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Blogging never felt so good

25/100 Well well well.  I’ve gone ahead and decided to show my face again. Even after all these months.  You see…I’ve been quite busy with stuff.  And like I mentioned in my previous couple posts, my bloody computer is still mostly busted! I did take it to Apple to see if they could fix it, but them being super clever said “oh no, we can’t fix it. It’s too old. By the way, have you seen our new Macbook Pros downstairs?” And once I could escape their over the top Apple employee robots, I took my broken laptop and ran. The “genius” said my video card was dunzo. I didn’t really believe the guy. So a couple months later when I had a chance I hooked my computer up to a TV. And suddenly before my eyes was my computer desktop on the flat screen! So, it wasn’t my video card. It is my screen. But I digress.
So I realised the other day that it’s now July (it was still July when I thought this). And I have gone 2016 without one post and it has weighed heavily on me the last week. So with the other half out on the lash tonight, I figured I would take some time to say hello. Mostly, I have a load of photos to show you because realistically you don’t want to hear a re-cap of the last 7 months of my life. Basically it’s been the busiest, funnest, craziest, emotionally draining 7 months. Jimbo and I managed to go to Spain twice, France twice, Scotland, Bristol, Kent, County Durham, Sussex and probably some other places I can’t remember. I managed to shove in a lot of studying too. Studying and practiced yielded a UK drivers license, municipal arborist specialist certification and a graduate certificate in agroforestry.

Oh also we got engaged, moved in together and have been planning two wedding celebrations.

So yeah, phew. Now that August is here, we don’t have as much traveling to do. So we are both focused on fitness training for the upcoming vow taking ceremony. It’s only a couple of months to go now and I’m adamant I will be in the shape of my life for that day. This week will hopefully be the first week I make it to boot camp twice. I’m shooting for every other day work outs until our wedding day.  I’d settle for 2-3 days a week of weight training. Coupled with this I will try and scale back the drinking binge we seem to have been on this year, especially May, June and July. Every year about this time I typically go on a drinking hiatus. I’m not sure what it is, but it always seems like the right thing to do.

Any who, I will now go into a small photo blog, showing some of the shenanigans we’ve been involved in in 2016.


On the beach in Barcelona on a beautiful day


Sagrada Familia in Barcelona


Jambon festival in Bayonne, FR


Txotx! Pronounced “chuch” it means your glasses better be empty because it’s catch some cider out of the barrel! At a Cider house in Astigarraga with Mum.


San Sebastian, Spain.


Txotxing by myself. I’m comfortable with it.


Bristol. The cream canal boat is where we stayed that weekend.


Me and the Clifton Suspension Bridge


Wood trolley v 2.0 on Islay, SCO


Camping at Fyne Fest


Heaven: Fyne Fest Walkers Bar


I think our last drinks at Fyne Fest 2016


On the boat to Jura


Beach cow! In Islay.




Wicked hike on Islay


A day at Wimbledon Centre Court


Only Roger Federer in person!


Clapham Common Plane Avenue looking lovely on a Summers day


My hops plant with burrs.


My favorite road sign. It means I’m almost home.

I’m pretty pumped as I purchased a brand new digital camera last week. Who still buys digital cameras? I do because my phone camera sucks and it’s just not the same. My other one was due for an upgrade any ways, then it had an unfortunate accident in Scotland involving falling off a rock onto another rock. It held up for another month, long enough to get me through that trip and to come back. But then it decided to stop working, so I had to upgrade. My new one (on which the last three photos were taken) is a new Sony RX100 II.  I want some nice photos from the weddings and honeymoon, so basically I had no choice but to get one of the best compact cameras out there. So far I am pleased.

I have lots to update, but one can not do it just in one update. Hopefully with living at the same address and no more school I will have more free time as we won’t be rushing between our two separate houses in the evenings. I want to finish the year strong with posts. Hope you’re all well. I’m off to bed.

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