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sleep is an interesting endevour these days. i don’t wake up at normal times. last night i went to bed around 9:30 or so and woke up at 1:44 AM. Got some water, slugged a few glasses down. Then watched a movie from 2 to 3:30 and then went back to bed. Woke up at 7:45. Great. Real good times. What? I never have had sleeping problems. But suddenly now, they are upon me. And just at home. There were no sleeping issues in the UK. Hmmm.

I bet you are all very much interested in my sleeping patterns but this is very troubling to me. Oh and I am not going to take drugs to sleep. Drugs and I don’t go together. Maybe I will do something radical like read before bed and not turn on the telly. Ok, let’s go with that tonight.

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Sometimes I get to this point where I have no idea what to do next. And sometimes it’s a gift. It means I’m open to any possibility. I can do whatever I want. But it’s like those papers you get assigned in uni. The prof says you can write whatever you want. It’s liberating but at the same time, frightening and overwealming. We’re always told what to write or what we’re supposed to do. So I’m here. Very much confused. I didn’t have a plan for life after January 5th. Ummm and that’s ok. I’ve been letting each day come and see what develops. And you would think life might get boring just sitting in Dyer. But hardly. I have had many a curveballs. And those curveballs are very much contributing to the lack of plan of what to do next.
And really, I’m rambling. Very much just rambling. But I think I may go to So Cal and sleep in one of those state parks that are on the bluffs on the ocean. Waking up in a tent on the Pacific ocean in California is probably one of the greatest things ever for me. Any one interested in joining should contact me. There’s some cool places I may be traveling through in the next few weeks. Sadly, right now it appears as though the East Coast is not one of those places. I hate it. I want to come. I want to drink Magic Hat.

Ok, well that’s it.

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I wish every super bowl was Colts v. Bears

This is way fun being back in the area where people are dueling over the winner of the upcoming super bowl. I’m going to say most people here are bears fans, but I’ve seen some colts fans out and about as well. Especially here in my house. There’s an overwealming majority cheering for the Colts. And Rex Grossman is a no talent ass clown.

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New animal

Umm my mom got a new dog.  And it’s a shite mongrel.  Like today it decided to eat some poinsettia plants.  Really great idea.  Spreading dirt, leaves and stems all over the bloody house.  Now it’s sitting in the cage whining.  It might be fun to drop kick her.  This is why I don’t have a dog.  If I were to get a dog now, I would get a 8 year old dog, one that isn’t going to tear apart a house.  I’m going to look into dropping kicking*.  That is all.

*no animals were harmed in the posting of this blog

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Holy moly!  Wow, have I dropped off the planet.  I apologize for that, but I have been busy touring the UK.  And it’s been really expensive to pop online even just for a few minutes.  So I finally tightened up my belt and bought a lot of time online.  Phew. 

So London was way beyond epic.   New years…….was probably the worst night of them all really.   We decided that leaving the pub and taking the tube to the fireworks at 11:10 PM was a good idea.  Not so much was it.  We ended up in this huge crowd of people, almost suffocating cause it was so bad.  So we learned our lesson.  Maybe we’ll leave at 9 next year.  Or 8.  I wanted to get there early but the others had ideas that were not aligning with mine.  All I remember from London really is drinking at pubs.  I can’t remember when I have ever had such a drink fest as those days.  Our bedtimes every night were 3 4 or 5 AM.  Yeh.  Doesn’t leave much time for other stuff.

Edinburgh has been great.  Super city.   We’ve been taking it easy on the drinking and the late night cab rides.  Today was so beautiful.  Like sickeningly so.  Can’t wait to get to see my pictures.  

My camera battery is dying slowly and I need to get a charger!  I thought I’d be tricky and just get one here, but it’s ended up in me not being able to find one here in Edinburgh.  So tomorrow I’m headed back to London to pick up a charger.  I know exactly where to get it,  so I’ll head in there, get it and enjoy the rest of my time.  I had a lot of things that I wanted to do while in London that I didn’t get to do.  I might go down the slides at Tate. 

Other highlights:  watching everyone crowd the streets on the way to the Chelsea match, sitting in a pub for 5 hours, Richmond Park, going back to Hampstead Heath and seeing the kites flying, almost blowing off of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Edinburgh castle,  night time shots of London and Edinburgh, decent weather, Spitalfield’s market and the delicious olives I got there, just being in London, my friends, meeting new friends, James’ flat late night, constant fighting, tube rides.  Yeh.  That’ll do it.  Looking forward to my remaining 11 days.  Seems like I’ve been here for ages.  Years and years worth of memories.  Especially memorable:  the terrible exchange rate.  🙂  2 for 1!

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