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Be Courageous

Oh buddy! What a find! I was attempting to look up something else on the internet this evening when a link to Road Trip Nation popped up in my address bar. I must have book market it years and years ago as I haven’t looked at it in ages. But nothing could have been more timely as I was thinking along the lines of Road Trip nation my whole cycle ride home. Really about the path I’ve been on in life and how others have chosen to make (or not make) their way. But this show Road Trip Nation is really fantastic. I watched it during college and post college late night in my bed back in Indiana on WTTW. From the show came one of my most favorite quotes of all time from an interview with Devorah Major, Poet Lauraete of San Francisco at the time (Click here if you want to hear it). I remember when I heard it  the hairs on the back of my head went up, as Oprah would say. The show inspired me to go on road trips and to explore and experience as much as I can. I think I’m doing ok still in regards to traveling, though things have slowed down a bit since moving to London. Any ways, back to the point of this post. I clicked on the bookmarked link to Road Trip nation and was happy to discover it’s still going and still producing great videos. This was the latest one:

How lovely is that? Dude is in the Lourve now. He very succinctly said what I was thinking about tonight. Although not so much the living in your Fiat with your dog part.

So I leave you with that. I’ve got some more studying to do tonight before my head hits the pillow. EDUCATION never ends. Peace.

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How soul sucking is it to apply for jobs? It’s just a bunch of groveling and attempts at appeasement. I don’t like it. I don’t think any one does. I just sent in a resume/CV and cover letter for a pretty damn good and prestigious job. What I submitted was formal but relaxed formal and by far the most laid back I’d ever been about a cover letter. It probably won’t get me an acknowledgement and doubtfully a call back, but at the least it was more enjoyable to write than most. I definitely made the case for me being a total badass. Whether they agree is hard to tell.

For the record, I’ve never had a job where I really had an interview. I’ve interviewed and failed to land the job, yes. But for the times I have been employed I’ve always walked in knowing I already had the job. Either because someone recommended me for the job or I was far more qualified than what they needed for the job. So sending out CVs and cover letters almost seems like a waste. Will I ever get a job the formal way? I guess I’ll find out.

I know some of you may be confused as to why I’m applying for a job because I super duper love my current job. Well, to refresh your brains my current job is over in March. And the future is very uncertain come April 1. So I need to be ready for that day unfortunately. It’s a very sad story and one I’m trying not to think about. But April 1 is only 8 weeks away, so I should probably do something so I’m not caught out unemployed.

Battersea Beer Fest!

Battersea Beer Fest!

Any who, it’s been a busy week socially. Lots of beer. Then some more. And then more. The icing on the cake was the Battersea Beer Festival on Friday night. I was so uninterested in having alcohol on Friday night, but I didn’t want to miss this beer fest. My friends have gone the past couple years and always had good reviews. So I went. And drank. And had a fabulous time. The venue was cool and I had good company. The only issue was the lack of beer. But it was the last day of the festival so it was to be expected.

So I’ve stayed in my room all weekend. Plus the weather is horrid and it wouldn’t be nice to be out and about regardless. I’ve spent the weekend trying to get my professional life sorted out a bit. It’s been productive. And not only that, I washed the walls in my kitchen and did all my laundry. I asked my roommates if they noticed I cleaned the walls and ceiling in the kitchen and they said they couldn’t tell. I can tell and that’s all that matters. They were seriously disgusting. Next up are the bathroom walls. This is the crazy life I lead.

I need to go shower and make the leek and potato soup I’ve got planned for dinner for the week. Kids stay safe. I leave you with a picture of the kind of thing I get to do to trees in my job. This set up is to measure the amount of decay in the tree. It’s fun to geek out on equipment sometimes. TTFN!

PiCUSing trees

PiCUSing trees

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You oughta know

It’s very much a Alanis Morissette kind of day. Well, week really. She was the answer to a pub quiz question. When this came out in 1995, and I was just a wee little 13 year old, I thought “man, she’s really angry at a guy. This is cool.” It’s still cool. And I think I get it now. I wish I could be as angry as her, but it takes a fair bit of drink (usually whisky) to get me to her levels. The one pint I had tonight isn’t doing it. Cause unlike Alanis, I have to go work in an office tomorrow. Oh well, I’ll get on with listening and enjoying Jagged Little Pill none the less. Hope you all had a nice weekend.

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Staying in bed

Today I’ve spent my time in bed. I’m not even remotely regretful of the decision. I had a bit of a late night on Friday. It was a leaving do for my colleague Tom at the Queen’s Head pub in Kings Cross area. They have always had Dark Star Hophead on cask, which is a tree section favorite. It’s a wonderfully hoppy, low alcohol session beer. There beer selection is always good along with a great whisky and rum selection. It’s a great little pub and well worth a visit. It’s always a treat to go there with my colleagues for drinks. Last night was no exception and I may have overindulged.

I felt a bit meh this morning after so many adult beverages, but I was able to make a pretty good recovery. But I made the very important decision to stay in bed all day and eat rubbish food regardless of feeling alright. After a hard week of cycling in insanely windy conditions and working outside as well, I thought I deserved to rest my legs. They are very sore even though I haven’t cycled in two days. I’ll get out tomorrow and play some tennis if some courts are available. I’m really happy to be toning up so quickly and feeling well physically yet again.

You may have noticed a change in layout. Good? Not good? I don’t know what’s happening with the right column. It’s hiding at the bottom of the page. I will try and sort that out.

Any who, I’m going back to watching the Fulham v. Man United match. It’s a good’n. Have a good weekend, folks.

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For once in my life

I have found my calling in life only to realize I’m 45 years too late. I do believe I should have been a dancer in the 1968 Stevie Wonder classic “For One in my Life.” Those moves are tops and I believe similar to my own dancing style. Enjoy.



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