poker for obama

the obama beer party is off the chain.  it’s me. matt.  and about 3 sleeping people.  crazy times really.  we can hardly control the crowds. there was going to be more people tonight but none of them ever appeared.  i guess it’s alright.  maybe they decided to drink beers for obama in the comfort of their own home.  they did miss out on some enlightening conversation and a pretty good poker game (won by whitney).  to each there own.  any who….

so it’s friday.  the week is over.  another crazy crazy week here in bend.  lots of going on.  lots of great obama inspiriation in life.  i’m happy that the weekend is here and that it’ll be a quiet one.  maybe sometime will be spent in the tea shop devising some master plan for the new website.  oh.  yeah.  the new website.  look for that to happen soon in the ’09.  i really came up with a bomby name today and a bomby idea for a blog.  a blog with substance more than the garbage i’m pedaling to you right now.  

well, i should drink some water.  i’ve noticed that i’ve drank a good amount of beer tonight and not so much have been peeing, which could be a problem.  better get off the hop trip train and on the water train.  alright kids.  hope to update again soon.  cheers!

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