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Dancing for New Years

So a dream came true this weekend. A dream I did not even know I had. Friday night I drove up to Forest Grove to see Dr. Theopolis perform at Grand Lodge with Jill. We saw Dr. T last year at our company Halloween party and loved them. It was my greatest night of dancing ever. Jill and I were looking for a repeat performance of that night. Let me tell you, we took the dance floor and never looked back. We had another excellent night of dancing. And our performance was recognized by the band. We are now joining them on New Years night as their official dancers. Yes. It’s true. So we’ll be dressing up, dancing it up and probably drinking it up as well. We’re very excited and are planning on working on some specific moves for the night. So if you are looking for some place to go to on New Years, I’m going to highly reccommend Kennedy School in Portland. It’s going to be the bombier than ever.

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I forgot to mention in the last post that the first paragraph was completely a farse. Piccadilly is a wonderful cat who doesn’t have any bowel issues nor does she have any hair balls. She does eat the most expensive food on the planet but that’s hardly her doing. Dilly also does not chew up stuff. Just her designated toys. Really a great cat besides her social anxiety issues, which I completely understand and sympathize with.

Um. Just livin life. Bend Film fest is this weekend and I plan on attending quite a few films. I am so stoked! And Wednesday my co worker and I are folfing and then dancing at McMenamin’s. It should be a good week. Actually the next few weeks should be good. Got a lot of stuff planned for the weekends but I’ll write about that stuff when it comes up.

Thank you for the comments KEMOR. I appreciate it.

Off to bed I go. I’m a tired bear.

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Kitty for sale

I’m so done with my cat. She’s out of control and is tearing up everything! And she’s peeing, pooping and barfing on my bed daily. It’s gross. Even though the humane society doesn’t like it when you adopt an animal and give it away, I’m doing it. Piccadilly is out of here…………

JUST KIDDING!!! I love Dilly. She’s making great social strides. Right now she’s laying at the entry to the hallway, falling alseep. Bella is sleeping on the couch. They are starting to get a little more friendly with each other. When I first got Piccadilly she didn’t even want to come out from underneath my bed. Now she usually sleeping on my bed when come in or she jumps up to say hi pretty shortly after entering. I think this winter will be nice when I’ll be able to spend some time with the kitty and dog together during the day and perhaps they can get some bonding time in. At least get to a point where they can be in the same room and not go after each other.

Things are good here. My first week of fall clean ups is going pretty well. I like spending time cleaning up beds and pruning shrubbery. Makes things sparkle. I know it’ll get bad when the leaves really start dropping, but until then I’ll be enjoying my time to breathe at my accounts. Oh and they gave me a NEW one this week. Great. Thanks. And it’s on my heaviest day, the day I wish I had more time to devote to each account. I already shove about 11 hours worth of work into about 7 1/2 hours each week and I have another 1/2 hour of work to do now. I wish I was making more money for it, but it’s just my company who sees that.

Any who, I’m trying to make it up to the ASU v. WSU game this weekend. My friend Matt (a coug) and I (a sun devil) are planning on going together, but he might have to back out. I guess I would end up watching the game on Telly, but I would much rather be there. There’s still hope.

I’ve got some busy weeks ahead of me. Bend Film Fest is next weekend. I’ve got a concert, another football game and some other stuff planned. Should be an exciting October. Alright I should go do something else. My lack of sleep the last two weeks is catching up to me at the moment. Let me know you kids are out there if you read this!! Cheers.

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