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We spent 5 days in Tegernsee last week, which is on Tegernsee. At 730 meters or so above sea level, it is a snow melt fed lake at the foot of the Alps. The water is insanely clear and hovered in temperature just above freezing.

I find it interesting on holiday when I come to a place like this and end up not spending as much time as I envisaged seeing the bit that interest me. The stay started with a walk from the train station down to the lake. There was a stop for coffee and then a stop on a bench along the shore to take in the view. After that it seemed our visits to the lake were fleeting, walking to get somewhere else. Well, except of course that very fleeting visit INTO the lake when we were at the sauna. A little sign inside said Tegernsee was 1 degree Celsius. We went in three times.

We had a slightly drunken walk along the lake at night after the afternoon sauna and a slow meander in the morning of our departure to burn some minutes. And then, it was all over. That thing I waited so long to see, was slowly disappearing behind the trees as we slowly rolled away in our train back to Munich.

I will try harder to stop take in and appreciate my surroundings. It’s never a waste of time.


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