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Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s morning here in Sunnyside, NY and we’re just recovering from our lox bagel breakfast.  We’re watching the Macy’s Day parade which is partially abhorrent with it’s over commercialization.   Luckily the parade’s integrity just got saved with a bout of rick rolling.  Excellent really.

Katie Marie has been slaving in the house the last few days with the cleaning, cooking and general perparation for today’s festivities.  There are plenty of pies already made.  The 14 pound turkey is in the oven.  The party is officially starting at 2, but I think I’ve already started it. 

I’m being called to shower immediately so the bathroom can get a final wipe down.  So I must get going.  I hope all of your Thanksgiving plans go well.  I’m outey.

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Time for celebration

I almost forgot about the writing bit for the night!  Oops.  We’re off to the dinner/winging celebration in a few minutes.  Dinner is at Cheesecake Factory and the follow up party is at some crap dive bar in a strip mall.  I’m super stoked to get all smoked up from the cigarettes in the bar.  Should smell great tomorrow.  But the free booze will more than make up for it.

So, I ‘m going to get going before I get yelled at!  Cheers.

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Aloha from the West

I’m getting my final West coast post for the next few weeks in here.  My plane leaves in about 7 hours.  Not very far away considering I will be up for another couple hours or so and then will finally nod off to sleep.  Another exciting day at the airport in store for me.  I can’t remember, but I’m hoping there will not be too much lay over time in Seatac as I have already fulfilled my seatac quota for the year within the last 10 months or so.  

I’m looking at Piccadilly down the hall right now.  I’m not sure she knows that I will be gone for the next few weeks.  This will be the longest time away from her and I hope she’s able to deal with it in the utmost confidence.  There will be a couple different hands feeding over her and I don’t think she really likes any of them.  Perhaps she’ll acquire some sort of appreciation with at least Tera. 

Alright I should get popping on the rest of this packing nonsense.  It requires me to get in the shower, so I will do that.  I hope to get back to typing on here soon.  If not, Godspeed to you all.

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Free at last. Free at last.

I’d like to report that my time being a normal worker has now concluded for the year 2008.  It’s now time to be unemployed, a vacationer and a snowplower.  This was a good year of maintenance.  It went by much quicker than ever before.  It feels as if the year had just begun and it’s all done.  The leaves are raked.  The bushes have been pruned.  And the snow birds have all flown south for the winter.  I’m hoping this snow season is manageable rather than overwealming .

Any who,  off to vacationland come Sunday.  The more I figure out what I’ll be doing with my time off, the more excited I get about the trip.  First will be a few days in DC.  Then down to Virginia to see Drea.  Then NYC for Thanksgiving and good times with fam and friends.  Then to Chicago for more good times with fam and friends.  All intermediate travel will be completed by train.  I’m looking forward to some long hours on the train where I can read, write and think while enjoying the scenery of the United States.  Not a bad way to spend a few weeks in my opinion.  Well, for some reason I’m very tired tonight even though it is only 8:30.  I think the maintenance season has caught up with me and has really knocked me out.  I hope to be able to update while on the road.  I imagine I’ll get some internet access here and there.  Peace out children.

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poker for obama

the obama beer party is off the chain.  it’s me. matt.  and about 3 sleeping people.  crazy times really.  we can hardly control the crowds. there was going to be more people tonight but none of them ever appeared.  i guess it’s alright.  maybe they decided to drink beers for obama in the comfort of their own home.  they did miss out on some enlightening conversation and a pretty good poker game (won by whitney).  to each there own.  any who….

so it’s friday.  the week is over.  another crazy crazy week here in bend.  lots of going on.  lots of great obama inspiriation in life.  i’m happy that the weekend is here and that it’ll be a quiet one.  maybe sometime will be spent in the tea shop devising some master plan for the new website.  oh.  yeah.  the new website.  look for that to happen soon in the ’09.  i really came up with a bomby name today and a bomby idea for a blog.  a blog with substance more than the garbage i’m pedaling to you right now.  

well, i should drink some water.  i’ve noticed that i’ve drank a good amount of beer tonight and not so much have been peeing, which could be a problem.  better get off the hop trip train and on the water train.  alright kids.  hope to update again soon.  cheers!

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Well, at the moment my main man Barack Obama is up 207 electoral votes to 135.  It seems as though Mr. Obama has basically got this race pretty much locked up here to me and my friends.  It’s weird to think about really that after all this crazy campaigning and contesting that it ends up with Barack as our President.  For some reason it just hit me last week that Obama will be our President, he’s not just pedaling his ideals to us, urging us to change our philosophies on politics for fun.  So actually it’s quite exciting to think that at the least we’ll be able to see Obama’s smiling visage for the next 4 years (I hope 8 years).  That’s pretty sweet.  I can only hope that Jon Stewart is able to make as many jokes on Barack as he does on Dubya right now. 

It’s a good night for America.  I’m so happy for it all.  We’ve been drinking celebratory Deschutes beer all night to keep the spirits up high.  Good times.

So the computer front is looking quite bleek.  My computer has been trying to start up in safe mode for the last 15 minutes and seems unable to do so.  I see this as a sign that the hard drive may seriously be dunzo.  Still, I’m unsure what I will do to remedy this computer situation.  It’s a sad state for Dport.  Whitney was kind enough to bring her computer over to our house to let us browse the internet.  God bless her.  So, I best get back to the election coverage and election party.  Good night, ya’ll!

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stand by………

sad times.  my computer is not feeling very well right now and it won’t get past the pretty little apple symbol.  this came without warning so i’m a little unsure what to do at the moment.  i’m hoping that i can get the problem resolved in the next couple days and be back to normal.  if not, i’ll have to figure out a computer situation pretty soon or else i’ll go nuts.   so if i am not updating on here too much, it’s because of that.

it’s been a good weekend so far.  i think everyone had an excellent time at the halloween party on friday, hosted by the boys.  basically everyone i’ve ever met in bend was there, so we had a blast.  yesterday we went to the osu v. asu game in corvallis.  the game was really quite good and came down to the wire, but osu ended up beating my sun devils.  on the bright side i got a picture with sparky, my second picture with sparky in two weekends. 

the valley weather followed us over the cascasdes yesterday as it is cold and rainy in bend today.  i’m off to see high school musical 3 with whitney right now.  i’m quite excited to see what happens next in the troy and gabriella saga.  tonight, i’m trying to rally some folks for some bottlecap poker.  i hope it happens. 

alright have a good day everyone!

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