I already typed about this yesterday or not. Either way, it’s been stressful. But I’m tossing around some ideas. Maybe go to grad school next year if I can get in and go pursue something I’ve always wanted to pursue, but never had the guts to do so. I’ll get more information on this developing story in as soon as I can. So it’s 10 and I need to go to bed so I can be ready to get in trouble tomorrow morning for not cleaning out my truck bed on Thursday. Oh well. 3 more weeks (or less) of work to go! Night kids.

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solid loss

yeah, the sun devils got stomped.  really happy i came all the way down to arizona to see them lose once again.  oh well.  at least we won a few really good games of flip cup.  and i went undefeated in corn hole (shocking).  thanks goes out to joey who was my partner in cornhole who was instrumental in our amazing winning streak. 

the game was alright.  i got to see some friends who i hadn’t seen in a while, so that’s always sweet.  and brendan managed to call everyone we knew from mcclintock hall (our dorm freshman year) and got me to talk to all of them.  it was neat. 

my flight leaves in 7 hours,  a really terrible time to be leaving on any flight.  that’s 6 AM.  yeah.  ugh.  so i’ll be back in the northwest in the next 12 hours.  i’m going to try and get on an earlier flight but there’s no guarantee.  alright.  i’ve got to watch the simpsons . peace out from arizona!

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Today I looked at my bank account and got a little nervous. A little nervous about how I will spend my winter with little money coming into my life. Then I was looking up job opportunities in NYC and somehow got to a link involving the Google Book search. And the remainder of the evening was spent looking at all the millions of books I have at my fingertips, available to read without moving an inch. Some of the books are mere previews of the entire book, but there are a lot which are the full deal. Yes, most of them are books whose copyright has ran out, but I don’t mind. I found some old issues (early 1900s) of House Beautiful and Architectural Record listed there. Although they are old magazines I find their information still pertinent today. In fact I spent hours pouring over these same magazines while in college for fun and for my capstone paper. The adverts are stupendous. Another good find was the works of John Ruskin, one of my favorite philosophers/writers/artists/architects. This is great. I can’t wait to see what else I will find in the next few months. So I hope you all check it out.

Not sure if I’ll get a chance to update tomorrow or the rest of the weekend, but you’ll all be in my thoughts. To keep yourself occupied just read a Google book

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Gonna try hard

This next year, if I tried really hard I could make it to the UK by next November. It would require me to severely whore myself out (not actually whore, but you know) to make enough money to qualify for a work visa. It’s the only thing really holding me back I see. Any suggestions on how I can up my earnings? Any amazing paying part time jobs? Would it be worth it? Do you think I would be bonus points if I worked pulling pints at a pub? That way I could get a job in the UK bar tending as well as doing whatever else I wanted to do. Hmmm. Such an interesting thought. Or perhaps it’d be better to wait another year, work some more and then try for it? Who has suggestions? I only have to make another 12-15K a year. I think it’s perfectly doable really.

Yeah, I’m tired. We’ve been staying up way too late the last few nights. I need to get some sleep so I can be semi conscious tomorrow at work. In 49 hours, my feet will be on the ground in PHX. 90 degrees and sunny. A perfect end to October. Alright, off to bed. Time to dream of London Town.

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Just got done with a massive poker tournament in which I won the whole kit and kaboodle. It was an epic matchup between Ben, Eric and I. I got bailed out twice after going all in and losing. Luckily the boys were nice enough to lend me some chips and let me back into the game. I believe the game was one on an Ace and 2 suited. Really strong win. We might be having a real game later on this week. Yeah, the one I just won was a bit of a farce. No money in and really wimpy wagers. haha. Still fun.

This Sirsdai I’m in PHX. If anyone needs me, I’ll either be at ASU, Julio’s eating tacos or at Brendan’s playing video games. Or drinking at all the aforementioned places. We’ll try to keep the weekend semi sober as I have a 6 AM flight on Sunday. Painful. Really painful.

This week of work should be fairly easy. Not too fussed about it.

Well, it’s late and I have a long day at work tomorrow. Should be off to bed. Nighty night.

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As I write this at 8:39 PM on a Friday, I will admit that my thoughts lie elsewhere but in this writing. They are more focused on going to bed fairly soon. Yes, I know it’s Friday night and I should be whooping it up, but I believe last night was enough whooping for 2 nights. Now Colleen needs her beauty sleep.

Today was an extremely long day of wage earning. My clock out time was 6:15, a couple hours past what it should have been. Especially considering there is “no justifiable” reasons for OT this time of year. October billing processes are kind of awkward and difficult to explain to an outsider. But it should be known I’m performing miracles of getting work done considering that I will be missing a few days of work during the month. It’s a scheduling nightmare in my head right now. You don’t want to be apart of it. Most of the difficult scheduling stuff is over now that I’ve finished the 2nd week of the month, but this next week will probably be tricky. I know, this is boring you.

Piccadilly just came up to me and meowed. I think that’s her subtle hint that we need to take this party to my bed. Alright kids, I will be back here soon! I will put some pictures up. Toodles.

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Middle of October

Good fun. I love the middle of October. I am pretty positive it’s my favorite month of the year. You’ve got leaves changing colors, work winding down, plenty of college football and lots of good fall and winter beer to keep you occupied. So it goes without saying that I am enjoying my month of October. And other people are getting laid off and working on their ability to stay up late. That must be nice. It’s something I am not yet experiencing.

Any who. Good news. I booked some flights today for a little trip to the East Coast and a littler trip to Chicago. I hope to be able to see as many loved ones as possible during my trip. If you need more details about the trip because I have not yet contacted you, please shoot me an email. Plans involve DC, VA, NY, IN and IL. If you’re not on that list, notify me and I’ll see what I can do to accommodate you in my awkward trip.

This weekend is looking to be the best weekend ever. We’ve got folf, corn maze, pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving, beer, dancing, poker, more beer, and probably some outlet shopping. I’m very sorry Rickey will not be attending, but there will be a nice crowd from Dport showing up for these events. I hope it to be a nice relaxing but fun filled weekend here. Next weekend I’m off to PHX so it’ll be busy. I will be shoving as many Julio’s tacos down my throat as possible while in AZ. Alright I need some shut eye! Peace out friends.

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Alternative Bowling?

Tonight we went bowling and it was running at about 60%. During Cosmic bowling, they switch on the blue lights and drop the dance music. The teens come out and enjoy a wholesome night of fun. Tonight we went, but it was disappointing. At 9 PM, the blue lights switched on and the alternative radio station stayed on. For about 45 minutes we waited for the dance music to start when Ali decided to go up and ask when the DJ was going to start or the music was going to change. The response was that they only had the radio. WTF? Cosmic bowling without cheesy dance/pop music? We got through a bunch of games and tried to dance (at least I did) to a few electronica songs that came on, but were overall disappointed and unimpressed. Where’s the manager and suggestion box when you need it?

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In the off chance that Ali checks this before she gets here in 3 1/2 hours, the surprise will be ruined. But good news everyone: I get TWO London visitors this weekend. Britt was able to get on a plane (in a plane as I type) and come on down. Britt was my roommate in London and she lives in Seattle. I’ve seen her a few times since I’ve moved here, but she’s be wayyyyy to busy to come down to Bend. I’m so stoked to have some more visitors this weekend. Woot. So lookout Bend! Look out Bend Film Fest! The W8ers are out in force. I hope this weekend I can pop in and give another update, but no promises as it will probably get crazy.

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