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T minus 5 hours

You’re in luck kids! One more post before the new year. And get excited because the new year has some big changes in store for you and me both. I can’t tell you about it yet because things are not officially finalized and I am having some major computer delays at the moment (good ones…..kinda) which are holding up the process. Any ways, tonight is going pretty well so far. I’ve got my first bomber of beer cracked. It’s Elysian the Wise ESB. I’ve never had it before, but I am enjoying it. I’m trying not to spend any money tonight and not get wasted face. It should be an easy accomplishment if I stick with the beer I already have.

So yes, I’m pretty much dressed. Just trying to finish this beer and then we’ll be cruising down to Rickey’s. Yes, the roads are FINALLY clear enough for me to bike again. It’ll be chilly but better than walking.

I’ll wish you all a very merry new years. God bless us. Everyone.

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100 Years of Posters

Back in 1908, the London Underground commissioned it’s first poster art.  Now 100 years later, the London Transport Museum has an exhibition titled “the art of the poster.”  It looks to be a pretty exciting look back at poster art.  It runs until 31 March 2009.  

I am a huge fan of poster art and can never seem to get enough.  To me it really brings everything together for me.  It’s art for the everyday citizen and tourist of London, but also gives information.  Wonderful form and function.  I’ll be attempting to get over to London before this exhibition closes, Lord willing. 

London Transport Museum: The art of a poster

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End of the Year

Well, it’s been another year for the books here for Colleen. Lots of exciting stuff happening. Excellent travels. An interesting work year. Some great friend additions. I couldn’t ask for more in my 26th year really. It’s maybe not any way I had life planned, but I’ve decided not to plan too much into the future. Rather just let life roll out in front of me. Once you let go, life becomes a breeze. You’re able to adapt easily. So I can hope to find 2009 another great year. But before we get caught up in 2009, let’s remember some sweet stuff in 2008

Favorite moments:
Digging in the sand on Kalalau Beach with Tera
Watching the sun set over Niihau Island and 20 minutes later see a full moon rise over the Na Pali coast
Getting a picture published and finally seeing it in print on my birthday
reading the power of now
Seeing Obama speak in Bend
Pole, Pedal, Pizza
Riding my bike all summer and fall
Playing cornhole with my family over the 4th of July weekend
Jumping pictures in the redwoods
Watching the Olympics
Late night hot tubbing
Becoming a CLT after much studying and testing
Eating Mucho Gusto with Tera, Eric, Ben and Whitney
Seeing the Sun Devils play twice this year
Hop Trip train
Watching Obama win the general election
Finally visiting the Jefferson Memorial
Seeing Andrea get her wings
Celebrating Thanksgiving with my brothers and our after dinner singalong
Drinking Liquid Gold with Rob until the wee hours of the morning
Shaving my head

Worst moments:
Having to come back to Bend and plow after Hawaii for a billion hours
Hurting my foot
A panic attack on the way to work
switching partners ALL THE BLOODY TIME AT WORK
Being way too drunk and tired on the 4th
My computer deciding not to work

Favorite Books:
Ghost Map by Stephen Johnson
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
Oil on the Brain by Lisa Margonelli

Favorite Albums:
Oracular Spectacular by MGMT
Vampire Weekend by Vampire Weekend
In Rainbows by Radiohead
Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Favorite Movies (not neccessarily 2008 releases):
High School Musical 3
Kicking It

Of course there were many other awesome moments and a few more bad moment, but I’d need a whole year to tell them to you. So we’ll cut it there. Please feel free to share your own memories with me. Or if I left a super cool one off the list, remind me. That would be great.

I’ll be out having a good time tomorrow, so I am not sure I’ll get to write tomorrow. If that is the case, have a great new year’s everyone. Be careful out there and have fun!

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I live in the desert

When I was in middle school we sang this song called “send down the rain” or something like that. All I can remember is the first verse
I live in the desert
Only trouble comes my way
when I try to make a living off the land
Send down the rain

something something

Any who, that really doesn’t have anything to do which well….anything. Except that I now live in the desert and it’s a pain in the butt to work in the rain. And it’s been raining a bit the last couple days. I guess it’s a welcome respite from snow. this morning I was called out to slush out a few places, which seems like it’s easy. In actuality it’s a pain in the butt because slush does not move as easily as snow and will stop you dead in your tracks when you get a big pile. So that was my morning.

I’m writing this late night and I should have already written. But Rickey totally sidetracked me with tea and beer. The nerve! But I made it back home to get a bit of writing done before I go to bed for the night. It would be a real travesty to miss one of the last days of 2008 after a really stellar writing record at the end of the year.

Alright kids, have a wonderful day/night whatever. Cheers.

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Boxing Day

We’re headed out. We’re superstars tonight. Looking hot. Both T and I are wearing dresses and heels. Rickey’s about to go home and put on a nice little tie dealy. Maybe if Rickey is nice he’ll share some picture of Tera and I looking glamorous. Must be on my way. Finish my green LTD and go down to the new (well new to me) club Seven where the Grove (our old favorite place ever) used to be. We’ll give it a go. Ok g2g

Happy Boxing Day y’all.

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Happy Christmas

I hope you all had a good day. I’m off to bed early tonight as I have to plow at 1 AM. LUCKILY I checked the forecast and it looks like no snow really in the next 36 hours. But then it’s going to be raining. It’s fun working on the whims of mother nature. Keeps you really in tune with the climate and everything going on with the environment. I guess it’s something fun to do while “unemployed.” Frankly unemployment is way more exhausting than employment.

Only 6 days till the new year. Anyone have any good new year’s resolutions? I’m thinking about making the pledge to write everyday again in 2009. No other resolutions. Maybe be nicer to people and more conscious of my ability to be really quite unkind to others. Yeah, that sounds good. Well I need sleep. Happy Christmas y’all. Cheers.

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On the eve of our Savior’s Birth

My usual Christmas Eve activity is heading off to Midnight Mass. I’m sorry to report, folks, (and Jesus) it looks like I’ll be piling snow into piles at midnight. I was called out for a bit of work this morning and was told when I got back there was a game plan for plowing tonight and tomorrow. You can imagine my enthusiasm. As soon as I left work at 7:15, the snow flakes started to fly and haven’t stopped since. There are about 3 inches as we speak (the little divot on the fence is how much has fallen today) and will probably be another inch or inch and a half by the time we go out. Joy.

So I have not made any plans for tomorrow because I’m planning on working well into the morning and having to go out again at night. We were going to have a mexican Christmas but I don’t see Tera celebrating by herself. Instead, I made a huge pot of chicken noodle soup this afternoon, so I don’t have to worry about making food for the next couple days.

Any ways, I’m signing off. I’ve got to start celebrating the holiday while I have time. I wish you all a beautiful Christmas eve and day with your family and friends. God bless.

Oh and if any of you are going to church, please put in an extra prayer for my friend and professor Stephan Hopp who passed away this weekend after a tough battle weekend with cancer. We all miss you. Bis dann…….

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The Return of the Routemaster

looking fit after all these yearsAfter being retired in 2005, the Routemaster is back.  Greener than ever.  London based design firm Foster + Partners won first prize for their redesign of the iconic London transport bus.  The new green design will have zero emissions and be wheelchair accessible.  They are scheduled to roll out in 2011.  

Foster + Partners:  Routemaster, London

BBC: Aston Martin designs Routemaster

Foster + Partners

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Good news

I forgot to mention that my computer is back and running full speed.    There was no official verdict as to what was wrong with the computer.  We ended up reinstalling OS X Leopard and there it went.  Woot.  So, as you may have noticed, I have been posting a few things.  I know not many people are out there reading this right now, but if anyone has some feedback on content, please leave me a comment. I’d really appreciate it!  Cheers.

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Christmas Eve Eve

43 hours until Christmas. The best gift I can think of to get this Christmas is two nights in a row of uninterrupted sleep. Actually, at this point I’d take just one night. I’m in full plow mode at this point, my third night in a row of getting a middle of the night call. You first got through the stage when you’re really tired and want to be a sleepy bear. Then you move into the tired where you are awake but feel like a cracked out zombie. Now I’m the tired where it only exists deep down in you, like you’re a mere shadow of your former self. The shadow stage is much more sustainable long term than either the Sleepy Bear or Zombie. This is more than likely some sort of primordial response to keep humans functioning. I’ll look more into sleep deprivation on the internets and get back to you.
Monday morning left us with about an inch of new snow on the ground and the forecasts were calling for several more inches by Tuesday morning. All of that snow must have gotten stuck in the mountains because we really never saw another flake past 3 pm. I thought for sure I was in the clear. And it wasn’t helpful that Rickey was egging the full night of sleep thought on in my head. I got the call at 2 something and only needed to do some extra clean up at one account. I would have rather had to do more because it was almost not worth rousing me from my slumber.

So I will try to get some sleep now. My brain function is failing miserably as I have been forgetting to do things, not remembering words and generally being a mess. Piccadilly is staring at me from the hallway probably quite confused about my sudden late night departures. I shall try to do my best to explain it to her from under my covers. Cheers.

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