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Eric is an A$$hole.

Well, this or may not be a true post statement.  I’ll leave it to you to decide.  I’m way too many Black Butte Porters deep to give you a definitive answer really.  All I want to do at this point is leave the country  and never come back.  It’s a hard decision, but not really. I don’t want to be stuck in this country forever.  There is too much to see.  And knowing that London is my true home, I don’t even know why I sitting here typing this in Bend, Oregon.  Fuck Bend.  Fuck their good beer.  All it does is seduce me to stay for its good libations.  That’s stupid.  

I just want to go to Seychelles.  Can someone donate $1000 to the cause so I can get a ticket to there?  I will be able to figure the rest from there.  Escapism.  It’s a wonderful thing.  Nothing like feeling completely uncomfortable in your own country.  It’s not hard at all.  It’s not frustrating at all.  Not completely mind numbingly stupid.  

Ok.  Bye.

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The new East End

Whether you like it or not, the 2012 Olympics are changing the face of East London.  Stratford is experiencing, for some, long awaited renewal.  Others think oppositely.  This bustling immigrant community is getting a make over and gentrification.  New tube stations, infrastructure, planning, homes, bars and restaurants.  The NY Times has highlighted the changes in a small article about Stratford.  Check it out.  Also, if you want to get the latest info or see pictures on the developing Olympic park, check out the BBC News link.

Makeover for the East End of London, Spurred by 2012 Olympics  – NY Times

2012 Olympic Games  – BBC News

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The Future of Architecture

“The land is the simplest form of architecture.
Building upon the land is as natural to man as to other animals, birds or insects.  Insofar as he was more than an animal his buildings became what we call architecture.
 In ancient times his limitations served to keep his buildings architecture.  Splendid examples:  Mayan, Egyptian, Greek, Byzantine, Persian, Gothic, Indian, Chinese, Japanese.
Looking back at these what, then, is architecture?
It is man and more.
It is man in possession of his earth.  It is the only true record of him where his possession of Earth is concerned.  
While he was true to earth his architecture was creative.   
The time comes when he is no longer inspired by the nature of earth.  His pagan philosophy is breaking down, owing to changing social conditions, to new science, new facilities, easy riches.  The social world begins to turn upside down.  Science takes the place of art.  Things serve man better than thought. ”


Just a little excerpt from Frank Lloyd Wright’s book The Future of Architecture, a book I’ve begun to read tonight.  I believe I read a chunk of this book in my freshman Intro to Design class, but I have been interested in reading the whole thing since then (along with a lot of other partially read books from college).  I am not a huge fan of his buildings, but I like Wright’sMr. Wright philosophy and thought process behind his designs.  Some thoughtful words by FLW up above, don’t you think?  Even if you aren’t that familiar with architecture, you can’t help but understand the truth the man was speaking.  The best thing about this is he wrote this in 1937, just at the beginning of the Modernist movement in architecture.  Quite the foresight in my opinion.  If Mr. Wright could see the crap being built today…….oh boy. 

I’m going to get back to reading.  I’ve been in a good reading mood this afternoon.  Better carry on with it……

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Rickey is fat

After watching Biggest Loser, we’ve determined that Rickey and Bella are morbidly obese.  Both of them would be perfect candidates for the show.  Perhaps they should go on the couples show?  Yeah, I didn’t want to say anything, but it has been embarrassing to be around both of them for quite a while now.  I figured with all the fat comments I make about them constantly that they would have gotten the picture.  Neither have picked up on it.  So right now is my formal declaration that they would both benefit from going on the Biggest Loser.  I’m sorry to have to tell both of you this way, but it’s the only way I can communicate to you both.   Best of luck to you.

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The Wrestler

I had a hot date tonight with the Rickey to see “The Wrestler.”  Really, nothing says great date movie more than watching a broken down old wrestler dealing with substance abuse, crippling injuries and lack of any positive relationship in his life.  Really sweet.  I’m just kidding.  I really wanted to see it and I was not disappointed by Mickey Rourke’s performance.  I’ll be suprised if he doesn’t snag the Oscar (although I have yet to see Sean Penn in Milk yet).  It was the best male performance I’ve seen.  Marisa Tomei was super good as well.  I think her nipple rings really brought her acting abilities to a new level.  

The day flew by today as I had to plow last night.  I stayed up all night and crashed when I got home.  The sleep was a little sup par this morning, so I will be resigning to bed here in a few minutes.  My brain and body is exhausted, although not as much as Randy “The Ram.”  Cheers.

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In the Heat of the Morning


"They call me Mr. Tibbs."

"They call me Mr. Tibbs."

This morning I got up bright and early (as I pretty much have everyday for the last week) and finished watching the #75 movie of All Time.  It was the 1967 Oscar Winner for best Picture “In the Heat of the Night.”  It was super good, not really what I was expecting.  That’s really true of most of the movies on this top 100 list adventure.  It’s shockingly way better than I thought it would be and I get way more into the story than I thought (except for Nashville…dullsville USA).  The movie felt particularly poignant during this election week of Mr. Obama.  Still it’s amazing to think how far things have come in just 40 years.  The amount of discrimination and prejudice Sidney Poitier’s character encounters in small town Alabama is overwhelming for me, someone not born in a time (or place) where that’s prevalent.  It’s sad that anyone ever had to live through such situations.  The way Poitier’s character handles it though is remarkable and you know the strength he is showing comes from Poitier’s own life where he was breaking boundaries and setting new precedent for African Americans in film.  So all of you kids who are “not into old movies” you should get over yourselves and watch this one.  That’s all I ask.  Wonderful acting, wonderful screenplay, great music (some guy named Quincy Jones did the music) and well directed.  Cheers.

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Just another day in the life

Yeah, I don’t know.  Seriously, it’s really slow news here.  I am just living on the couch.  This morning was rather interesting with Tera, but that’s neither here nor there.  Once all that nonsense stopped at 6 AM something, it was a quiet day.  Really nothing.  Just hanging out here.  Oh wait.  I did shine up the fridge.  That was sweet.  We watched Zodiac.  And Miss America (Miss Indiana).  That’s it.  I hope tomorrow brings something much more exciting to my life.  But more than likely, not so much.

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Hmm yeah….I wish I had something to report.  Like that I left the house to do something cool.  It is not the case however.  I had a very busy morning catching up on some Doctor Who, which has been put to the wayside the last few month or so.  I’m so mad about it because I keep missing the really important end of the season episodes somehow.  So I don’t know why Rose is in a parallel universe and it’s super annoying.  And a few other things as well, which I can not remember off the top of my head. 

Any who, we’ve got a hot girl’s night planned for this evening.  We’re going to see Revolutionary Road, which we’ve been dying to see for the last month.  Finally tonight it’s arrived in Bend.  We even Fandango’d our tickets.  Yeah, we’re that serious about it.  There may be a party to attend tonight, but I’m not sure I’m all that interested in it.  We’ll see.  

Alright, well I’m going to watch some tennis now and get ready for the big night out to the east side.  TTYL.

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Just sayin…….

Dreaming is fun

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Movie day!

That’s right folks.  Today was movie day.  Last night I made a valiant attempt to watch Soylent Green, but didn’t even make it through the opening credits.  I fell right asleep.  This morning I got up and watched it straight away.  I already knew the ending, so I was just waiting for it to present itself.  It was pretty good.  There was a break mid-day for a cleaning of my closet.  It was a big enough clean to result in a full garbage bag of clothing for Goodwill.  Woot.  My closet looks simply amazing.  There was a t-shirt count (short sleeved only) which revealed 63 t-shirts on my shelf.  Too many?  Perhaps, but all are worn quite regularly, so I couldn’t get rid of any more at the moment. 

This afternoon I watched Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966; One of the Top 100 AFI films).  Really good.  I forgot it was a Mike Nichols film.  After seeing that, I could immediately tell it was one of his films.  It reminded me a lot of Closer (2004).  Both have very strong, raw emotional dialogue  and only a cast of four.  The films were also adopted from the stage as well.  
Tonight we’re scheduled to watch another movie as well.  It has yet to be decided on what will be watched.  Not a bad day.  If you need me, I’ll be on the couch.   Cheers.

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