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Fun run

If you ever want to know what it feels like to completely exhaust your leg muscles, I recommend jumping into a ridiculous running routine. So ridiculous that 12 days after starting up running after a year hiatus you decided to run for 2 hours. It worked for me! Ughhhhhhhhhh. This is a new level of dead legs for me. I’ve set a new running record in the process as well. The previous record was and hour and a few minutes. No more. The 2 hour run ended up being about 10 3/4 miles, which I find to be pretty good considering everything. I’m so excited to see how my legs feel tomorrow! And yes I did ride my bike to work today too (something I hadn’t done in my hour long run 10 days ago). I’m in definite need of replenishing sleep immediately. Part of me wishes there was a reason behind this madness like I was training for something. And the other part of me thinks it’s badass that I pretty much got up and ran 2 hours for fun.

Sooooo yeah, I think I’ll head off to bed now. Maybe drink a little water. Oh and my skin reached a new level of saltiness. It’s suprising deer weren’t seeking me out towards the end of the run. No worries. I’m all cleaned now. What’s the longest everyone else has run? Let me know in the comments section. TTYL friends.

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Back to the homestead

I’ve returned from a nice weekend in Portland. I completed my test Friday…..I hope fairly successfully. My only major trouble spot was the plant list, which consisted mostly with the few plants I was shakey on. Really perfect. So I don’t want to think about it. I’m not looking up the ones I missed because it’s just going to make me angry. So I’ll wait and hear the results. Then sign up for the test in Warshington. At least I’m done with it and I feel pretty good about myself and my competence in the landscaping field. Not that I ever really had a doubt……

Any who, the other part of the weekend was cool. The Brewers fest was a hit. Tons of people out enjoying the brews. I had a few, but cut the night of fun short as I had been up since 5 for the test and was completely wiped. Highlights were the Cascade Brewery, Goose Island and Urban Works for me.

The rest of weekend I bummed around Portland for a bit and then I went up to Jill’s cabin. It was way sweet and I’m glad she finally invited me to hang out there. I’d definitely hit it up again with her. It’s just to the West of Mount Hood out in the middle of the forest. It was a great house and was right by a super nice little stream as well.

Now I’m back in Bend, very much looking forward to a week where I don’t feel pressured to do any studying! It should be a nice week. I’m going to try and run for 2 hours tomorrow so I should go get some rest. I’ll attempt to get some pictures up here this week. Have a good week everyone.

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I’m getting in another post this week, although this one will be short as well. My sad face up above is because I have a raging headache and am finding it difficult to want to study with my head pounding. Instead, I will engorge myself with Cooking Mama, attempt to learn a few more plants and then head to bed. T minus 2 hours to go…….

I’m going to be so happy to be done with this CLT test stuff on Friday afternoon. The next few weekends should be a blast and I’m very much looking forward to them all. Starting with this one. Any time I get to sample 90 something beers sounds like a good time to me. Well I won’t try all of them. Just a few. My interest lie in trying some of the smaller Portland breweries. I will probably be tooling around with some brewer friends so I’ll just see what they go for and follow accordingly (unless it’s Lagunitas IPA).
Well, the creepy cooking mama is calling my name so I best adhere to what she says. Hope you all have a fun weekend. Cheers

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no stress here!

just up still, learning about the different kind of laurels. a bush that i’m not that familiar with. amongst countless other broadleaf evergreens that i haven’t much of a clue on. luckily, the rest of the plants i’m pretty darn solid on, so i’ll be ok i think. the test is 55 hours away. and i’m very very nervous. tonight i’ll spend my sleep thinking about landscaping. it’ll be the same the next night. i’ll make it through alright. because on the other side of that all day test, i have the oregon brewers fest. yey!

so if you don’t hear from me until sunday, you know why. i’ll try my hardest to say hello after my test on friday. ok good night, friends.

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Fun times at Davenport High

Having some people over. Enjoying the night. Thought I should probably post before the clock struck midnight. So here it is. The day was good. Got up early to see Get Smart with Tera and Chris. It was a pretty nice movie. The rest of the day we kind of bummed around town. Shopping at Costco, hanging out with peeps. And here we are. Here we are. I don’t really know what to post tonight. This is a pretty lame day as far as events go. I should probably attend to my guests. Ta ta. I hope to post something meaningful tomorrow after I get my study on.

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KG and the D-list

Kathy Griffin is basically a comic genius. If I were a comedianne, I’d want to be her. She’s totally outrageous and pisses people off, but it’s cool. We’re tuning into her show right now.

Man, what a long day. 7 AM – 6 PM. Sometimes I fear for the youth as some of the children I have met at work are completely useless and unmotivated. Like, I can’t even fathom doing what these kids do. Today my helper just stood there. A lot of the time. I was thinking on my first day of work ever John said to sweep the whole place (it was raining that day way back in August of 1999). I swept for 5 hours. I didn’t take a break. Just 5 full hours of sweeping. Well, this kid couldn’t go more than 15 minutes without stopping and taking a break. So needless I couldn’t wait for the day to end. UGH!!!!!! I hope tomorrow is better.

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A fun trip to the Vet

If you ever want a really embarrassing experience, take Piccadilly to the vet and have her meow her face off from within her travel box. Everyone stares at you and wonders what kind of monster is in the box. My favorite part about taking Piccadilly to the vet is how adorable the vet thinks she is and how Dilly just sits there on the counter. Like wtf, Dilly? Why is she so good? Ugh.

So that was my afternoon. 30 minutes and 3 shots later, we were home. Piccadilly was mad as a hornet and didn’t come out from under the bed until I forced her to a few hours later. A couple of bonito flakes and she was back to normal.

I’m in the midst of booking our campsite for the Redwoods. I’m sooooo stoked to be going back to the woods for the weekend. I’d like to thank Everywhere for buying my picture and allowing me to go down there again with my friends. It’s going to be a blast. Nothing’s better than Redwoods and Great White beer. Yey. Alright, I’m going to head off to get ready for bedsies. Tonight I’m not going to be up late!!!!!!!

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Entry for July 14, 2008 aka Matt’s Birthday

Happy Birthday to Matthew today. We spoke earlier on the phone and he asked to get a shout out on my blog post for today. Consider it done, Matthew. Hope 25 is a good year for you. And I hope you find the above picture as embarrassing for you as it is me.

Any who, here I am up at 10:18 PM drinking a cup of Tips. Why? Well because Ms. Anderson was unable to procure a ride home from the airport tonight at 11:30. So who does it? Me. It’s ok as I’ll be deducting $75 from my rent next month for my services (not including tax and fuel surcharge). Consider this your invoice, Tera. So I have another 50 minutes to burn until I leave. I was going to sort through my bills and put them in the proper folders, but I don’t think I’ll have enough time now. Maybe I can get through some of it. I haven’t sorted since March, so I am overdue.

Pictures! Yes pictures have been posted. They are presented slightly different from how they were in the past. Apple has changed their whole online deal for mac customers. Now it’s easier and prettier to publish things to the web, which I am very pleased with. It pretty much solves all of my issues I was going to have during the around the world trip regarding picture posting. Sweet. So here’s the link to Helen’s Baptism. There’s a bunch of different ways you can look at the pictures. All of them are also available for download in full size. Oh, and there’s videos on there too, but I’m not sure if they open. They should. Enjoy.

Alright, I still have some other duties to attend to here before I send off. Cheers kids!

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Wowwie, I just returned from a fantastic evening of wholesome fun at Bend Summer Fest. Included were the same booths that are at every festival in Bend, a beer area featuring Deschutes beer and the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies (all the way from Eugene). Good times. I hung out with Chris for the evening and then ditched him to go to Townies for a bit. It was a good evening and the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies (aka CPD) were actually quite good and energetic. I’d suggest seeing them if I were you. Even if you’re not into swing dancing and wearing Zoot Suits.

I’m getting all bent out of shape because the year is beginning to fill up with engagements and I feel as though I have no time to plan anything else. There are a few trips I want to take but don’t know if I’ll get to them. The most important one being a trip to the Redwoods, which I’ve done every year since 2005. I’m going to try to squeeze it into a weekend in 3 weeks. We’ll see how it goes…….

Any who, tomorrow will be filled with going over plants and relaxing. I’ll attempt again to put some pictures up on the website. Perhaps this time I shall succeed……

PS – I have no idea why I titled this america. Maybe because I have American flags all over my shorts.

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For serious, I think my computer is keeping me from posting pictures on the internet ever again. Errors through .mac. Errors on facebook. Pretty soon my online identity will disappear. So yes kids. I DID actually try to post some pictures on here but apparently I can’t as you can see by the above error message.

So any who. I’ve had an extremely lively evening. The highlight included taking in our bottle collection which hasn’t been turned in since March. The only reason I know it was March was because of the Magic Hat bottles at the very bottom of the container. Those only could have been consumed not too long after my venture to the East coast. Perhaps we should look into returning our bottles more frequently than every 4 months. There still remains one bin filled to the brim. It needs to be taken to a different store. I just realized that non-Oregonians don’t know what I’m talking about. So there’s a $.05 deposit on some beverage containers. You can turn them in for recycling at any of the grocery stores. The only catch is the grocery stores only take the bottles which they sell. So sometimes when we have fancy pants beer, the bottles can’t be returned at Safeway. We have to go to Ray’s or back to Newport where we bought them. It’s all very silly. I did score $7.90 today with at least another $1.50 on the way. Do that math on that……….

Well, not much else to say. Piccadilly is giving me the “you better come to bed soon” look. I guess I’ll go read and let her step all over me. Cheers friends. Perhaps this weekend the internet will be more willing for picture posting.

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