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wake up. it’s the first of the month


Madrid Cathedral colors

I’ve woken up with aches all over. Legs, back and bum creaking. I reached for my phone to see it was 7:23. I’ve slept for nearly 10 hours. I should probably get out of bed before any more aches appear, the bad ones. The aches I’m experience are the good ones. It means I’ve done something with my body. They’ve come from a good workout and a long run with a backpack yesterday. It’s rare these days to spend a weekend sober, but I think this may be the 2nd or possibly the 3rd of 2020. I’ve done my best so far to stick to my new years resolution to tone down my drinking. This weekend it’s helped Jimbo is away and my bank account is empty. But I was still tempted to go out last night thinking it may do me good to see people. In reality though, my introvert mind needed another quiet night and I am happy to have had it this morning. Part of the working through things for me is having my hands occupied with a task (be it scrubbing, weeding, sorting or folding), so let me tell you, dear reader, our house is very, very clean outside of the floor due to some planned messy activities this afternoon.

I’ve slowly been thinning down from the start of the year. It’s a funny thing to be toning up again cause I spent most of the end of last year thinking I was just putting on weight because I was getting older and it was inevitable. Turns out that’s not the case. I was just not working out and consuming all the beer and cider calories possible. It’s amazing what one will convince themselves of. I’ve been reading this book Why We Sleep the last couple weeks and it’s terrified me of not getting 8 hours of sleep a night for fear of heart disease and dementia. It may be the case those late night sessions may have been contributing to weight gain as well. Kids, I recommend more sleep and that book.

The year has been filled with much travel planning and a wee bit of travelling. We were in Madrid and Toledo a couple weeks ago with brother Robby, SIL Korie and kids. It was a fun weekend with the fam, but I think in hindsight I would have preferred to meet up elsewhere than Madrid. We need to remember we struggle enjoying other European capital cities and prefer the countryside or smaller cities for our holidays. I’m not sure what it is, but we always end up feeling bleh about them.


Ice cream decisions

We have been in full planning mode for our big Trans-siberian adventure which is now less than 5 weeks away. It’s been a bit tedious at points thanks to trains not running on certain days and the visa applications. How come no one told me how ridiculous the Russian visa application is? Details needed include any professional memberships you have. Yes, I am a member of the International Society of Arboriculture. I am a threat. I may judge the risk of your street trees and think about a management plan of your park woodlands. You’ve been warned.

With any luck the Russians will be satisfied with their data harvesting and I will pick up my passport on Friday with a visa in it. My first proper visa since Kenya in 2011 (tekkers had one in 2015 in Zambia, but you applied at passport control, so it’s not as thrilling). That’s way too long between visas and I intend to ensure this is addressed going forward. Any ways, we look forward to going to a truly foreign land where we can’t read the language for the first time in our lives (cept for Tina who can). I am expecting rash decisions, boredom, madness, tiredness, hangovers, clarity, joy and sadness. It shall be a trip like none other I’ve taken and need to break up our quite tame visits to Europe and US.

I leave you today with this photo I call cat on a Sunday morning. I want to work on sharpening my photography skills a bit before Russia, so this was the best of the few shots I took of her this morning. Have a good March, folks.


Cat on a Sunday morning



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