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Crazy Olympics

Well, I don’t know if you are aware, but we have a small sporting event happening here in London at the moment. It’s called the Olympics and it happens every 4 years. It’s pretty bad ass. There’s a large array of athletes.  Like this girl, Ai Fukuhara who has the weirdest table tennis serve in the world.

No wonder no one can beat her. I’d be totally distracted. 

I’ve been so wrapped up in everything Olympics for the last couple weeks, I haven’t sat down to let it all sink in and reflect. But here I am now. I’m waiting for the evening swimming events to start in about a half hour, so I figured I’d write a few words. So basically all of this is amaze balls. It’s a different feeling in the air now. It’s great. It’s everything I thought it’d be and more. I’ve been glued to the BBC website watching videos since Wednesday when the women’s football started.  And the opening ceremony, although starting way too late, was great and totally quirky. What was that NHS stuff about? But I liked Mary Poppins, James Bond, the Queen, Voldemort and even Dizzie Rascal. The best bit was the corgis. Especially the fat one.  

ImageLast weekend the bad weather finally broke and I happened to leave my bike at work. So on Saturday I picked up my bike and went for a tour of the city. Even the week before the olympics, there was a lot happening. I stopped first in Blackheath and then went up to Greenwich. It was extra busy as the torch relay had happened earlier in the day. The most surprising bit was the military presence everywhere I looked. The surface to ground missile post was a bit too much for me. There are 6 of these posts around east London and have been pretty controversial as one is located in a residential/housing estate site. Not really, in my opinion, a thing that says “Welcome to London.” But I guess a high level of security was to be expected at the games.  

From there I rode up the Thames Path into the city. I even managed a quick stop at Kernel Brewery to pick up a few beers. Dang, they make good beer. Speaking of good beer, I’m scheduled to go to the Great British Beer Festival in a week and a half. I will be intoxicated as Deschutes Brewery will be serving up a few of their delicious beers. Hopefully I can take some home to saver for a bit of time.

Yeah, so Olympics, olympics olympics. Tomorrow night I go to my first of five events, Women’s Epee Fencing. Neat times. And next week I’ll be off of work which I will be savoring. I haven’t had time off from work which hasn’t been mega stressful showing people around the city. Not that I am complaining about visitors in any way. It’s just  usually involves a lot of trains, seeing the usual sites when I’d rather be cycling and going to pubs. So it will be a fantastic change of pace.  

Life is good in London in the summer of 2012, that’s all I can say. Swimming is about to start, so I must be on my way. I’ll post some pictures of the olympics next weekend.  Take care everyone!


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A funny story: not really

You’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been this Summer. I dropped off the FB first. Then I dropped off wordpress. A sad state of affairs for you, my loyal readers.

It’s mostly because I’ve been doing a lot of this:

Yum Coors Light.

And then inevitably the next day doing a lot of this:

Hangovers are tres bad.

Ok, maybe not that much of that. But truly a lot of watching this:

Wow, it’s been raining a lot. And I mean a lot.

Neglecting my writing was not supposed to happen due to hangovers, rain or even honey badgers. Because none of those things have stopped me in the past. It has been the inadvertent victim during a time of transition to a new routine for me. Now that the dust is beginning to settle, I can set a time for blogging. In fact it’s going to be part of a whole new after work routine which will see me running, tennising, and enjoying life more. As much as a strictly regimented life can be.  So yes, let’s keep the faith that things will turn around here.

I’m happy to report after that last sad blog update (hello Debbie Downer!) that things have gotten better for me and said person. I won’t cut my losses just yet. I will stay the present course with my heart and head.  Huzzah. It’s part of a new

Olympics Time

routine (which may have started when I quit FB) that I will focus more on the current rather than worrying myself too much about the past or the future. Cause right now I’m living in London. A city that’s absolutely buzzing thanks to the Olympics about to commence. I worked hard for the last 7 years to get to this moment. And dammit, I’m going to live it up as much as possible! That’s why I’m taking a week off of work during the Olympics so I can enjoy it to the max.

There’s a lot happening in the city involving the Olympic build up. At least that’s what I hear and read. I wouldn’t know. I have stayed primarily south of the River for the last couple months. But this weekend (barring any torrential rain, which seems always likely this year) I will get on my bike and see what’s happening. I’ve seen some viewing screens in Woolwich and some of the buildings lit up with the Olympic rings at night from afar. From a train.  But besides that, I’ve been neglectful. And when I go to the events, I will promise to have some nice blog posts about my experiences.

Ok, I hope this appeases my readers at least for the moment.  Thanks for staying faithful. Take care and keep the faith. -CO

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