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goodbye d-port

this is my last and final post from davenport.  well, that is unless i come over here in the next couple days to use the internets (we won’t have any for a few days at the new place).  so nevermind.  i’ll probably be back again, but i won’t be sleeping here anymore.  neither is piccadilly.  she’s a total mess right now with the move.  currently i have her locked in tera’s room as she keeps trying to escape my room.  there’s no beds for her to hide under here!  tera’s closet is the safest place.  it’s dark, quiet and lots of things to hide behind.  

rickey and emmy are doing a terrific job moving everything.  i’m helping when i can, but my shoulder is feeling pretty weak at the moment so i’ll be done for the rest of the night. 

any ways, scratch that last posting notice, but i will be at my new house now if you need me.  st helens woot!

peace out.

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Goodbye Michael

mjI am so distraught over Michael Jackson’s death.  It’s kind of strange as I can’t say I care for his newer music and I wasn’t going to see him in concert in London this summer, so there was no immediate affect of it.  But there is something still tragic about it.  A iconic figure of my music taste (and millions of other people) has passed.  No more will be able to see his weirdly covered face.  He was fairly young all things considered, but you have to wonder if the fame and pressure in that roll really in the end took him down.  I would never wish for the life he had to live in the public’s judgmental eye.  Who knows, if I were in his patent leather shoes maybe I would end up the same way he did.  It’s hard to judge on the outside after all there is so little we really know.

But I’m sad.  Really sad.  I’m having a good music tribute night to him playing the hits from the Jackson 5 and solo.  I was thinking about how my niece Nini and I used to build forts in her living room in Indy when we were kids.  Without a doubt you could count on Jackson 5’s greatest hits album being played over and over while we built the fort and played in it for hours.  I love that memory.  

If anyone wants to talk about it, call me tomorrow as I’m going to bed now.  

MJ- from Region Rat to Region Rat, I’ll miss you and may you rest in peace.  I’m lucky to have so much incredible music to remember your life.  Few things make me happier than dancing to your music.  Cheers.

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oh hello

I’m not sure if you all remember me, but I’m Colleen, the owner of this here blog.  Yeah, I’ve been away for a little bit, but I’m back today.  It’s been “hectic.” By hectic I mean I have been watching a lot of tennis when I get home from work and pretending to do a little bit of packing here and there.  I’m recovering from a crappy visit to the doctor’s office yesterday and has been having super achey body the last two days, sucking the life out of me.  Woo I have a bone spur.  Next up is a MRI to figure out what’s wrong with the muscles and tendons.  Yeah, I’m stoked on it all pretty hard core.  

Oh and the move.  Well…’s progressing.  There’s more ready to go than there was 2 days ago.  Let’s leave it at that.  It doesn’t help that I can’t lift my arm up very high without pain and I can’t lift anything heavy.  I hope to maybe accomplish a little bit tonight and some more tomorrow with the help of Rickey.  

The brewer’s games were amazing.  Mayhem.   I’d say that’s the best word for it.  There were a lot of injuries and a lot of drunkenness.  Luckily for me I really kept my act together all weekend.  My favorite moments include jumping into the ocean, Tim slamming open a door at 3 AM in the house, and Intern doing a beer bong from a safety cone.  What else could anyone want?Way to go Peter  It was a great weekend and I’m happy I got invited to join in on the fun.  I look forward to next years festivities.  Maybe I could compete in something?  Seriously, I really want to do that keg toss and show the ladies that we can hold our own.  The best women’s throw on the day was 14′.  The best men’s throw was 37′.  Whatevs.

Ok, well I’m in the middle of studying for this landscaping test and watching tennis.  I’ll guess I’ll return to it.  If anyone has any suggestions on why I’m suddenly experiencing severe muscle ache, let me know.  Until then I’ll keep thinking I have mono.  Cheers.

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kickin it old skool

a quick note, my old blog at geocities/yahoo! should be popping up on this here blog really soon.  i’m not exactly sure how it works out but more than likely it’ll be fairly seemless.  i heart wordpress as they are kind enough to let me move my blog over before it is lost forever!  geocities and yahoo 360 is shutting down, y’all!

i know you’re all going to go back and read the archives now.  actually, it all probably quite embarrassing.  but if you’re like me, you love being embarrassed by yourself.  

ok, good night!

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coming weeks

holy shite.  we’re all going to be running around like we’ve got our heads cut off around here for a couple weeks.  we’ve got a new house to move into!  woot.  it’s nothing to write home about on the outside, but the inside is pretty nice.  hardwood floors.  big common areas and plenty of storage.  it’s way close to downtown.  that sounds funny as it’s probably about 19 blocks from where we are currently.  not very far.  bend is not anything to get fussed about for size for sure.  we’ll be just across the other side of the river.  i haven’t started packing.  the shoulder injury has been a great excuse to delay it all.  i’m thinking next monday i will get started on it.  it’s too much for me to think about right now.  we’ve got the summer brewer games coming up this weekend in pacific city, so i have to focus my attention on that.  priorities people!  i’m super sad not to be able to participate in the keg toss.  i hope next year i’ll be in top form and be able to win the event like i had planned.  

so for dinner i’m going to attempt to make a grilled cheese…..sorry girl cheese.  i am reasonably certain i have never successfully executed the girl cheese.  i’m 27 and have never made one.  what did i do in college?  oh right, pasta and pizza.  i’m betting that it’s not too different from making a great quesadilla, so wish me the best of luck.

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3rd pint of death

No. I wasn’t considering the pint of death at Deschutes, but sometimes it happens.  It didn’t happen tonight.pint  The two pints was enough.  I’m trying to figure out what it is about drinking at the pub.  I could easily have 4 bottles of Deschutes beer and be good, but two pints (20 oz) will do me in right quick.  And the 3rd…..well that just leads to a hangover for me.  I’m thinking the oxygen level in the pub is lower.  There’s got to be some outside affect there.  

Had a good day.  At work we blew a pop can out of our blower.  And made a poop out of some clay and stuck it in a co-workers truck.  The shoulder felt pretty good as well, until I rode my bike to the brew pub.  It got a bit fussed, but a couple pints helped make it happy. 

Any ways, I wanted to make a small announcement about my writing.  After a year and a half of hard writing everyday, I’m quitting.  I’m tired of doing it everyday.  It’s become more of a chore than anything.  And as of late I feel like I’ve been too busy living life to suck my minutes away with writing nonsense, where ever it may be.  Don’t get me wrong, I will still be writing very very regularly.  I just don’t want the stigma behind it that has recently developed.  So don’t fret friends.  I’m just giving up on the chore of it all.  It might actually lead to more meaningful posts.  Who knows?  

Any who, it’s bed time.  Must be off.  Night friends.

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No work today, son

Took the day off today after the shoulder decided to go crazy last night.  I think it was a good move as my shoulder needed some rest and relaxation.  It felt a bit better today, but still wants to go on vacay.  

The news from PT Eric is that I need to give the shoulder 6-8 weeks to  heal.  Um I don’t know if he realizes that the next 6-8 weeks is the summer.  And that is when I wanted to folf, camp, hike and do fun things.  So we’ll take it easy and see what comes of it all.  PT Eric is optimistic but he doesn’t know the extent of my crazy shoulders.  Ugh.

But tomorrow, back to work!  And by work I mean “work” since I can’t lift anything for ages so I’ll be pruning and supervising.  Sorry Erin.  

If you haven’t yet noticed, I posted a load of my London pictures on FB.  I would like to eventually (possibly this weekend as I won’t be doing anything) put up all the pictures and bore you all with tons of close up pictures of flowers.  

Ok back to making dinner and watching MST3000! Peace.

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arm holiday?

I’m going to blame the swelling on my current shoulder situation.  Actually the lack there of, because it seems as though my arm has decided to try and leave on holiday.  I think the swelling has finally gone down enough to where the mayhem of what’s really going on can start to come out.  For some reason, I don’t think it’s normal to feel as though your arm is going to fall off if you let it rest relaxed by your side.  But mine does.  Hence I’m leaning heavily on the table as i type this, trying to keep my arm propped up while I concentrate on typing.  I’m not working tomorrow and heading straight for PT,but I do believe they will send me to the Dr’s straight away, cause this is too weird.  I’m not sure what to do.  

Any ways, the weather has been crazy pants here.  It hailed yesterday.  2 inches.  Am I repeating myself?  I may be.  Sorry.  Tonight it rained.  And speaking of rain, I’m watching Trouble the Water, the documenary about Hurricane Katrina right now.  It’s really quite good and I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to finish it as I need to go to bed.  I can’t sit here anymore.  My shoulder can’t take it.  

Good night!

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all alone

as i sit here past my bedtime, i’m thinking about all the weird things i do while i’ve got to the house to myself for extended periods (like now).  all the lights are out, i’ve got kanye blaring through my speakers and i may end up sleeping on the couch.  i don’t get any of that really, but that’s me.  i become a mysterious person by myself, hence i never want to live alone because i’d end up getting noise complaints from the cops and bad eyes way too early.  

i wish i didn’t have to work tomorrow.  i can’t remember if i mentioned on here that i hurt my shoulder disc golfing yesterday (sunday).  like dislocation fun.  luckily, it popped right back in and it felt ok after a while, but today it was in terrible shape.  so i did work but not very hard.  no heavy lifting, no mowing and no edging.  basically, not a landscaper.  so i shall make a call to the dr. and get an opinion on what i should do since the state of my shoulders seems to be degenerating.  woot.  not. 

well, i’ve got laundry to do and some sleeping i should get to.  tomorrow is taco stand tuesday.  see you there.  cheers kids.

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