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Hi. Is anyone reading this? Or am simply updating this for my own amusement? Well, maybe shout me a holler and let me know. Bella and I are having a very busy night. We watched the opening ceremonies to the US Open and then watched Venus and Serena play their matches. Good times. Bella keeps staring at me I’m guessing because she wants me to play with her. I’m very busy though. No time for games. The reason I’ve been busy is because I’ve been writing. Yes. Believe it. I have an updated Writings section. Kind of describing the state I’m in now. Just like the last one I posted a year and a half ago. I really hope to get more inspired with the writing. Get back on track, you know? There are several places I do my writing and things have been picking up at pretty much all of them in the last month. It leads to a better Colleen. Otherwise the thoughts get garbled in my head and I become stressed.
Ok, I’m very tired and I would like to retire to bed early tonight to get some reading in before it’s too late. Check out that writings section! Oh, and I hope this week to post some pictures. They have been loaded onto the computer but need to be sorted. Stay safe and happy children! Peace.

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Bend Brew Fest was this weekend! Had a great time. Hung out with the co-worker homies. T-dawg was in MT. Too bad for her, because she really missed out on a good time. I think this year’s was better than last years. I didn’t puke, which I consider a good success, although I didn’t feel all that great by the end on Saturday night. Chris and I went and got some food and things got better. The brew fest closed with this sweet band called Upground and I danced my pants off for a good half hour. It’s been a while since I did some dancing. They’re playing today again and I may go down there even though it’s rainy and cold out.
Not much else to report. I really do want to get some writing done today. I have been a Professional Writing Neglector the last few months and I don’t like it. So today. Right now. I’ll get crackin. Yes. Ok, well I hope all of you had a terrific weekend. Peace.

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Back for an update. It’s been a couple weeks. I’ve been on a good drinking binge and have done little else. But not a sad and depressive drinking binge. A good one where I don’t get drunk and I just have fun with my mates. Any who, the new cruiser is working out quite wonderfully. Just been tooling around town with Tera. She got a cruiser two weekends ago so we’ve been having fun.

I’m going to try and start producing some photography stuff. Maybe even show it somewhere. I am going to call the owner of the brewery I go to pretty much all the time and see if I can show my photography there. Right now they have some major shite up and I know my stuff is better. At least some of it. I’ll keep you updated on that. It’s pretty exciting. I’ve gone through my pictures and chosen the ones that are tops. I have yet to get any printed yet to show, but I did order one print for my bedroom and I also got a pretty cheap frame. If I like how it turns out and the color and clarity are good, I’ll probably get some more printed. It’s a bit expensive to get the bigger prints framed, but I hope I will be able to sell some and make a little profit. Perhaps to pay for a trip to Hawaii?

Alright. I don’t have much else. Went for a run tonight. For a whole darn hour. It felt good to exhaust myself for the first time in a while. Good times. I hope to keep it up. Alright must be off. I think my dinner is burning. Cheers.

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