Sometimes I get to this point where I have no idea what to do next. And sometimes it’s a gift. It means I’m open to any possibility. I can do whatever I want. But it’s like those papers you get assigned in uni. The prof says you can write whatever you want. It’s liberating but at the same time, frightening and overwealming. We’re always told what to write or what we’re supposed to do. So I’m here. Very much confused. I didn’t have a plan for life after January 5th. Ummm and that’s ok. I’ve been letting each day come and see what develops. And you would think life might get boring just sitting in Dyer. But hardly. I have had many a curveballs. And those curveballs are very much contributing to the lack of plan of what to do next.
And really, I’m rambling. Very much just rambling. But I think I may go to So Cal and sleep in one of those state parks that are on the bluffs on the ocean. Waking up in a tent on the Pacific ocean in California is probably one of the greatest things ever for me. Any one interested in joining should contact me. There’s some cool places I may be traveling through in the next few weeks. Sadly, right now it appears as though the East Coast is not one of those places. I hate it. I want to come. I want to drink Magic Hat.

Ok, well that’s it.

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