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Kicking my ass

It’s been a quick month since I last posted! It’s been pretty must full of homework and working out in my free time. Little time for too much else faffing. Today though I’m taking off to lie around, watch Olympics, catch up and maybe even see my friends for a drink in the evening. Imagine! There is no complaining though. It’s been good for me to refocus on good, productive things for myself.

And hot damn, I am feeling good physically. Training for the Rat Race Weekend is really ramping up and I hope to survive uninjured until May 11th (race is on May 10). We’ve signed ourselves up for the 20 mile course, so it’s going to be a long day of exercise when it comes to it. Tomorrow I’m doing a 13 mile run. The weather is supposed to be half decent and it’ll be a good break from my homework. I thought I was pretty fit before, but nearly everyday some part of my body is sore from a work out. It’s really good to be pushing myself and has lead to some good work place competition (my team is my co-workers) and judging. Like judging people when I see my co-workers/teammates eating to many hot cross buns. Although really I have no room to talk with my Percy pig addiction. Any ways, I’ve been busting out the squats, crunches and push ups like cray. I was never really into squats, but damn do they kick your ass and tighten up everything. I will try to keep them up for the rest of my life if I can.

My plan after the Rat Race is to sign myself up for a marathon in the Fall. I’m thinking about doing one in Oregon, but I shall see how the finances play out and if I can afford a trip over there later in the year.

School is cool. And as expected it has me thinking about what is next. Definitely more tree stuff. Yes, there is no doubt about that. But where to do tree stuff? I think I want to move back to Oregon sometime soonish. Whatever soonish is. It could be in 6 months or it could be in 2 years. I’ll keep you in the loop.

Besides all that, I’ve just been watching it rain. Don’t know if you’ve heard, but it’s been pretty wet here. It’s not the rain bothering me. It’s the wind. I have had enough. In the right of the photo below you can see our back fence is damaged. After another round of storms last night, the fence is in much worse condition.

Le sigh. More rain.

Le sigh. More rain.

Any ways, that’s the update from London. I am still going to do that W8 5PN update. Probably next weekend when the weather will hopefully start to get more tolerable.

Hope you’re all well. Keep in touch, y’all.

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