A point of sadness

I was just thinking today how sad it’ll be when in a year and a half I’ll be going to my last free music night at McMenamin’s, thinking back on all the fond memories I’ll have had then. Tera and I both know that when this ends in a year and a half that it’ll be an end of the Bend era. Sure, I’ll probably turn up in Bend at odd times throughout my life, enjoying and savoring that which I enjoy now, but I’ll never come back here (barring an epic lottery win) to live. It’ll be a segment of my 20s which I can look back on and tell people was an unbelievable time in my life. So yeah. It’ll be sad, but I always knew this was a stepping stone in my life. On to something greater, once I figured out what that greatness was going to be. So yeah. It’s just weird. I’m about 610 days off of that day, but it’s still a short time in the scale of life and the earth. Just something to think about…………

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