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Week 2

So I’m done with my 2nd week of work and 2nd week of living on the Westside. Still ba da ba ba baaaaa lovin it. Our new roommate moved in 2 days ago and she’s hecka tight. I think the 3 of us girls are going to tear apart the town this summer.

Um. Happy Friday. No meat today kids!!

Oh and Bella bit my frickin hand today. She’s a big jerk face. I can’t completely blame her cause she was trying to get a ball from my hand. But then she lunged and took my right hand into her mouth. I couldn’t pull my hand out because she would clamp down harder and pull. And on top of this, I was talking to Wells Fargo on the phone. I couldn’t yell and scream. So I just tried awkwardly to politely kick her in the neck*. Then I grabbed her upper snout and pryed my hand out. It was a deep bite. Very close to breaking the skin. Had she broken the skin, bella would have been skinned and her pelt would already been hanging on our living room wall.

Any who, I am going to get to some tetris going on my computer. Hey, it’s a crazy Friday night! Who knows what’s going to happen next!!!!

*No Bellas were harmed in the posting of this entry.

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Oh dear

YES YES YES!! I’m here in Central Oregon as you all know. Life is good. I ride my bike everywhere. Tera and I just got back from Safewa. We rode our bikes and I didn’t even get any plastic bags! I shoved it all in my backpack. What a good hippie I am.
I got a new job last week. Fuck off GP. Seriously. Yeah, so new job. I really only wanted to get a temp job until I started again in April at GP, but I decided I would rather just try another company. So here I am. ST representing now. So I actually have the same exact job, but now I get benefits and get to work with a great company that REALLY cares about its employees. And they aren’t sexist. So I’m happy with my new choice. Oh and the paid holidays off are great too.
Life is good. My roommate is great. Can not complain about life right now.

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