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2020 and beyond


What a strange time and place the last 5 years have been. All has changed so quickly, it’s been hard for my tiny brain to keep up. New beginnings galore and I’ve just been trying to find some normalcy in it all. After many heart to hearts with people over the last few months I feel like I’m finally able to attempt to do that in 2020.

I’m the first to admit I drank way too much in 2019. Not to the point people should be concerned (at least I don’t think so), but it was a lot none the less. I think it was the only way to find a comfortable place mentally for all that was going on in life. Part of that was just being in the pub where I feel the most like myself and is nearly always a good time. We are not really home drinkers unless we have people over or we’re on our way out. The last couple months it’s been weighing a heavier burden on me and I do believe I’ve turned a tide in regards to drinking. We’ll see how 2020 pans out though. If anything stops me it’ll be the desire to shed some lbs so my clothes continue to fit. But in seriousness,  I have some other ways to cope with stresses and problems than going to the pub. In fact it involves spending less time with people and more time by myself so I can reflect more on life. It also means being more open and honest with friends and family rather than keeping it all inside. I’m so thankful for the conversations I’ve had with friends and family recently as it’s revealed plenty about myself in the course and what action I need to take to make things better.

Listen this stuff isn’t rocket science, but it’s sometimes tough to do the things you know will make you feel good about life and love. It’s a lot easier to scroll through twitter or watch something on Netflix. Or, in my case, go to the pub and scroll through twitter.

I haven’t really set any new years resolutions this year. I just want to make more time for myself in whatever fashion that may come about. Cats are allowed in my alone time as long as they don’t cause too much of a fuss and they don’t mind going for runs in the common.

This may mean more senseless writing on this blog or it might not. I am not sure how this year will go. I do hope to do a lot more writing in April on our trip across Russia. I reckon I’ll have a few spare moments to write down thoughts while staring out at birch tree after birch tree on a three day train journey.

I hope you all have a happy and healthy 2020. Let’s meet up for a drink soon, but not too many.


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