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Well, I want to go to………….

Bagan. How rad does that place look? Seriously. And make sure you check out the Flight options. Those are the best.
And I’m now thinking about (thanks to Chris) going to Ireland or Germany or Spain for a few weeks this winter because I am already itching sooooo badly for a vacation. I know I have round the world to focus on, but I don’t think I can make it till the end of next year for a major travel experience. Just really thought about it today. We’ll see if it happens or not………
I’m beat. I actually worked outside today. With pruners and rakes and buckets. Totally wiped. I think I’m headed to bed now. At 9:34, oh yeah. Party.

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Earth Hour

This Saturday at 8 PM there’s a pretty neat event going on here on this blue planet of ours. It’s called Earth Hour and all they’re asking is for us to turn our lights off for one hour. It started last year in Sydney, AUS and this year it’s global. So visit the website and join me and millions of other people in turning off your lights.

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Held up

Another week without being back to work here. My foot is still out of commission due to some numbness that goes from my foot up to my knee and sometimes my entire leg. It’s really great. So I’m not supposed to be walking around really at all. I think I’ve managed to do that mostly.

Any who, besides that things are good. My creepy cat is staring at me from the hallway, oh wait. She’s drinking Bella’s water now. Very enthralling. We’re all kind of a bit glum here at the moment because we just finished watching Schindler’s List, a movie I haven’t seen since it came out I believe. It’s no Enchanted that’s for sure. So we’ve got that one out of the way. Now we can get a new movie from netflix! Yey! Maybe something less depressing?

Not much scheduled for this weekend. I will probably be taking it easy, resting my foot and recovering from our long string of weekend visitors. Those people wore me out but I had a wonderful time with Jean, Jill and Mary. I look forward to seeing all of them again asap. Mary just peaced out this morning and made it safely back to Chicago after a few hiccups in LAX. This weekend I’ll be devoting time to adding some more content to Everywhere if I can scrounge up some good goods. One of my pictures on there is getting favorited like crazy, so I’m hoping to maybe get it published in issue 4? Fingers crossed.

Alright, well I guess I should get working on the Mark Twain book I’ve been reading for the last 3 months. Also, if I remember, I’ll post the 2 short stories that I’ve finished this year. I keep forgetting to do that.

Ok kids, good night!

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Happy happy easter

What a super epic day! Dinner was terrific. A very good show amongst my friends here for some food. It was nice to see everyone and everyone together. I’m back to work tomorrow. Mary is here until Wednesday. We’ve been having a nice time out and about town. Jean was here on Friday night and Jill is here now. Our house is constantly having visitors and I very much enjoy it. I’m completely exhausted and ready to go to bed at this point.

Oh, and I get to eat candy again. It’s so good.

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A point of sadness

I was just thinking today how sad it’ll be when in a year and a half I’ll be going to my last free music night at McMenamin’s, thinking back on all the fond memories I’ll have had then. Tera and I both know that when this ends in a year and a half that it’ll be an end of the Bend era. Sure, I’ll probably turn up in Bend at odd times throughout my life, enjoying and savoring that which I enjoy now, but I’ll never come back here (barring an epic lottery win) to live. It’ll be a segment of my 20s which I can look back on and tell people was an unbelievable time in my life. So yeah. It’ll be sad, but I always knew this was a stepping stone in my life. On to something greater, once I figured out what that greatness was going to be. So yeah. It’s just weird. I’m about 610 days off of that day, but it’s still a short time in the scale of life and the earth. Just something to think about…………

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St. Patty’s

Am I out having fun at McMenamin’s? No, I’m laid out on the couch nursing a sore foot. I think I hurt my foot on the trailer today at work, but I’m not sure. Things just started hurting worse and worse and worse as the day wore on. I’m thinking doctor tomorrow. I’m hoping it feels better tomorrow, but things aren’t looking good. Really I can’t believe on the first day of work I hurt myself. Like really? Ugh. Well, I’m exhausted from today. I’ll try to write on here tomorrow instead of in my journal, where I have been writing the last few days. Peace.

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Well it’s been a long day……

Actually it’s been a pretty long week. I did in fact manage to squeeze in 40 hours of work this week and they were long hours in the shop, doing maintenance on the mowers. Ugh. I’m glad they are finished. Next week we’ll actually start doing the real stuff. LIke with the pine needles and the buckets. Yey. I’m exhausted though. With Ben in town for the last few weeks, we’ve been very busy entertaining him and showing him the beautiful sights of Bend. I haven’t had much time to myself to unwind and recoop from all the traveling and shenanigans. So this weekend is dedicated to recooperation and only minor shenangians.
This week I did my first geocaching! Christopher introduced me to it and we went out hunting 2 days. The first night I didn’t find anything that we were looking for, Christ found it all. Last night we went out and I found everything (4 out of 5 but actually Chris put us in the wrong place to find the 5th thing, so that’s not my fault). It’s crazy fun and I’ll be doing a lot of this summer I’m sure. It’ll be a fun thing to be involved in when traveling around the world. We can bring the travel bugs and various items all over. I can not wait.
So to be a party pooper, I’m heading off to bed. Not to sleep at 8:50 PM but to go read, something I haven’t been doing much of lately. Too busy living and working. I hope to update tomorrow. This week I’ve been writing in my journal at night. Happy weekend, kids. Spring is almost here……

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back to the grindstone

A good first day back at work for the year. I actually worked over the recommended daily allowance of 8 hours a day and survived. I made it to Deschutes in time to fully recover from any damage that may have occurred during the day. Phew. And from there, Silver Moon was there to provide back up. Tomorrow I’ll have a bit of work to do. Putting out some pesticides. Killing stuff. Moving stuff. I actually don’t think it’ll be a full day, but maybe with all the meetings I have going it will be. I’m knackered at this point. Should really be in bed but I need to shower still. So off to the shower land and then dream land. Tata!

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A day in the life of a Bender

Pretty tough day so far today……..we’ve just come in from outside, using up as much of this new evening sunlight that we’ve got in our hands now. Played a nice game of frisbee with Ben and Tera. Cruised around downtown and Mill, had some lunch/dinner and to Martini Bar for an epic Bloody Mary. The sun was shining bright all day today and I got away with wearing shorts. I can’t wait for summer. No more snow in sight.

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For Freedom

There was so much freedom last night, this small house in Bend Oregon could hardly contain it within it’s walls. I’d like to thank all those who enjoyed freedom with us last night. AND our special guest, Freedom Dolphin, was a tremendous hit. People were completely floored by it’s grandeur. Look for freedom dolphin pictures coming to a website near you soon.

Today we’re supposed to be heading up to Smith Rock for an afternoon of eating and hiking. And tonight we might be going to some film fest but I don’t know if I will go or not. We’ll see. Um, so Rob & Big is on telly right now, so I think I will pay attention because that show is amazing. Toodles.

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