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keeping my cool

Seasonitis is out of control.  If there’s anything that could be worse than seasonitis it is procrastinating on the season, which only prolongs the pain.  This is something I’ve done to myself.  Should have pushed through earlier.  I’ve got work for the next couple weeks for sure.   It’ll be better once next Wednesday hits as I will no longer be mowing.  Put me out of my misery.  Any ways………

For some reason I had this revelation about learning and doing tonight while watching Botany of Desire.  It finally clicked that people who have advanced degrees are not anymore innately intelligent than most people.  They have only put forth the effort to learn and expand their knowledge.  Yeah, I guess at some level I always knew this, but it seems much clearer now.  There was this Professor in NY in the program who was working to increase the resistance to apple scab (amongst other projects I imagine) in common apple varieties.   I kept thinking to myself while they showed clips of him that I could probably do what he does with some more training.  This coupled with my recent discovery that nothing I’ve been studying this year is terribly difficult, I think I’m probably more intelligent than I give myself the self-confidence for mentally.  Does this mean I am going to run out and get a Master’s degree or PhD?  Mmmmm probably not.  But I may be more likely to do so in the future.  This of course is negating my previous acceptance into grad school which was nixed because of visa issues (Cheers immigration). That acceptance, while I would have been more than happy to do it, actually really scared the crap out of me.  I though I wouldn’t be able to get the degree done because I wasn’t smart enough.  No, kids, I was incorrect.  All it takes is initiative, interest and motivation.  There you go.

So it’s cool to learn about yourself and the limitations you put on your own being for really no apparent reason at all.  What’s even cooler to learn is that there are no limitations.  You can do whatever you like.  And as long as you try really really hard, you’ll probably succeed.  Neat.  And on that note, I shall write my proposal for my class project now.  Cheers.

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so ready

i just want to go already.  but patience is required.  so much patience.  mentally i’m already living the life i want to be living, but in reality i’m not there yet.  it’s hard to face reality.  guess i’ll continue to live in my dream land.  this week i’m hopeful to get some more info on the best course of action to get to London.  i’ve made some contact with some people.  all i can hope is that it pans out.

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4 years

Thursday I celebrated my 4 year anniversary of being in Bend.  My how time flies.  It seems like just a couple weeks ago I was sitting in Fireside telling some people we just met that I had been here for 4 weeks and they had been here for 6 years.  And 6 years seemed like an awfully long time to me.  Now I’m at 4 years and it seems as though it all keeps speeding by.  It has been another non-stop, crazy year here.   Lots of ups and downs, but things are looking really bright now.  I’m excited for the moment and for what’s next.

For some reason I woke up wide awake at 6:10 this morning.  I think it was Piccadilly rummaging around.  But it’s good.  It’s sometimes nice to have these insanely early Saturday mornings as it seems to really calm my life.  Plus I get a lot done.  My laundry is already in the washing machine and on the rinse cycle.  I’m going to  try and skype some people today so they can see how pretty I am still.  I hope get through a couple more chapters of my tree books (all of them collectively) and study some tree id.  It’s a good time learning about trees.  I hope it’s going to get me somewhere.

[picapp src=”f/6/b/9/Oregon_State_v_f801.jpg?adImageId=6491321&imageId=6700687″ width=”380″ height=”258″ /]  It would be neat if the ASU v. Stanford game was on tv.  I realized last night it’s in Stanford.  If I would have realized sooner, I probably would have gone to the game.  Alas, I am severely broke and wouldn’t be able to drive down there without going more in debt.  The view on TV is better any ways, but it would have been sweet to get a picture with that tree mascot of theirs.  Any ways, I was impressed with our play last weekend against UW (at least the last 20 seconds) and think we may have a chance against Stanford.  It would be a huge road victory for us and may give us some momentum heading into the 2nd half of the season.  Go Sun Devils!

Alright, I’m going to crack one of these tree books and start reading.  Have a good weekend everyone!

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miss you

Oh blog.  I miss your scent.  Where have you been?  Seriously, we need to get back together.  It seems as though I have fallen out of the blogosphere.  You and I are both sad.  Let’s try and work this out.

I am supposed to be working on a school assignment right now, but I’m a little stuck as one of the major components of the assignment is not working.  Bummer of a problem.  So I’m procrastinating, trying to figure out how I can better understand ordinances of urban forestry sans the power point.  Hmmm.

So just to give you all some eye candy, I post this picture.  [picapp src=”9/a/7/2/HOLLAND_V_ENGLAND_b307.JPG?adImageId=6222523&imageId=5953443″ width=”500″ height=”673″ /] David is so delicious!  Yum.  WP has a new partnership with picapp and I now have access to a bunch of professional pictures for free!  Sweet.   I’ll write more soon!

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Anyone want to work for me today?  We’ve got a lovely layer of ice on everything here in central oregon with more coming down as I write.  We decided to push work back a half an hour because neither me or my partner wanted to try to brave this yet.  Ugh. I’d rather have a snow day or a rainy day.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately.  I don’t know what my deal is.  Busy?  Possibly.  Been dedicating a couple nights a week to homework.  Oh this past weekend was Bend Film.  It was a blast as usual.  I saw 4 documentaries and one feature, although I fell asleep during the feature.  Staying up till midnight on a Friday usually doesn’t work for me.  The films I did manage to stay awake for were great.  It’s always fun to see what I will take away from the films.  The tag line for the fest is 4 days that will stick with you.  It’s no joke as some of those movies have made an indelible mark on my life.  This year I’ll be taking away the idea of getting into locally produced food (perhaps joining a CSA?), perhaps living a hippie lifestyle at some point and not to binge drink anymore.  Yup.

Well, I know this one is kind of random, but I must be off to get ready for work.  Stay cool, kids.  Bye Bye

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Snow day

Well, it’s Sunday funday, but it’s also a snow day.   And if this snow doesn’t melt itself off in the next 16 hours, I’ll be having another snow day tomorrow.  That’ll be a four day weekend for me folks.  An unintentional four day weekend.  Oh well.  I wasn’t surprised to see the snow to start falling at quarter till seven this morning, but the amount of it was pretty shocking.  I’d say we ended up with well over two inches.  We had already planned a morning breakfast at the Vic, so we trudged through the wet crappy snow.  It wasn’t really a good day to be on the road.  There was a lot of slipping from what I saw and more importantly, there were tree branches going down left and right.  With in about a 10 minute period we saw the larch trees across the street lose some branches as well as the Elm tree on our triangle.  Here at our house, we had some pretty severe limb loss on the maple next to our house.  The limbs ended up landing right on the power and cable lines into the house.  I guess the wind took some of the limbs off the line and our landlord took some of the other weight off.  Something tells me we’re not in the clear.  The forecast says more snow tonight to come.  And with the deciduous trees baring most of their leaves still, there’s bound to be more damage.  I feel pretty bad for the trees.  They are in high stress mode.

Any ways, it’s been another full week for me.  I started my class and I had a decent bit of homework to get through.  I love learning about urban forestry and arboriculture.  It’s a great fall for me for learning.

There’s not that much else going on here.  We’re staying warm inside the house today trying to keep ourselves busy with nonsense.  I just made a huge pot of chili which should feed me for the next week.  WITH CELERY!  Woot.

That’s all.  How’s the weather in your parts?

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