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Holy cow. Could there be more Harry Potter stuff going on? Well, I guess now it’s beginning to die down now that the fifth movie and the last book have been released. It’s quite exciting. I’m sure a few of you participated in the madness. I made myself go out to B&N on Friday night and check out the crowds. I even spent an hour and half waiting to get INTO Barnes & Noble. Not to buy a book. Just to get inside. But it was a very festive atmosphere and how could I miss out on going to the last book release. I happened to venture into Borders the night of the book 5 release, made sure to be there for book 6 and of course book 7 as well. I’m sad that it’s all going to be kind of over soon. My Bloomsbury edition Deathly Hallows should arrive anywhere from this Friday to Tuesday. I’m still plugging away at my re-read of Half Blood Prince. I’m about half way through.

Any who, things are going well in Bend. Just working my butt off, trying to put a little extra cash in my pocket. I need to start saving up for the winter and for any up coming trips I may want to take. There are plans for a weekend trip to PHX. Of course there’s the trip to NYC planned and to Hawaii in the winter months. Yey Hawaii.

I think I may have mentioned it in the last post, but there’s pictures from the kid’s visit in the photos section. I hope to keep this page updated and interesting.

Oh and the picture above is of the bike I may be getting. I’ll be putting chrome fenders on it as well. And maybe a basket? And streamers? And a flag? And spoke noise makers? And baseball cards? Take care kids.

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Sleepy time

Wow, I can’t remember the last time I slept so much in one weekend. I never nap and this weekend was naptastic. I didn’t even really get up until 6 PM tonight. And I’m still really tired. I napped on Saturday too. I hope I’m not getting dreadfully sick or anything. So far, I feel alright.

Yeah, can you believe it? I actually am updating my webpage 2 times in less than a week? Yes. It’s kind of been Harry Potter crazy here the last few days. I rallied and finished Order of the Phoenix so I could go see the movie this weekend. I wasn’t really overly impressed with it. I think the screenplay lacked a real heart and feeling. It was very rushed. People that didn’t read the book would have been lost a few times. Eh. I am kind of mad that David Yates will be directing the next one as well. I would hope they would have switched it up again. I don’t know. I’m going to see it again when Tera gets home and maybe I’ll have a different feeling for it then. I’ve moved on to Half Blood Prince today. I hope to get mostly through it before the last book comes out. We had a dog eat my copy of HBP so I will have to wait for my new copy to arrive to finish it. The dog ate about the last 25 pages of the book. And even though I ordered my books on the british I will probably still go to Barnes and Noble on Friday to see the shenanigans of everyone waiting for the book. I have done it the last 2 books and wouldn’t miss the last one.

Mary is coming in Friday night too. Yey Mary. Should be fun. She’ll be here all weekend. We’ll probably go to Silver Moon and get shit faced. Meet some guys. Make out with them. You know, the normal mother daughter stuff. JK. I’m just excited that she’ll take me out to eat at all my favorite restaurants. And maybe we’ll go hiking somewhere. Don’t know. I don’t have any big plans for the visit.

Well, I posted the rest of my pictures from Matt and Amanda being here. Check them out. I put up some links for them in the photo section.

Ok kids. Hope you all are doing well. Peace

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No writing time

The problem is that I haven’t made writing a priority like I have in the past. And so this page has suffered. I get off work and it seems like it’s drinking time. When that happens, everything else goes to crap. Sadly. I see that I have suffered. I haven’t been exercising as much. My depression has gotten worse. But I hit a low a few weeks back and have been recovering. Getting into a bit more exercise. Doing things that are positive. Keeping in better touch with friends. It all makes a difference. So I hope now that I’m in a better spot mentally that I may begin to communicate with others and within myself better and more effectively.

I got punted from Uni. Well, not really punted, but kind of. They informed me that I could not go on a part time visa, which seems strange since they accepted me under the circumstance that I would be going part time. Now they’re like ummm no. Suddenly being denied like that definitely took a toll on my mental stability, but I’m in a more postive space. I kind of have started over from zero, evaluating what the next step will be.

Does any one even come here anymore? I think probably not. Even so, I will put up links to some new pictures that I posted in the last couple weeks.

My kitty, who I got about a month ago, has run away from home. She’s been gone since Saturday. Hmmm. I’m unsure whether she’ll ever return and I’m pretty sad. She was a very cute kitty even though she had stumpy legs. I’ll just keep the backdoor open and hope she’ll wander in to get food one of these nights. I wish she had a GPS tracker on her. That’d be sweet, but alas she does not. So I’ll sit and wonder.

The weather has been very warm here. Mid 90s and beyond. But the lack of humidity thing is quite nice.

Matthew and Amandar were here last week for a visit! Very special. I had a great time with them in town. They are the first friends to come and visit me so I had an enjoyable time showing them around. We pretty much rode bikes the whole time. There was a trip to the Redwoods/Coast as well which was really the highlight of the week. I wish we could have stayed longer, but I had to get back to work. We were able to get some spectacular shots of the Redwoods and of the California coast. The day we got there the sky was clear of clouds, 70s and just perfect. The next day (after some very heavy drinking and fun at the camp site) we awoke to some heavy fog. It was actually perfect because we put the fog to use in our photography. I find the Redwoods to be more magical in the fog with just a bit of sunlight shining through. I will get some pictures up from that week. Oh and one of the best moments was “Naked girl on rock.” There was a naked girl posing on a rock on the beach not too far from me and Amandar while there. We were a bit freaked out but it was funny. Matt was disappointed he missed it. He had wandered further down the beach.

Well, I would like to maybe work on some writing projects I’ve been thinking about. I shall get started on that. Oh and if any one wants to come visit please let me know! I’ll even mow my lawn for you. Just kidding. I mow it when no one is visiting. Actually I just mowed it tonight and it looks quite nice. Ok kids! Cheers and smooches!

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