stand by………

sad times.  my computer is not feeling very well right now and it won’t get past the pretty little apple symbol.  this came without warning so i’m a little unsure what to do at the moment.  i’m hoping that i can get the problem resolved in the next couple days and be back to normal.  if not, i’ll have to figure out a computer situation pretty soon or else i’ll go nuts.   so if i am not updating on here too much, it’s because of that.

it’s been a good weekend so far.  i think everyone had an excellent time at the halloween party on friday, hosted by the boys.  basically everyone i’ve ever met in bend was there, so we had a blast.  yesterday we went to the osu v. asu game in corvallis.  the game was really quite good and came down to the wire, but osu ended up beating my sun devils.  on the bright side i got a picture with sparky, my second picture with sparky in two weekends. 

the valley weather followed us over the cascasdes yesterday as it is cold and rainy in bend today.  i’m off to see high school musical 3 with whitney right now.  i’m quite excited to see what happens next in the troy and gabriella saga.  tonight, i’m trying to rally some folks for some bottlecap poker.  i hope it happens. 

alright have a good day everyone!

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